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International Women's Day

Women Supporting Women

Providing fashionable, sustainable style for the plus size woman, with women, while making the world a better place.

On the Plus Side strives to offer quality women's clothing that not only makes our customers look amazing but allows them to do good at the same time. Winter Sun, April Cornell, & Sari Bari are such companies that we are proud to partner with.

The Winter Sun Story:

  • Every product is a unique piece of wearable art!
  • Every product is made with a unique limited edition print that is the result of an elaborate process combining hand-painting, hand dying and wax resistant batik.
  • Every product is produced in a fair-trade workshop in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Winter Sun was founded by Anga Miller. The spirit of Winter Sun is to provide local Ecuadorians with above average wages and exemplary working conditions, while selling one-of-a-kind pieces to hundreds of small businesses around the world, most of which are owned and operated by women.

"What I want out of my clothing is something that a woman can put on and feel beautiful in and yet different. Something that a woman can wear and feel something new about herself. Something that brings out the adventerous spirit that she has." - Anga Miller



To learn more about this amazing foundation visit

The April Cornell Story:

  • Every product is inspired by the textiles, cultures and colors from around the world
  • Every piece is created with the intention to encourage you to feel beautiful and appreciate your own personal beauty
  • Every purchase gives a percentage to the "Giving World Foundation", a foundation focused on uplifting Indian women and children to experience a more educated and heathly way of life.

For over 40 years, April Cornell has encouraged us and other women to bring beauty and color into our lives through the inspirations that surround us. We admire her love for various cultures around the world, her appreciation for diversity and her philosophy to give to those who are in need.



To learn more about this amazing foundation, and to see how you can contribute more visit

The Sari Bari Story:

  • Every product is made from a vintage cotton upcycled Indian sari
  • Every product includes the name of the woman who stitched it
  • Every purchase participates in her freedom and recovery from human trafficking
  • Each item is unique and hand-stitched by a woman who has freedom from commercial sex trade

At Sari Bari, taking a job is the first step of freedom for women exiting the commercial sex trade or who are vulnerable to exploitation or trafficking. However, we firmly believe that’s not where the freedom journey ends. Holistic care is a high value at Sari Bari, which is why we journey with women as partners in their social support needs as they continue to take courageous steps towards restoration and wholeness.

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To learn more about this amazing foundation, and to see how you can contribute more visit

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