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Why choose MiB? - plus size fashion, plus size clothes, super plus size clothes.

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Why choose MiB?
We're the plus size fashion design experts! No one designs more Plus Size and Super Plus Size fashion than we do. No one has stricter Quality Control. No one cares more that you get the high quality plus size and super plus size fashion you expect and deserve.

Welcome to MiB! We want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves...

5-Step Quality Control Process

We take our commitment to you seriously.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

The best Quality, the best Fit, and Legendary Service.

We inspect all our plus size fashion thoroughly before shipping and if it's not the highest quality, we don't ship it. It's that simple.

This commitment may mean a short-term loss of sales. But we know that if we were to ship out inferior quality garments, we would be letting ourselves down. So we inspect. And launder. And fuss. And then do it all again. If we find a garment that does not meet our specifications, we don't sell it to you. Even if it's backordered. Even if it's one of our most popular plus size styles. Even if the flaw is not visible in the first glance or even in the first washing. We don't try to "get away" with anything.

Recently, we had a large shipment come in of our ever-popular Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt. We had backorders to fill, customers that had been waiting for the promised shirts. And every last one of the shirts had a tiny flaw. Some stitching had gone off the track and the damage wasn't evident until the shirts had been laundered. But our eagle-eyed QC team saw it. We pulled the shirts to inspect them all.

We rejected them all. Thousands of dollars in sales were postponed that day but there was no question about our decision. Our customers deserve the best from us and that is what we provide.

MiB designs all the plus size and super plus size designs we carry. Though some are manufactured by vendor partners, every garment we sell is designed to our specifications and must meet our standards of quality. You literally cannot get these items anywhere else. We have been designing plus size and super plus size fashion for over 26 years; it's all we do!

That's the simple reason you should choose MiB. We are the experts in Plus Size Clothing Design and our commitment to your satisfaction - today, tomorrow and 10 years from now - is 100%.

About MiB Collection by Making it Big, inc.

For over 25 years, Making it Big, inc. has provided its loyal customers with a line of fashionable high quality Plus Size clothing that fits great and lasts and lasts. Displaying a unique understanding of the fashion needs of Plus and Super Plus Size women, MiB offers a wide selection of Plus Size fashion styles. MiB covers the essentials from the much loved tried and true “MiB Basics”, Venus professional line, t-shirts to relaxed fit jeans, plus many other necessities for the Plus Size woman’s wardrobe. MiB offers sizing designed specifically for “real” Plus Size women equivalent to traditional sizes 2X to 8X or 22W to 48W. In an industry that considers a size 10 or 12 “Plus Size” and chooses smaller models even when offering larger sizes, MiB is celebrated by Plus Size women.

MiB sees the importance for Plus Size women to have fun opportunities, which women of smaller size frequently have an opportunity to experience. In addition, MiB believes in the importance of helping local women during these challenging economic times. MiB hopes you too can join their efforts to help disadvantaged Plus Size women during future events. For further information please contact

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