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Identity Theft: Poaching the Plus-Size Moniker
The fashion industry is all about reinvention…readjusting styles for a new season, reinterpreting color palettes, and reimagining prints and patterns to launch new trends. But over the past few years, you may have noticed another fashion reinvention – redefining “plus” size to only apply to women up to size 16.
This realignment shouldn’t come as a complete shock; after all, major fashion labels typically don’t offer any styles in plus, most retailers tuck their plus-size departments into out-of-the-way corners, and designers that do offer plus-sizes almost always use size 8 or size 10 models.
The terminology has changed, which is why MiB is standing up and reclaiming the space for women size 20+. We’re proud to design flattering and fashionable styles for what we’re calling the “Upper-Plus” woman. Forget being relegated to the sidelines. To us, you’re front and center.
But we want to hear from you. Let’s start a conversation about what being Upper-Plus means in the world of fashion. What changes have you noticed? Have you experienced shopping disasters or near-misses because “plus-size” has been redefined? What are your style needs, and what type of fashion do you crave?
Let the conversation begin!
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