Tips For Stylish Dressing With Texture


Let’s talk about one thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to creating outfits: textures. Texture is the cherry on the top that adds interest and contrast to any outfit. Once you have color and fit figured out, texture is the final element to creating your ensemble, so it all works together.

Why Texture Matters

The most obvious effect of texture is, of course, its comfort on your body. No one likes to wear rough and scratchy fabric. We’ve heard from countless customers on how much the feel of your fabric is so important for continued wear ability.

From a stylistic perspective the texture of your garment can influence how its color and pattern appear. Different weaves and textures absorb dye differently and will in turn produce unique hues. Sometimes textures create their own pattern, as seen in our cotton basketweave fabric below.


Using Texture to Create a Look

Textures can add both simplicity and complexity to an outfit, depending on how you decide to use it in your look.

Creating contrast with textures can make an otherwise simple outfit have a bit more depth and look more elegant. Pairing your textures with opposites, such as smooth or sleek garments, will make your textured piece stand out and instantly make your look more exciting. You can see an example of this with our new Ameli Basketweave Shirt paired with the soft, smooth cotton of our Stretch Twill Pants. A perfect pulled-together outfit where texture is the focus!

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