Testimonials - You Say It Best


"Just received your latest catalog and I love the colorful, unique items and artistic touches. I didn't know these kind of clothes existed!" J.P., via Email, August 2018

"I'm a faithful customer and I absolutely love your clothing. I can't tell you how many compliments I get when wearing your clothing line, especially garments made with Rayon (my personal favorite)." J.S., via Email, July 2018

"...Unlike other plus size vendors, I've noticed that you really listen to your customers and try to rectify issues. That really impresses me; that, coupled with the fact that you produce a lot of your clothing in the states, brings me back over and over. Your prices are higher, but your integrity and quality are worth the expenditure. Integrity is difficult to find in this business; thank you." M.D., via Facebook, July 2018

"I have been very happy with my purchases thus far. I do wish the prices were a little more affordable. I think the company is wonderful, I love that they help natural disaster victims. I'm happy I found their site and will continue to do business with them." E.K., via Facebook, June 2018

"I had never ordered from you before, but I really appreciate your customer service and will be ordering again!" E.S., via Email, May 2018

"I just HAD to write and THANK YOU for bringing these petite oversize shirts back! I just ordered 3, and will probably get more before long! They are one of the rare shirts that fit me perfectly :)" D.M., via Email, May 2018

"I have to force myself not to wash the Erin Tunic every evening so I can wear it again the next day! I love your rayon tunics and all the wonderful prints, but this material and this cut is PERFECTION. I wore it when I had to give a presentation at work and several people including male friends complimented me on how professional I looked and how well the funky print fit my personality. I am so grateful for On The Plus Side. Many times friends and colleagues have asked where I purchased my outfit suggesting they might want to shop here. I get to turn the tables and say 'Sorry, they don't make it in your size'!" S.K., via Product Review, May 2018

"I have loved all the shirts I have ordered. This much style in plus size shirts is very rare. So far the quality has been good. I ordered one shirt that came in with a questionable print/pattern. Instead of sending me the shirt, I received a call telling me the shirt was not up to their standards! Amazing customer service!" J.K., via Facebook, May 2018

"I wanted to drop a note of thanks...I just received my merchandise and everything is just so beautiful. Thank you so much for the promptness of the delivery as well as the quality of the merchandise. I was getting so depressed thinking I would never find clothes again." L.S., via Email, April 2018

"You all make is so easy to make changes to an order, you are so great!" J.Y., via Phone, April 2018

"Laurel Patchwork Cardigan - This is one of your best designs!! I love it so much and get so many compliments every time I wear it! Please make more in other is so flattering and so fun to wear. It is forever stylish, the bright colors make it fun, and it has just the right combination of whimsey and style! I should be one of yoru classic designs! Love it!" G.B., via Email, April 2018

"Your clothes are gorgeous and I have gotten a lot of compliments.  Have a wonderful day" C.O., via Email, March 2018

"Thank you for offering plus side clothing in cotton and made in the USA I love it and so appreciate it!" E.M., via Phone, March 2018

"I've bought from this company for a very long time. Their clothes are well constructed and high quality fabrics. They are a bit pricey, but you wear the clothes until they are literally worn out. Great company." D.M., via Facebook, January 2018

"I have worn these clothes for at least 10 years and they have the best fit and the best quality and they are like new even after 10 years!...I love the pants. I love the way the pants hold their shape..." L.H., via Facebook, January 2018

"Just so you know, I tried to find comfortable panties from so many places... and yours are absolutely the winner! There is no feeling of wearing them... they fit and felt better than any I've ever worn! So I've been telling my plus size friends about them and now that I have ten of these beauties and I'm content... So thank you guys for making the world's best underwear." L.N., via Email, November 2017

"Love your batik items and working with you! Customer service is always so cheery and pleasant to speak to." N.S., via Phone Call, October 2017

"Thanks for always delivering a quality product!" M.K., via Email, October 2017

"I received the boyfriend shirt today and was so pleased with my purchase. I ordered the white and the black to be used as comfortable wardrobe basics and these are perfect. There is plenty of room through the hips even though it is a button up front shirt... It is nice to be able to purchase such a timeless classic in my size." B., via Product Review, September 2017

"I just received your catalog and of course I found lots of things I wanted, and I just wanted to say thank for using models that show how the clothes will actually look on the plus size body. You obviously realize how frustrating it is to see plus size stores with size 6 models and having to think- but what does it look like on a real person! Anyway- thank you again and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future!" D., via Email, Augustl 2017

"My review (on the Susanna Tunic) wasn't an exaggeration. I really DO love it! I wondered how the rayon knit fabric would be in the August heat, but it was perfect for lunch/shopping outing. Lightweight, yet comfortable and got three compliments!" L., via Email, August 2017

"I just received your new catalog and I want to let you know that the models are perfect. The first time I can really see what the clothes will look like on me." D., via Email, August 2017

"I just wrote two 5-star reviews for your Cotton and Rayon Shells. Fabulous! The pictures were true to color and they fit well and look great for work. I want to thank you for paying close attention to the quality of your garments. You have made a lot of changes lately. I was worried you were going to "go cheap like other plus size websites. I count on your company for high quality clothing. THat is VERY hard to find these days. I also count on you for flair and creativity...Please keep up the good work. We need you!." K.D., via Email, July 2017

"The Boyfriend Shirt is the best item you currently sell. It is a wardrobe staple and timeless classic for a reason-- it is great fabric (cotton) and great tailored shape that looks and feels great to wear!... It is nice to wear a great classic design that looks normal (just like thin girls wear) without having to resort to weird hemlines and unnecessary seams to hide our shape." L., via Product Review, June 2017

"Love love these clothes. A little expensive but worth every penny." L.H., via Facebook, April 2017

"Love the quality, colorful prints, natural fabrics and stylish designs!..." A.Z., via Facebook, April 2017

"Their knit pants fit well and last forever!" A.G., via Facebook, April 2017

"All their clothes are fantastic and last forever, I love them." T.A., via Facebook, April 2017

"...One of the reasons I have stuck with Making it Big year after year is the fact that they DO use customers and fluffy professionals to serve as models, and clearly state their sizes. Extremely helpful and empowering, and COMPLETELY different than the approach of, say, Woman Within. Nice job, Making it Big!" M.T., via Facebook, April 2017

"I LOVE each and every item I have ever bought or given by friends. You all are amazing! Keep up the amazing work xo." F.W., via Facebook, April 2017

"I have been a customer for years and years. Well made clothing. I love their prints and long tunics." J.J., via Facebook, April 2017

"I'm a retired PR professional that worked in TV & music business. For the last 2 decades of my career, I would have been in-a-world-of-hurt without Making it Big. Honestly, I would have had to resort to a customer tailor to find clothing that matched their quality in my size (5X). Their quality & style allowed me to assemble a professional wardrobe that I could accessorize for a little creative flare. I'll always be grateful for their thoughful approach to clothing that stood up to my industry's "hip eye"." F.B., via Facebook, March 2017

"Love that you have plus size women model your clothes. It makes shopping so much easier than to try to figure out how something modeled by a skinny person would look on me." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Thank you for helping plus size always be beautiful!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"The place to go for clothes you can be very proud of - and proud of how you look." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"When I order from On the Plus Side, I am giddy. You've made full figure fashion feel like a special treat, a reward, a unique expression, a happiness." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"If you are looking for stylish clothing and are plus sized, this is the place for you..." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Your models are beautiful and make me feel happy to be my size. The first time I saw one of your catalogs...sent to me several years ago, I was delighted and I think I placed my first order within a day. Thank you." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Quality plus size clothing truly tailored to the plus size woman." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Love the full cut of the designs, length of tunics, and love the linen items and cotton/poly spandex." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Great clothing for the full figured woman." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Never stop offering your in-house, dyed-cotton garments. they're 90% of what I buy from you." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Superior quality of clothing with excellent fabrics." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I've been a customer from the early years and think your growth has been spot on. Plus size women love to look good and don't want to follow the old adage of wear dark colors." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Love the variety of styles you offer. They are so refreshingly different from the standard big girl sites." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Keep using the wonderful fabrics and love the batik!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I am often asked where I find my clothing. I tell them you are a website that isn't afraid to use color and style in your plus size clothing." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I love the quality of your clothing. I have things that are still in great shape that are over 10 years old." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"The right site for quality clothes for the full figured woman. Classic with some trendy." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Your styling is great for plus women. Plus size women should be able to dress fashionably. What ever your sie, a person should be able to look and feel beautiful." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Never change how many options in pants you have that really fit us well. You get the length right!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Please keep doing what you're doing. Especially sticking with good fabrics that aren't clingy." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Thank you for creating a clothing line that represents us larger women. We want to look nice too." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"You have interesting styles, not found anywhere else!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Thank you for having a place I can go for true plus size quality clothing without having to worry if you'll have my size." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I am so glad this store exists. Please keep these nice clothes coming!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Never change the great fit that your clothes have plus the length of the tunics. No one else can match you guys. Please keep them coming. Also the length of your sleeves always fits right. Others make the sleeves too long!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Please keep up the good work, I don't know what I would do without your company. Ten years ago clothes were a major stress for me. now I enjoy buying and wearing clothes which I didn't for most of my adult life." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Great mix of work and casual clothes." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Thank you for providing good-looking clothes THAT FIT!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Never take away longer shirts. One of the reasons I never shop anywhere else is because I will only wear shirts that have a hem that falls below my stomach pooch." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Thank you for the unique and classy styles, fabrics and textures you bring to plus size clothing." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Don't you dare ever take the quality out of your garments! You are in a niche that no other company fills -- you OWN the niche of mid-priced, high-quality plus size women's clothing. Don't eff it up. So what if the prices are higher -- we know we are getting quality fabric and construction, and it is worth it!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"...I admire and respect your way of doing business." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"...Thank you for providing such a needed and beautiful product for larger women!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Great place to shop for plus and super plus size." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"High quality clothes that really fit a modern plus size woman." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I love your basic approach to fit, style and quality." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"You use unique fabrics and designs, AND longer lengths. not all of us large ladies are short. I represent a large lady who is also very tall and very long. It is very difficult to find plus sizes which also come in longer lengths. Than you for that." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Never change the quality of your clothes!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"I like your use of natural fibers." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Great mix of work and casual clothes." Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"Keep using plus size models!!!!!!" Anonymous, via Customer Survey, 2017

"The jacket looks like a million dollars on me. Excellent garment I will wear many times. Thank you Making it Big!" B.S., via Email, March 2016

"Not only does Making It Big offer gorgeous and trendy clothing so that all women may feel beautiful, but they are also a company with BIG heart. For the second year in a row they have very generously donated clothing to woman in need. They were so responsive, helpful and professional throughout communication to make this donation come true. THANK YOU, Making It Big, for making a BIG impact on community." V.C., via Facebook, December 2015

"Thank again for helpin' me look fabulous in Los Angeles for the 2015 GLSEN Respect Awards! People stopped me all night to tell me how gorgeous my dress was. In a sea of people dressed in black, Julia Roberts, Justin Timberlake and Kirsten Vangsness couldn't help but notice the fabulous woman in the fabulous pastel dress. I rubbed shoulders with fancy folks from Target, Disney, Google, and YouTube. The Constance Dress helped me feel confident and beautiful, because it fit my body just right. Keep empowering women, MiB. You're doin' good things. THANK YOU!" B.H., via Facebook, November 2015

"I thank God for you guys. I'm 64yrs old and when I was coming up, the only plus size company out there was Lane Bryant. All there items were so old and matronly and I hated to get dressed. I was a size 10 shoe in the 4th grade and I had to get my clothes made. See what these companies failed to realize is all the money they could make if they made nicer things; you see i've been a chubby girl all my life. I hate you guys cause you get me in trouble. You see I tell my friends about you and they say "oh thats too expensive!" but I tell them you get what you pay for. I rather pay $50 for a beautiful fashionable item that I can have for 10yrs than something that is $19.95 but I have to replace every month. I just love you all! Thank you so much and God Bless all of you. Keep doing what you are doing." Y.P., via Phone, August 2015

"I just had to write to say Thank You for using plus size models.  I have been saying this for YEARS, if you are selling to the plus size world, then the clothes should be shown on a model the size of what you are selling.  I got your catalog today and with each page I was just happy to see it.  As I can afford it, I will definitely be ordering from you." P.N., via E-mail, August 2015

"I haven't made a purchase yet but I do plan on it. You have beautiful clothes as well as beautiful models and I just wanted to say Thank You for having models that look like me. I hate receiving catalogs in the mail with skinny women in them trying to sell me clothes. I don't know what it's going to look like on me so I either buy them and end up returning them or just don't make purchases. So Thank You again. I'm so grateful :)" T.M., via E-mail, July 2015

"Received a catalog today in the mail. Was so happy to see it, and really like that you use plus size models for plus size clothing. What a concept :) As a plus size woman I do not like seeing catalogs with thin women as we all know that the look is definitely not the same. Thanks!!!" K.M., via Facebook, July 2015

"Thank you , thank you, thank you for actually having beautiful, REAL plus sized models wearing your clothing on your site. You have beautiful women who aren't a size 12 (which other sites call plus size but could not actually wear any of the clothing in a plus size store) showing what your clothing actually looks like on someone my size. This is why this size 20 woman will be shopping at your site from now on." K.H., via E-mail, July 2015

"Love shopping here. Their plus styles are fabulous and comfortable. They have so many items that are 100% cotton." G.A., via Facebook, June 2015

"I just now found time this morning to sit down and browse through the Summer collection. I want to commend ALL of you on your beautiful models. We can now see how clothes will look, and fall on our bodies...Thank you." Y.P., via E-mail, June 2015

"Love shopping here. Their plus styles are fabulous and comfortable. They have so many items that are 100% cotton." G.A., via Facebook, June 2015

"On the bright side, I never miss an opportunity to tell all of you at MiB how much I love your clothing. The pieces fit as though they were custom made just for me. The fabrics are wonderful and hold up to repeated washing. I get many compliments when wearing your clothing. And best of all (unlike other plus-size clothing catalogs) I never have to guess how something will look on me because I get to see it on a plus size model! This is the best decision ever made by MiB. Thank you, Thank You, and Thank You Yet Again." B.S., via E-mail, June 2015

"...I love MiB Plus Size by Making It Big! My goal is a totally MiB wardrobe and I'm NEARLY there." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"You get what you pay for. Yes the prices are high at MiB but the quality compares to no other manufacturer. I have blouses that I have paid $85 - $120 for and after 15 years of wear they still look as good as the first day I wore them." C.S., via Facebook, June 2015

"I will say for Making It Big's swim tops, they do last. I am still using the swim tops I bought 5 years ago. I love the coverage and support. They are an investment though." C.T., via Facebook, June 2015

"...I thought the same thing when I first started buying MiB back in 1999. I had purchased a few shirts with gift money before that but was pregnant at the time. The quality of the MiB clothing is superior to any other I've found. I STILL HAVE those shirts I bought in 1999! I still wear them. I have gotten rid of maybe 1 item along the way due to my own stupidity with laundry. So I invest in 1-2 shirts a year unless I get gift money and after all this time, my closet is filled with MiB from many generations of styles, all timeless and still in perfect condition." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"...I love MiB Plus Size by Making It Big! My goal is a totally MiB wardrobe and I'm NEARLY there." K.R., via Facebook, June 2015

"Just found you guys! Finally, beautiful clothes and LOVELY MODELS...THANK YOU. Just wish I had found you sooner..." A.M., via Email, May 2015

"I just wanted to compliment your use of real plus size women in your catalog. Your management should be commended for that decision. I think that's a really bold step and it is absolutely necessary." S.A., via Phone, May 2015

"I really love the MiB range - the colours, fabrics, the extra long tops. I am grateful to have found a store which caters so positively to plus size women AND ships internationally!" B.W., via E-mail, May 2015

"Thank you so much for your personal reply. I have been with you guys since your first advertisements on the web and though I cannot afford a lot of the blouses I would like to have, I get some when I can. There are no words to describe how valuable you are to the larger woman. Your patterns show that you understand the size problems of the larger woman and not just a large size, there are shapely issues that go with that larger size and your undies and other clothing have taken that into consideration. I used to order from another company that carries larger sizes, but their tops are too short, their panties do not take into consideration the shape of the larger lady, you wind up uncomfortable and feeling not quite covered." M.D., via E-mail, May 2015

"I got my M.I.B. MAGAZINE on Monday! I really like the styles and colors!" R.K., via Facebook, May 2015

"I absolutely LOVE the fact that you sell plus size clothes and the majority have been made in the USA. And you use plus size models. I hate other stores who sell plus clothing but use skinny models. How can i tell how it will look on me when you show a woman who is probably a size 0. Well done" M.M., via Facebook, May 2015

"I just want to say, I received my box today! I am in Sweden and finding clothes that are lovely for full figured women, is rather difficult here. I had wonderful customer help with my order when an item I had ordered was no longer in stock, and tickled pink with my goodies! Thank you so much for shipping and for having such lovely clothes for us fuller figure women smile emoticon Just wish you had a store here in Sweden!" P.B., via Facebook, March 2015

"LOVES the Leggings, THE QUALITY IS AMAZING!!! Please keep making them this way!" M.Y., via Phone, March 2015

""To M.I.B. Clothing company, I would just like to thank you. I just recieved my catalog in the mail today, and I'll have to say, I have never seen plus size women's clothing that I have REALLY liked the way they look. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the clothes that are offered from your catalog! Please keep me on your mailing list! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the clothes!" R.L., via E-mail, March 2015

"... my goal is a 100% MiB closet and I'm about 4/5 there. LOL! I still have a great shirt I got when I was pregnant with my son... in 1999! I got it at the Cotati storefront with the discount merch in the back (was it on Commerce??). It has one sleeve sewn inside out... but the way the fabric is made, you can't really tell but for the missing pattern. I LOVE that shirt! It just hangs on me now, more than when I was pregnant, but it's one of my favorite shirts, still in perfect condition. I've gotten shirts and pants for work and for cruises, as well as some fun stuff just because. I have to have multi-functional in order to meet that 100% wardrobe goal (according to the hubby anyway). I'm an MiB girl through and through. You guys are a wardrobe lifesaver! Thank you for being there!" K.R., via E-mail, March 2015

"For my birthday, I told my spouse I wanted to order a couple things from MIB. (I totally support your prices, but also my budget doesn't allow for frequent orders, so I will buy whenever I can.) I just got my order and my two blouses are GORGEOUS and fit PERFECTLY. I'm so excited about them, because I don't always feel very pretty and I will definitely feel pretty in these. They are in my favorite colors and I love the cut. I really appreciate your catalog and website because I can see what I will actually look like in your clothing. It is so frustrating to look at other plus-size catalogs with skinny women modeling the's impossible to see how they will drape on my frame. Your models are all so gorgeous and they make me feel better about myself. Thanks for being a force for good in this world, and thanks for my lovely tops! " J.D., via E-mail, February 2015

"Hi, I received your catalog today. I must say it was an unexpected surprise. I LOVE IT!! I never have heard of this company but I am anxious to order half the catalog!! I love that you have dogs in it. I love that you have American made clothes in it. Mostly I love the clothes. I wear a 5X and it is very hard to find nice, stylish and affordable clothes. I wear a lot of dresses because the shirts you can find out there are way too short. I like it to cover my belly and your clothes do just that. The shirts are long and stylish. To add to my problems I am 5 feet tall. Again you have addressed that issue as well offering petite styles. Thank you and I look forward to a long history with your company." S.M., via E-mail, January 2015

"Thank you so much for responding back to me. I wanted to let you know that I received my package today. Thank you again for getting back to me. You are a great company and have great clothing. I get many compliments on my wardrobe for a large person. That is because of you..." T.R., via E-mail, January 2015

"Love this company, been my source for a couple of years now. They are getting better choices every day. <3" E.B., via Facebook, January 2015

"I love lots of the new spring range. Lots of lovely long tops. Lots of 100% cotton and the colors and patterns are gorgeous as always. Really like the sheer dusters too...Congratulations on providing such great colorful and interesting clothing for plus size women." B.W., via E-mail, January 2015

"I just love your stuff. You have such nice things. It's not shapeless and I always look forward to more." E.A., via Phone, January 2015

"I've been very vocal about what MiB has been doing wrong lately. Well, let me be loud about one specific thing they're doing right. The hi-cut undies I bought in the recent sale are the first I've found in recent years that fit the way I like. I don't have a tall hip (the distance between my waist and my hip is rather small), so the "regular" cut legs always ride too low. The hi-cut fit me just right. Thanks so much for adding these to your line-up!...I can't wear undies with textured edges because they irritate my creases. MiB's aren't made with fancy edging, so that's another great thing about them." D.R., via Facebook, January 2015

"I want to thank this company for making a very generous and charitable donation recently to a non-profit organization I work for. I was in communication with Kathy and she provided wonderful customer service. She was very pleasant, communicative, informative, and helpful. Thank you tremendously, MiB!" M.L., via Facebook, December 2014

"Thank you for using large women models. Makes a much more realistic buying experience!" M.L., via E-mail, November 2014

"Great catalog!" A.M., via Facebook, November 2014

"Just wanted you to know how niceit is that you use appropriately sized models for your catalog. That really makes it so much easier for me to visualize how the item would look on me." M.A., via Phone, November 2014

"I just love your clothes. You all have such exceptional quality. I'm looking forward to getting my order." K., via Phone, November 2014

"I thoroughly love just looking through your catalogs. You have models of all shapes and size ranges that are plus size. I can actually see myself in these clothes through them. They are all so beautiful. Your clothes make me realize that even I can look as good as smaller women. Thank you for existing!" K., via Phone, November 2014

"I love all of your clothes. There is always a surprise when I receive a package. It's like MiB is a cut above everyone else. My closet could be a tribute or a commercial for your company. I love love love MiB!" S.S., via Phone, November 2014

"I appreciate your great clothes! I have been wearing them for over 25 years (more like 30). I bought my first pants from MiB at the Michigan Womyn's Festival in 1985. I get so many compliments on the styles and the fit. Thank you for having petites. It has made all the difference! Thanks again!" S.F., October 2014

"Considering how long the clothing lasts, I have several shirts for 20 years, I don't mind paying high prices. My wardrobe may not be as large as I would like, but I do know I will always look good wearing higher quality clothing that always fits right and washes well time after time." J.H., via Facebook, October 2014

"Just looked through all the new styles. Many of them are lovely, but I share the concerns about rising prices. As others have said, MIB quality is worth paying for, but I'm disabled now, and it's tougher to afford them. But then I have MIB items that are 15 years old and are still going strong. That's worth a lot." S.E., via Facebook, October 2014

"I was a principal and wore Making It Big products almost every day. I honestly appreciate MIB so much because they helped me look professional despite my size, but I also needed a lot of clothes for my job. I ended up buying a lot second hand and then asking for MIB gift cards for birthday and Christmas." K.M., via Facebook, October 2014

" I just received your catalog today and was quite surprised to see plus size women modeling your clothing line! I have to say it really gave me an idea of what I would look like. I also felt I could be a model too for seniors!. Kinda boost your ego. Anyway thank you for the great magazine and I will certainly be ordering something." J.H., via Facebook, October 2014

"Hi! I recently sent an email suggesting that your company offer sales to loyal customers. I received a nice response. To my delight, I also recently received emails offering SALES! I just ordered two more tops (Just received one yesterday that I ordered recently). So THANK YOU for the sale price! Your clothing is the highest quality plus size I've found. And so pretty..." J.C., via Email, September 2014

"I received my first order from MiB today and had to stop a second to tell you how pleased I am with the appearance and the quality of the piece. I wish I could just order all the pieces I want, but I will restrain myself and order accordingly!! You definitely have a new customer!" M.R., via Email, September 2014

"I just got a MiB catalog in the mail. Lucky day for me! I was delighted to see plus size models in the clothing. It is very difficult to look at a size 6 model in a larger dress and it leaves me with no idea how that dress would fit and look on me, a plus sized woman! It's great to see the models - they are truly lovely women - and I appreciate the garments made in the USA. As I flipped the pages, to see the American flag on the clothing made me really really happy! I'll be ordering from MiB definitely!" P.S., via Facebook, August 2014

"Just wanted to share just how much I love your clothes AND the fact that you show big, beautiful (real) women modeling the garments. As a long time customer on a limited budget, I also appreciate the great sales you offer. Thanks." D.F., via Email, August 2014

"...Had been buying nylon panties from another store and they were a little on the pricey side but not as much as yours. They always seem to run rather quickly and the "thread" comes undone in crotch area easily. Well, I have never liked cotton panties but these are not your usual cotton panties. Very soft and the fit was great. Love them, love them, love them. Cotton panties usually make it difficult to pull up your jeans or knit pants but almost none of that here. Feel great and wonderful quality. Thank you for such a great product. Replacing all my old ones with these." M.M., via Product Review, August 2014

"...Thank you for letting women see your clothes on REAL plus sized models, and for the high quality of your clothes...I'd rather save up my money and buy clothes from MiB any day. Since they last longer, your clothes really are a better bargain in the long run." S.P., via Facebook, August 2014

"Your catalog is awesome...Thank you for this!!! Awesome!!!" P.R., via Facebook, August 2014

"She (Rosie) looks wonderful. I was so glad to see this lovely model in the fall catalog!" J.C., via Facebook, August 2014

"It's refreshing to see how the clothes actually look on a true plus sized woman. LOVE IT." T.C., via Facebook, August 2014

"@elizabethpatch @Cosmopolitan One reason I buy so many @MiB_MakingitBig clothes is that their models are size 1X-4X" LFP, via Twitter, July 2014

"Holy cow! I just got in my recent order, sleeveless top, a tunic, and a pair or slacks. And they fit! Almost every time when I buy something online, before this, I would have to alter the top in some way or the pants, because I would have to get a larger size in order to accommodate my rather generous size butt and upper flappy batwing arms. I had decided this time I would get my actual size and see what MiB could do for me. I am so very pleased to say I don't have to alter anything. In fact, the size might even a hair big compared to sizes I have purchased other places. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" H.S., via Email, July 2014

"My wife is both amazed and pleased that there are honest-to-god plus size models in a plus size clothing catalog. Kudos to you @MiB_MakingitBig" A.M., via Twitter, May 2014

"I have been a customer of MiB for over ten years, and you have never disappointed. Tonight, though, when I opened up my jeans I thought you had made a mistake - they didn't look as if they would fit. However, I have been wearing them for the last two hours, and I don't want to take them off - they are really the most comfortable pair of pants you have ever sent me. THANKS!" R.C., via Facebook, May 2014

"This is my first order from MiB. The quality is SO far superior to the "big three" plus size companies in fabric, styling, fit and stitching. My loss that I didn't try you sooner. You are now my "got to" for shopping. Will be ordering again, and then later, and after that. I am 5'9, and am thrilled the pant legs on the two I ordered are long enough to reach the floor, which will keep my ankle and foot covered so it doesn't look like I'm wearing flood pants all the time. The jacket was also made for a tall person. Great flow and style. My thanks for all the work that went into developing your company. The attention to detail and customer needs really shows. :D" B.W., via Email, May 2014

"This lovely tunic (Tunisia Tunic) is so light and comfortable that I can almost forget how exotic and stylish it is. I must have worn it a half-dozen times by now, and I still hear how gorgeous it is, and how well it suits me. In my circle of dear friends is a 10 month old baby girl who absolutely loves this tunic. She happily pats, drools on, and plays with the bright ribbons and the crocheted edging. Despite this "abuse", the trim looks as good today as it did when I first got it. I also have to tell you my 10 year old son loves to wear this tunic as a floor-length wizard's robe. He says it helps with his "flashier" spells." C.S., via Email, May 2014

"Just received a copy of the summer preview catalog today (with my order yeah!!) It's one of the prettiest catalogs ever. Something new in the layout, right? Lovely." J.E., via Facebook, April 2014

"I need some business cards, ladies. Every time I wear your clothing, especially the Green Tea Capri outfit, women of all sizes come up to me and ask where I got it and if you have it in their size." E.S., via Facebook, March 2014

"I have been a customer of MiB for 15+ years...the quality of their clothing is outstanding. I have tops that are 8-10 years old that are still in excellent condition, in style, and I wear frequently. I may have paid a little (or a lot) extra, but to have them last this long is definitely worth the price. I also appreciate they are made to fit big women's proportions, i.e.: plenty of room in the shoulders, arms stomach, and hips. They are longer in length and aren't clothes designed for skinny people just being made in a bigger size!" K.C., via Facebook, March 2014

"...BTW, your business is a class act. The clothes are great, spendy for me, but your customer service is excellent and I love the designs." K.S., via Facebook, February 2014

"Kudos to MiB and the Customer Service Team. After receiving a garment that was improperly sewn, I called customer service to request a return authorization and to order a new shirt. I was told by Antone that this item was no longer available. He then suggested I mail the flannel shirt back to MiB to see if it could be repaired. I had no idea this was an MiB service. To my delight the shirt was repaired and mailed back to me several weeks later. It is rare to find a company that stands behind its products and values customer service." C.S., via Facebook, February 2014

"I just received my most recent order and I love it! Now I have two colors of the same blouse. I've noticed that your tops seem to be getting prettier. More details, more modern, more fashionable. The fit of your clothes has always been great. It's hard to find extended sizes. Now the beautiful styles combined with a great fit...WOW! I love to spoil myself with beautiful clothes and you make that really easy for me. (No one likes bland clothes) Keep up the good work! P.S. - Your Customer Service is WONDERFUL! So polite and helpful." C.M., via Letter, February 2014

"I just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful catalog. I love it that you celebrate women of size, even those who have lost weight! I am a size 3X/4X, my weight fluctuates, but every time I receive your catalog, I feel beautiful and desirable." G.P., via Letter, February 2014

"The thing that has always set MiB apart from the "norm" in large women's clothing catalogs is REAL size women used in their catalog. I don't want to see how something looks on a thin woman." N.C., via Facebook, January 2014

"For as long as I have been receiving MiB magazines the models have always been true to size. If someone wears a size 8X (which is bust size 72-76) I would want to see a person of size modeling that size. This is the only magazine that I have ever seen that uses "real" plus size models. Also, they have model searches!" N.C., via Facebook, January 2014

"Through all the time I was heavier, your clothes made me feel beautiful." P.H., via Phone, January 2014

"...As an ultra super size, I do appreciate your models, and the descriptions that tell me good for fuller hip or slender hip/leg, so I know it will fit me just right! Thank you MiB!!" J.M., via Facebook, January 2014

"I would like you to know what a nice group of people you have in Cotati who answer your phone and take orders. They are always very helpful and since I live in Santa Rosa have also greeted me on the few times I literally came to your office and asked for advice or to see some clothes. You are a good company and I hope you never go out of business. I don't know what I would do without your clothes." Anonymous, via MiB Survey, October 2013

"The Brentwood Jacket is one of the most flattering items I have purchased. I love it!!! It is cut to look good on any body type. The photo doesn't do it justice. I plan to buy a second one." J.H., via Facebook, October 2013

"Dear MiB, I just had to let you know I LOVE your denim crop pants!!!!!! It looks like you are phasing them out, I wish you weren't. I am short (5'3") my legs are super short so these pants fit me just great. I have even gotten compliments on them. I originally bought the 8X, since I wasn't sure of my size. They are a bit roomy but I am good with that. I just saw they were marked down and went to buy more but there were no 8X and nothing in blue. I did order a 7X, and will see how that works. All that to say, if you have ANY 8X, ANY color, if any get returned, I really want them!! If any blue 7X get returned, I want them! PLEASE oh PLEASE!!! Even if you have some with a slight flaw, I am interested. I really do love your clothing, I am finally back to work so I can buy more often (yeah!!!) I am grateful for the sales you have been having, it has been helping me get my wardrobe updated. As a SUPER-sized ultra pear-shaped short chick on a mobility scooter with mad fashion sense, it is a challenge to find NICE quality clothing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL you do!!!" J.M., via Email, September 2013

"$29 for ANY blouse is a great buy! I can buy multiples at this price! I don't know how MiB makes a profit on that low a price! It's the $79 and $89 price tags that can make me wince, but I wait for sales, and then add a few pieces. I think it is unjustified to complain that one cannot find clothing to fit any size over a 12, then expect to get them for nothing when you do find your size. And these clothes aren't just bigger versions of a smaller size. They are carefully tailored to adjust for the increased girth without adding a foot to the height at the same time. MiB has been an emotional lifesaver for me! No matter that I am a larger woman, I can still dress and look professional and/or stylish without having to live in a muu muu!" R.H.M., via Facebook, July 2013

"Thanks MiB. I've been a customer for years. Love your natural fibers and will always remember you as my plus size escape from polyester. I am a big fan of all kinds of handwork-weaving, embroidery, patchwork, batik etc. These unique things make life special." R.R., via Email, July 2013

"I just got your catalog and am so excited to see such perfectly designed clothes on plus-sized models! It makes me happy. I'll be calling to order soon. Good job!" C.E., via Email, July 2013

"Hi, I've been a loyal customer for 20+ years. My wardrobe is 90% MiB and love your clothes. That being said, PLEASE, PLEASE, offer more tunics like the Amita and Ascot. This exact style, fabric, fit and length are perfect for me and I have 7 of them ( I buy everyone you sell that's in my color range) I rely on them for my work wardrobe and I'm in need of some more. Would LOVE some in bright mini prints on black ground and some of your beautiful batiks in purples/blues on black background. Thank You for making beautiful clothes that a woman of my size can wear and feel good in." C.E., via email, June 2013

"Just received my latest order today and I must say I LOVE the ELSE EYELET BLOUSE. It is so pretty and fits perfectly. I cannot wait to wear it. I also purchased one of the Simple Tees and love that as well. I will have to get a few more colors when there is a sale." D.R., via Facebook, June 2013

"Yesterday morning I went to my closet and took out a dress I had gotten from you a year or two ago. It is so comfortable and the fabric is wonderful. It still looks almost as good as it did the day it was brand new.I hope you will buy more dresses that are plenty loose in the skirt and stomach area, and plenty high on the chest, as well as made with a comfortable, wrinkle resistant fabric. By that I mean that it should at least do a good job of covering the cleavage. Heavy set women don’t need to be showing off extra fat by exposing a bare chest. Also, I hope you will continue to buy things that are high quality fabric and seem to last and last the way other things I have purchased do. Noticed that your prices are higher. I won’t be able to buy very much from you for that reason but may be able to splurge once in a while when I need something special." J.M., North Platte, NE, June 2013

"Dear MIB, I've been a loyal MIB customer for over a decade. I just clicked on the latest marketing email from your company to view the "New Summer Styles" - I'm so happy to see Chloroban Swimwear! We've been asking for more durable swim wear from MIB for years now and I'm so happy to see it in stock! Thank you for listening to your customers!" K.H., Memphis, TN, May 2013

"I just received my Ella V NECK Tee and it's perfect! It's the right length and usable during my fitness workouts. Thank you MiB." J.H., via Facebook, March 2013

"I got my new Tyler dress yesterday! It's gorgeous! I love the colors...and the fact that it has pockets! :)"R.K., via Facebook, February 2013

"Been shopping at MiB for 20+ years. You are the best in my book."P.G., via Facebook, February 2013

"Wow, I ordered from the outerwear sale yesterday and the items that weren't backordered arrived today!" S.M., via Facebook, February 2013

"I received one of your catalogs yesterday for the first time. I opened the pages and one after one I saw REAL PLUS SIZED MODELS!!!!! Oh my goodness! What in the world has gotten into you??? An honest look at the clothes you are trying to sell and how the clothes will actually look on someone!!!! Actually I am thrilled to death that someone has finally chosen to be honest and show real plus sized women wearing the clothes they sell. I love your catalog and website. I just wish I could afford your clothes! Maybe when the economy gets a little better I will be able to afford $95 for a top. But not right now and that makes me sad. I would LOVE to support your company, and maybe, occasionally I will be able to find something on clearance that I can afford. But for now, I will browse and sigh at all the lovely full figured models wearing the clothes I wish I could have. Thank you so much for your honesty." P.D., Jeffersonville, IN, January 2013

"I called and ordered the Chenille Pullover and the Versa Sweater, and I'm deeply impressed that you offer such high quality garments. Since receiving my first order, I have placed a second order. She finds that compared to Macy's our quality is superior. I would like to suggest that you offer the same fabrics for future garments. Especially the Chenille fabric because it offers the right amount of warmth and comfort." K.G., Sonoma, CA, November 2012

"Wow, just received my Jacinda Top today. FABULOUS - beautiful material and pattern, and great quality material. This is the kind of top you should duplicate or make variations of. This does not feel like an 'old lady' top - it feels artistic and elegant - like me. If you made this using other colors, I would certainly buy more. I'm excited to wear this quality of clothing. Bring more like this please!"C.C., Santa Clara, CA, November 2012

"Just looked through the new catalog. SO appreciate you using real plus-sized models -- many of your competitors use these stick-thin women and there is no way to tell what the clothes will look like on ME."S.P., via Facebook, November 2012

"You have the most beautiful clothes for the fuller figure. I wish you were in South Africa as well."C.P., via Facebook, November 2012

"I know that your clothes are expensive but they are well made and its not that knit that the other catalog stores sell. My mom used to sew for me so I was spoiled. Thanks MiB for catering to the larger sizes."A.T., via Facebook

"Greetings from Norway! I just want to thank you all for good service! I got my clothes today and I am very pleased and happy, they were so nice and big enough to me! It is good, that you ship worldwide! Thank you once more and God bless!"L.S., Norway, October 2012

"I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you!!!!! I got my order today which was a pair of jeans. The fit is AMAZING and they are so COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making clothes for the 'fluffy' girls of the world!!!!!! I will be ordering many more items from your catalog! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!" K.S., Austin, TX, August 2012

"I love your clothes! I have been ordering from you since the mid nineties and now order 98% of ALL my clothing from MIB. All your clothing is superior, but I especially enjoy the Winter Sun line. I have just received the Eclipse and Caiden tunics in your newest catalog and they do not disappoint...please try to get more choices from them----simply super line of clothing. Keep up the great work as I truly appreciate wearing clothing that fits me properly, is fashionable and wears well from year to year. Even though everything wears well, that does not stop me from ordering more and more and more." J.C., Crofton, MD, August 2012

"I really like the quality of the MIB clothing and plan to continue ordering." J.S., Salina, KS, July 2012

"I just received the Vanna Shirred Dress and wanted to share that I love it! I wore it to church and received many compliments. The fabric is very comfortable and I love the fit of the dress!"M.F., Miami, FL, June 2012

"I've ordered twice from you and I am so happy with my purchases! All companies talk about the great quality of their clothes, but yours are truly superior. The quality truly is exceptional. I am looking forward to shopping with you again soon. I almost forgot to mention the speed of the shipping. I can't believe how fast I received my items. Thanks!" C.M., Oakridge, OR, May 2012

"I received the Caprea Tunic yesterday and wore it today and got so many compliments. It is the perfect top -- black where it counts and lovely batik design in cornflower blue and aqua to set it off. Especially love the sleeves! Please make more exactly like this with other colored batik on sleeves and hem. Even using the same batik design in different colors would be great. I would buy it in every color you make and I bet I'm not the only one." L.T., Oakland, CA, April 2012

"I wanted to let you know that I am elated with all the purchases I received recently. I think all of your clothes are absolutely beautiful and that the quality is the best I've seen. I tell everyone I meet about MiB and I suggest your pants to people in your size range. Your pants have the best fit compared to Roman's, Catherine's, and Lane Bryant. They don't bunch up like other pants I've purchased in the past. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my clothes!" T.A., Garden City, KS, March 2012

"First, I want to thank you sincerely for your reply, caring about my order and the exchanging. I was so happy to get your answer. I started to worry about who I am dealing with and when I got your mail I was convinced that you are a really honest company. That makes you absolutely my favorite seller and for sure I'll keep shopping at your store. Thanks again for giving me the feeling of security to shop on your website. Thank you so much again."E.M., March 2012

"I love your Lisha Blouse and Anywhere Pants! The Anywhere Pants are the best pants in the world and the Lisha Blouse is pretty in pictures but until you see it in person, you have no idea how gorgeous it really is!" M.W., March 2012

"I found your site by searching for plus size clothes made in the USA. I love your clothes! Sadly, my favorites are imported but there is still plenty to choose from. Finally there are shirts that are long enough! I also noticed that the receipt that came with my order was on recycled paper. Keep up the good work!" C.L., March 2012

"It is so nice to see plus sized models. I have been on line for about 45 min browsing for clothes for myself and it's so unnerving seeing size 2 ladies advertising plus size clothing. I like to look at a picture and now how I will look wearing it, not a size 2! love love love it!" February 2012

"Just ordered a second Lisha Blouse. I ordered one recently and love it so much that I ordered another. I also wanted to thank you for having such wonderful clothes! Your buyer has a great eye!" L.L., New York, NY, February 2012

"I just wanted you to know that I have bought two shirts from you in the last two weeks. I LOVE them! I am an elementary school teacher and I have to look professional, yet be comfortable. The last two shirts I bought will do just that for me. I am a large woman, I wear your size H. But I feel beautiful in your clothes. Your clothes may be more expensive, but they wear so well and look so beautiful! If I can only afford one shirt or pair of pants a month, it will be worth it! Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Thank you also for your beautiful models. They are an inspiration to me. They show me how to accessorize and how to put outfits together. Thanks again! Love you!!!" D.S., Mount Union, PA, February 2012

"I was a Katrina victim and reached out to MIB in a time of need. You at MIB sent me clothes I could have never dreamed of buying . I still to this day use the bathing suit. I still have two blouses that I'm able to wear and a pair of leggings. Your clothes are amazing. The shirts are made long enough and not just wide. They made me feel feminine again. Not self conscious to get out the house. I even to this day have plus size women ask me where I purchased my blouse. :-). I'm happy to say i was able to purchase two of your clearance shirts and received them today. And they are great !!!! Your clothes last. They don't fall apart within a few months. I love MIB. Wish I could buy more!!!! Hopefully I can soon. I am 5'11 so I can't just buy the normal plus size shirt. It's too short. But you at MIB ... Are actually Making it big !!!!" D.V., January 2012

"Just purchased and received the Hailey pleated top and the 3/4 Sleeve Claire Top. I love both of them--the fit is great and flattering, the fabric drapes nicely, and I've received several compliments. I wish I'd purchased the knit top in all three colors when it was available! I hope you offer this in the spring/summer collection, maybe with shorter sleeves. It's really a flattering silhouette." B.L. (via Facebook), January 2012

"Thank you! What a great Christmas greeting showing a picture of the staff with their pets! Very nice. Thank you for making clothes that fit and providing great service. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones." M.G., December 2011

"'Ohana in Hawaiian means family...blood or extended, in essence 'ohana is family of the heart. MIB is just that to me and my family of big girls! As a valued family member of MIB, I am always treated with kindness and respect. Never have I had any level of displeasure with the grand products of MIB! MiB is my favorite company to work with! I wish you would come open a store in Honolulu! Thank you for all you do!" T.T., Ewa Beach, HI, December 2011

"Thank you to the people at MiB - I just received my last order in super-quick time and everything fit like a glove and looks and feels great - So I can't resist buying more. I really needed this boost - us "big" girls rely so much on your know-how with style and fit. Can't thank you enough!" N.K., South Australia, December 2011

"THANK YOU!!! I wish more clothing stores sold clothing Made in the USA!!! With the economy in the USA being what it is, many are worried about American workers keeping their jobs. Jobs that help pay our Social Security. Jobs that help pay for upkeep of our roads and other infrastructure, jobs that pay for our military, jobs that pay for our grand-children's schooling. THANK YOU!!! For supporting American workers! I will be placing another order soon. Thank you!" N.T., Lorain, OH, November 2011

"Once again I will say you are the best clothing store for large women. I love all the clothes I have purchased through the years. Thank you." S.R., November 2011

"I wish you would bring back the complete Venus line as an MIB signature stock line that is available year-round. As I wrote to you before, the pieces are timeless and classic, but have a nice edge that sets them apart from a lot of other apparel lines. I have a few pieces of the line and at this point and just sick that I didn't order everything right away. I'm crazy about the pieces I did buy and would love to have others! The fabric is just outstanding and travels beautifully, too!" P.C., Louisville, KY, November 2011

Recently moved to Canada and do not have many clothing options here. I am very thankful and grateful for you. The import fees are expensive, but I am grateful that I am still able to order from you as you do ship internationally." J.M., October 2011

"I absolutely love the fit of the swing style tee shirt. I hope you make many more in different fabrics--with the long sleeves, please!"A.D. (via Facebook), October, 2011

"I LOVE the top part of the Halter Swimsuit!!! It has support plus the top is an attractive very flattering cut that covers but a little sexy at the same time. Please....please....please consider making the top the same length but without the bottom part attached and more A-line so it can be worn as a 2 piece with your Swim Shorts. Please make it in a variety of colors, solids and prints. It would fit all of us regardless if we are long or short torso as well as it would be a style that could be worn as a cute bra-less halter top with shorts or capris or in the water as a swimsuit...did I mention that I LOVE the cut of the top of halter swimsuit?!" S.R., Edmonton, AB, October 2011

"I love that you use plus size models in your catalogs. I am also grateful for the nice designs. I am tired of other companies that don't even try, or think that plus size women do not deserve beautiful clothes to wear. The prices are a little high, but I'm OK with paying higher prices because your quality is very good." R.B., October 2011

"I just wanted to say thank you to the company for using plus size models in print to show your clothes. I can see how the clothes will really look on me and I'm sure other women can relate to that. Thanks again!" C.C., Swanton, VT, October 2011

"Thank you. Your service is always so prompt. Your company is a pleasure to deal with." L.N., Australia, September 2011

"The highest quality, and best value for the money, plus stylish clothes and a great assortment modeled by real women!" Survey respondent, September, 2011

"Great clothes, very unique, I get lots of compliments when I wear your items." Survey respondent, September 2011

"I just received my first order from you. I hope that I can convey here how delighted I am! The fabrics are lush. The craftsmanship and detail is outstanding. Sizing is perfect. Thank you for offering so much of your line in black (I'm a writer. We wear black!) Thank you for offering classic pieces with clean lines. Thank you for NOT offering pieces with words on the front, like "sexy" and "yes!" and "love" written in rhinestones. Thank you for the beautiful Venus line. I wish I had gotten in on it earlier, and I do hope you will continue the beautiful, classic pieces in such great colors that can be dressed up or down. Thank you for making "short" sleeves that actually fall where one would expect instead of halfway past my elbow. When I first received your catalog, I balked a bit at the prices. But as we all know, we get what we pay for. The pieces I got are gorgeous classics and built to last. I also appreciate the lovely people who answer the phone. All so helpful! Thanks for fast shipping. I am tickled to death to be your customer." P.C., Louisville, KY, September 2011

"Thank you so much for using plus size models in catalog and online. It really makes a difference and your clothes are beautiful, full of style and I love the natural fabric content, because I'm really a cotton girl." J.P., San Mateo, CA, September 2011

"Finally some nice clothes that actually fit me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please keep up the great work, including clothes for full figured women who actually have curves! Also kudos to you for using large size models! I can get a better idea of how the clothes will look on me! You have a new long term customer! Keep the clothes coming!" S.J., Long Beach, CA, September 2011

"Just received the catalog and was surprised at the wonderful styles. Am looking forward to ordering when I can! Thank you!" T.M., August 2011

"I just love MIB and the clothing you choose to offer us. I couldn't believe the first time I bought the relaxed stretch twill pants and they fit perfectly right off the bat. That doesn't happen for me anywhere else. Thank you for the way your clothes fit, and thank you for keeping the company running so well in these tough economic times. I don't know what I'd wear without you." M.P., August 2011

I just came across your website for the first time and I had to stop and say THANK YOU FOR USING REALISTIC SIZED MODELS. I love seeing how I would really look in clothing before I purchase an item. Keep up the good work." A.C., August 2011

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you use models who actually wear the sizes you sell!!!"K.A. (via Facebook)

"Yesterday I wore one of my favorite outfits. I've owned this comfortable and stylish pants and top set for a few years now, but its design is classic so it has never gone out of style. The fabric, which feels good and drapes well, has a chic, sophisticated design and color. I found myself having a long wait for an appointment, and my mind wandered while I passed the time. I began to notice some of the structural features of my clothing: the well-secured quality buttons; the strong, neatly sewn hems; the polished look of sleeve trim; and so on. I wasn't sure where I had purchased my ensemble, but it did cross my mind that it might be from MIB. When I got home later and checked the label, it was indeed a Making It Big product. I've bought numerous items from MIB through the years, and I've never been disappointed in a single thing. Your clothing is not inexpensive, but it is well worth the cost because each piece is an investment in an item that will be a lasting addition to my wardrobe. The clothes are durable and wear well, the colors remain bright, and the styles remain fashionable rather than being trendy. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the quality of your goods, especially in a world where cheap and shoddy sometimes seem to be the norm. And, by the way, I also very much like the fact that you use models who are the sizes of the women who will wear your products. The shopper gets a far more realistic idea of how the clothing will look on her." L.T., Marietta, CA, June 2011

"I just wanted to send a note to say that I received the Monica tunic I ordered from you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I wore it to a museum last weekend and received rave reviews on it. It is comfortable and cool and the color is great! Your clothing is awesome. Keep up the great work!" L.E., Ames, IA, June 2011

"Thank you for being such a socially conscious company." J.W., June 2011

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for your generosity. When my husband opened our emails I heard him say “Well, what a fantastic company you are dealing with” - and how true is that!!! I was more than happy to pay for the postage for the return of the jacket, but now will have much delight in being able to donate it to the Hobart Women's Shelter. The winters in Tasmania are very bleak and cold and I know how welcome such a warm and beautiful jacket will be. Customer service from MIB has always been wonderful but this act of generosity above and beyond any expectations one could hold. Thank you once again." R.D., Tasmania, Australia, May 2011

"Thank you so much. I have just received my order and I am thrilled beyond belief! The quality is amazing and I will be ordering from you from now on." M.C., Toronto, Canada, May 2011

"I wanted to share how much I love the new catalog. I am so happy the Ruffle Trench Coat went on sale. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it in the catalog." S.P. Du Bois, PA, May 2011

"I'm so excited to finally be ordering with MiB. I love that you use larger models!" S.B., Franklin, LA, May 2011

"I know why the Arista shirt is on back order! I received the purple one on Friday in the mail and have worn it twice already. It's roomy, long, and the color is fabulous. I'm going back for another!" M.C., April 2011, via Facebook

"Just found your site, and love your designs! Very slimming and yet stylish too!" T.M., April 2011, via Facebook

"I love your clothes and I have worn them for years. I am so pleased with the quality of your garments and the natural fibers are the only way to go. My signature look are your beautiful cutwork blouses and I would love more of those please. I love them. Thank you for caring about the large lady and thank you for giving us lovely stylish clothes to wear that suit our bodies. A woman can be a beautiful at any size. Thank you for pants that are long enough. Thank you for not using polyester and bad fibers that are unhealthy and uncomfortable and unattractive. Thank you. Thank you and keep up the good work. I love it that you have expanded your sizing as I am getting much smaller and I want to keep wearing your beautiful clothes." S.R., Trumbull, CT, March 2011

"I just want to thank you for using bigger beautiful women for models! We get to see what the clothes will truly look like on us!!!" S.W., Austin, TX, February 2011

"Like everyone else, sometimes I order things from other on-line sites. When those packages arrive, I am always nervous because I am never sure of the fit or quality of the merchandise. When a package from MIB arrives, I am always happy and excited because I am sure of the fit and quality of my selections." J.R., Austin, TX, February 2011

"As always, I’m lovin’ my MIB stuff. Especially with the warm weather we enjoyed these last few days here in Northern California" A.L., S San Francisco, CA, February 2011

"I love your spring line and am glad to see you brought cotton shorts back! I have been shopping at MIB for years and only wear your clothes! Thanks for having such high quality stylish clothes for us! T.M., Reynoldsburg, OH, January 2011

"Love the clothes! I have been buying from MIB for years and love the style, quality, and outstanding customer service." L.K., Findlay, OH, January 2011

"I LOVE MIB. I have been purchasing clothes from you since 1999! Rarely do I have a return! I always get compliments and queries about where I purchase my clothes! Thank you for continuing to Make It Big just for me." J.C., Concord, NH, January 2011

"I had quit going out in public until I found your site! I love everything I have bought so far and I feel great when I wear your clothes! Thank you MIB." J.C., January 2011

"I like the longer lengths of many of your tops, and appreciate that you are adding more items with natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk). I get a lot of compliments on the clothing and while the prices are high, great value comes with that -- the clothing is very, very well made and worth every last penny!" K.S., Demarest, NJ, January 2011

"I just opened the spring catalog and drooled over every page. I'm dying to wear some pretty bright colors in lightweight fabric again." M.C., Romeoville, IL, January 2011

"MIB is the place for women of size who want to be fashionable and comfortable and wear those wow clothes be it spring , summer , winter or fall. MIB has to you looking stylish and cute for any occasion from underwear to footwear to outerwear MIB has got you covered." N.C., January 2011

"Love the new catalog format and the new styles are FANTASTIC - fresh, vibrant, and exciting. I also love the natural fibers and the fact that so many items are made in the USA." A.L., South San Francisco, CA, January 2011

"I've been buying from MIB for more than 10 years now. Your clothes fit well, they are made well, and they are always fashionable. I can't tell you how many compliments I get on my clothes. And I think we all know that when we dress well, we feel good about ourselves. My favorite thing is when I order something from the catalog it’s even more beautiful than it looked in the catalog. That has happened to me several times. Thanks MIB!!!" M.D., Brooklyn, NY, January 2011

"I love Making it Big!!! Keep up the good work!!! My mom loves the clothes on me. I love the clothes on me. My family loves the clothes on me." T.Z., Liberal, KS, January 2011

"I love your clothes. The quality is exceptional and the unique batik fabrics are so beautiful. I consider myself so fortunate to have discovered our website.....working on transitioning more of my wardrobe to MIB. Keep up the great work and the terrific customer service." P.M., Ottawa, Ontario, January 2011

"You are selling much more than just clothing. Making this kind of quality and style available to big women is great for our dignity and self-esteem. As a psychotherapist specializing in size acceptance, I recommend your store to clients all the time. I look forward to the day when it's no longer a radical concept to think that fat women deserve to enjoy beautiful clothes that fit." J.C., January 2011

"I've been a long time customer 20 years+ and have been so happy with the cut and fit of MIB's pants. Love the choices of colors, the ever so cute tops and that there's always one tie dye something!" L.M., El Sobrante, CA, January 2011

"I love your jeans! I have been a very happy customer for over 10 years." B.R., Saint Louis, MO, January 2011

"You can't beat the quality of MIB. I hate to admit it but I still wear shirts I bought 20 years ago. They still look great. I do miss being able to purchase dyed to match socks. I'm still wearing those too!" C.S., Hopewell, NY, January 2011

"MiB has made being a plus size professional woman sooooo easy!" T.E., Vancouver, WA, January 2011

"I appreciate the fit and colors of the MIB tops and pants I wear to work most every day." K.W., Madison, WI, January 2011

"Most of my wardrobe for the past 10 years or so has come from MiB. Thank you for carrying such beautiful clothes in natural fabrics!" M.S., Little Rock, AR, January 2011

"Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all! I realized the other day that I have been ordering your clothes for over a decade. You are the best!" K.P., Sarasota, FL, December 2010

"Most of the clothes in my closet come from MiB! I am so glad that I found the website. I have been happy with just about everything I've bought." L.K., Findlay, OH, December 2010

"Been wearing MiB clothes forever...I have pieces in my closet that are 15 years old! Love, love, love them." T.E-S., Vancouver, WA, December 2010

"I love your clothes. MiB is the only place I purchase my clothes from. Keep up the good work!" L.A., Anoka, MN, December 2010

"I love your clothes. There is something for everyone. Well, almost. Sometimes my bony friends want to know where I got it so they can buy one and I just tell them, 'Sorry, it doesn't come in your size." L.R., Idaho Falls, ID, December 2010

"I've been shopping with your folks for years -- your clothing has remained staples in my closet." C.B., Santa Ana, CA, December 2010

"Many of my favorite things come from MiB. Great quality -- I have some items that I've had for years that still look good." B.L., December 2010

"As a therapist I specialize in helping women with size acceptance. Making It Big is not just another place to shop; it is one of the best resources I know for improving body image and self-esteem." J.C., El Cerrito, CA, December 2010

"Love your quality clothes!!! Keep up the good work!" P.L., Cape Porpoise, ME, December 2010

"Thanks for years of high quality clothes made from natural fibers. And for a chance at $100" J.W., Sacramento, CA, December 2010

"MiB has the only pants I'll wear. Thanks for the chance to win $100" M.C., Georgetown, TX

"After trying on no less than 18 pairs of jeans from other companies, MiB has the only jeans that just fit! No more gaping waist, hanging crotches, pulling thigh seams or too long a leg." W.G., Weatherford, TX, December 2010

"I've been a customer for more years than more of your customers have been alive. Well, maybe not that long but easily 15 years or more. When my then boyfriend (now husband) and I went to California (from Maryland) to visit friends, we visited your outlet store, it was so much fun." J.T. Silver Spring, MD, December 2010

"Thank you so much for your beautiful clothes for us gals that want to enhance our beauty!" K.H., Princeton, KY, December 2010

"I love you guys...Thank you for making such beautiful clothing!!!" K.R., Burtonsville, MD, December 2010

"Thanks so much! Love your clothing. Have been on quite a little spree recently with your wonderful clearance prices and daily offers." D.B., Lake Wales, FL, December 2010

"Love your stuff. Have been buying clothes from you for at least 20 years! My closet could almost pass as a MIB showroom. Besides the quality of the fabric and construction and style, I’ve always appreciated that many of your items are made in the USA or, if imported, from someplace other than China." A.L., San Francisco, CA, December 2010

"I just received my latest shipment of MIB clothing -- lovely and delightful, as always! Thanks again for making fabulous clothing (especially the natural fiber stuff) available for ME!" K.S., Santa Fe, NM, November 2010

"What would I have done without MIB for the past 20+ years? You are my wardrobe mainstay." J.E., Tuscaloosa, AL, November 2010

"I really, really like your new website. The response time is much better than before. The design is highly functional and clean looking. Some of the glitches in the old site have been fixed too. Really nice job! Thank you for keeping the search by size option in the Sale area, it is very helpful. I am also really pleased with the Fall/Winter collection this year. My compliments. Thank you." L.H., Atkinson, NH, November 2010

"I love the Chloe Tee. The colors and fabric are great (especially the plum colored one.) I saw someone wearing the same color the other day, and it made me feel great and fashionable. I am absolutely wild about it!" L.H., Atkinson, NH, November 2010

"I have been shopping with you for years and I love that you are starting too offer the longer lengths. You are the best thing to happen to big people, and I love your company." J.R., Eureka, CA, October 2010

"I just received my first order and called to tell you how happy I am with your products. I have never ordered pants before where the crotch wasn't down to my knees or where the waist wasn't falling off. I wanted you to know how thankful I am because I usually sew my clothes or alter them and have never been able to buy clothes "right off the rack." I couldn't believe it! I will be giving your name to all of my friends and relatives. I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your models and I think you are so special because with your models I can really see how an item is going to look on me." V.H., Meridian, MS, October 2010

"I called to say thank you for listening about the Short Sleeve Shirt. I was unsure as whether or not to order from you again because of the sizing issue, but when I saw the email about accepting them back and resizing them I was so happy. Most companies do not care if a customer is upset, but MiB does and I thank you for that." B.K., October 2010

"I love the articles, especially the Love Your Body Day one that just got posted. Thanks for doing that, and thanks for the MIB products, which I LOVE! BTW, I used to order from Junonia but lately they have stopped carrying 5x and 6x sizes as much, which is a shame. But good for MIB, as I now buy most of my clothing from you. Anyway thanks for being such a great company, I really appreciate MIB!!!" K.S., Santa Fe, NM, October 2010

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your company. I treat my MiB undies like they are gold because of how much I love them. Because of MiB I feel pretty and there is no price on that." Y.R., Greenville, NC, October 2010

"I am a seamstress, and I have a customer who's looking for some blouses. I was told about your site today and I had to check it out. Words fail me, and that's saying something! Your clothing is modest, lovely, and even made of natural fibers--I am so impressed. The only problem is that I've lost enough weight that I can't fit into your products! I sew for others (and almost all of my own clothes) and I just wish I could find patterns for designs like yours. Thanks for your site and your clothes. You show respect for women, especially for large women, and that's rare and delightful." L.R., October 2010

"I just returned my order but I am apologetic because I love your clothing. I love your clothes and MiB." K.R., October 2010

"I have been a customer for years! I am a big fan of you and wish you much success!" C.S., Northridge, CA, October 2010

"I received an order today and, again, I am so delighted with your clothes! As others have said, I have struggled all my life to find clothes that, not only fit, but look nice and are made of quality materials. I get so many complements when I wear MiB outfits. I refuse to buy Plus-size clothes from a company whose models seem to be a size 2 and was so pleasantly surprised when I found you almost 2 years ago. Keep up the good work! P.S. - I absolutely love the fact that most dresses, skirts and tunics have pockets!" J.J., Hopedale, IL, September 2010

"I wanted you to know I love your catalog and the clothes. I am a size 16 and would love to be able to buy your clothes." September 2010

"I have to tell you that yesterday I wore the teal sweater I bought from you, and received compliments all day long! Thanks so much!" P.G., Logan, UT, September 2010

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the clothes swap you did a year or so ago. The weight changes that are part of being a plus-size person can make keeping up a wardrobe very difficult. I'd love to see an ongoing version of these swaps, to connect your customers, or to have swaps incorporated into your sales. Thanks for your help. You've been a great support to me for a long time." L.S., Santa Rosa, CA, September 2010

"Thank you all so much! You are very kind and understanding. I can't tell you how much your clothes mean to me. I use to dress just for comfort and would buy ten of the same single color jumper and wear them for years. But now I feel with your clothes, I am dressing for comfort and style, looking more professional and feeling better and confident than I ever have before. And the compliments I receive are great, too. Keep up the awesome selections and sizes!" September 2010

"Thank you so very much!!! I love you at MIB." S.P., September 2010

"Thanks for your good selection of clothes for the larger woman." J.M., August 2010

"I am very pleased with the outfit that I received. I was also pleased with your customer service." V.D., August 2010

"Wanted to pass along how beautiful the models are and how much I appreciate that you use actual plus size models to showcase your stylish and beautiful clothing. I send my best to everyone at the company. Keep up the good work!" J.M., Indianapolis, IN, July 2010

"I am a loyal, consistent customer, who will take this opportunity to say how grateful I am for your stunning, high quality, USEFUL clothing, and sanely-presented catalog." L.C., Yardley, PA, July 2010

"Just wanted to say I LOVE the new search by size. It lessens the frustration of sale shopping to zoom right in on the stuff that will fit me. Thanks!" F.V., Tualatin, OR, June 2010

"Please, please, please keep making the Dena blouse! Hope to see all sizes back in stock soon- and would LOVE more colors! Thank you for bringing us such beautiful clothes." N.W., Falcon Heights, MN, June 2010

"I recently received the Pacifica Dress and I wanted you to know that I love the dress and wanted to buy it in other colors." N.H., Glen Rock, NJ, June 2010

"I am just so happy with my new MIB purchase-the print tiered dress-that I had to let you know. I am pear shaped and wear a size F and this dress couldn’t be more perfect. It is the right length, not fussy and not to plain. It has style, is comfortable and is very flattering. More choices please in this shape, with sleeves, in other fabrics. Thank You." D.G., June 2010

"I just purchased 2 of your wonderful shirts in your NEW SIZE C. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the thinking that went into making the garments...the ease from bust to lower hip and the setting of sleeves. I am much older than you average client and used to sew Vogue patterns so I appreciate any attempt at skillful design and execution. Thanks for choosing quality materials. Aloha." B.S., El Dorado County, CA, June 2010

"Wanted to share that I love your items because they are longer in length than what other companies offer." D.R., Mount Veron, WA, June 2010

"I just received the Francine Dress and I absolutely love it. It is just as beautiful, more so than even in the catalogue. Thank you!" B.M., Oklahoma City, OK, May 2010

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I love, love, love your Wide Leg Jeans and have several pairs of them. What a blessing for those of us with larger calves! And many, many thanks, too, for making them in the different lengths! I need a petite, but know the taller ladies are happy with the longer length as well." A.N., Peachtree City, GA, May 2010

"I've always liked your clothes. They're of such a good quality they never seem to wear out." K.W., North Versailles, PA, May 2010

"I just received the Dream Pants and Dream Twist Top and I think they are wonderful. I love the fabric and the quality and I'm so pleased with the style. I LOVE the new MiB Contemporary products and what you are coming up with." K.B., Waterbury, CT, May 2010

"4 years ago my apartment that I had lived in for 14 years burned down. My friend had called to order me an MiB gift certificate since so many of my clothes came from you. Instead, you sent me a big box of clothes and I continue to wear them with appreciation every time. I always meant to send a thank you letter. Thanks." M.S., May 2010

"I buy any new style of pant immediately. I appreciate that you are always so helpful and nice, and that your quality is so great." S.S., Matawan, NJ, May 2010

"I am a long time customer. I am still waiting for you to bring a location to Chicago - You would see me everyday! As MiB continues to get bigger you will give companies like Lane Bryant and Katherine's a run for their money!" V.J., Riverdale, IL, May 2010

"I pass on your name to all of my friends who don't know about MiB - Your clothing is worth the price, because you are paying for quality. I have pieces that have lasted me for years and years. One whole side of my closet is Making it Big. You do an amazing job helping your customers look and feel stylish and that its worth the price. Everytime I come in I find something. It's an exciting event when the new MiB catalogue comes." M.O., Escondido, CA, May 2010

"Just received my three blouses and I just LOVE them, 100% satisfied." L.M., Huggins, MO, May 2010

"You are the only company that uses plus size models and it is so nice to see what the clothes will look like on me. I am about a 4x, and even though I wish I had a different body, your models look happy with themselves and stylish too and that makes me happy. Thank you for letting me embrace my size stylishly." P.C., Montgomery, AL, May 2010

"Called to place my first order. It is such a relief to see people who look like me in the catalog." C.B., Webster, NY, May 2010

"I wanted you to know that I really liked the new designs and fit. I've been shopping with you for nearly 30 years and the new designs and tailoring are really flattering and pretty." N.K., Healdsburg, CA, May 2010

"I just received the catalog for the first time and was plesently surprised! I am very excited to order more items. I will be giving your name to all my friends who I believe have never heard of your company." May 2010

"Just placed an order today and wanted you to know the new items in the catalog are smashing! I love what I have seen so far. I think the items are fun, playful, and hip. Very excited about what else you will be offering and I like the direction you are taking with the MiB Contemporary products." A.J., Roseville, MN, April 2010

"I wanted you to know that I really love your clothes. I wanted you to know that you should feel proud to be a part of MiB, as you are doing something I truly appreciate - offering clothes that are plus size and that make plus size people feel good about themselves." M.G., Carmel, CA, April 2010

"I placed an order and wanted you to know I really like your clothes. I feel they are well made and make me feel good, as well as being comfortable clothes with an interesting design, unlike the generic polyester stuff I see elsewhere." T.T., Vancouver, WA, April 2010

"I love the length of your blouses. It is the perfect size to cover everything I want coverered." V.O., Windsor, CT, April 2010

"Wanted to pass along that I think the Summer catalogue is wonderful - I appreciate more cotton and love the batik patterns." A.V., Anderson Island, WA, April 2010

"I ordered a catalogue from you and wanted to pass along that I was thrilled to see plus size models in the catalogue. I was thrilled to be introduced to your company and appreciate your approach." C.S., Overland Park, KS, April 2010

"I really like the Taci Tie Dye Tunic and wish you can continue to carry it in future seasons." C.L., Aiea, HI, April 2010

"I am so happy to see that someone finally carries a size A bra for a full figured lady. Please continue to carry this bra and please try to get it in black. I received my first one in the mail today and I love it." D.A., April 2010

"First of all, thank you so much for your line of clothing that has obese ladies in mind. I have not been able to find clothes that fit -well-ever. Again, thank you for helping me feel like a human again. Home made clothes are great. But there's something about sliding that beautiful blouse over your head and knowing that it fits that makes you feel pretty from the inside out." K.S., April 2010

"I am a long time MIB customer. I am usually dressed from neck to ankle in MIB clothing. I'd like to thank you for adding the ability to filter by size, especially on the Sale area. I have suggested this a few times over the years and I'm really happy to see it implemented - thanks!" L.H., Atkinson, NH, April 2010

"I am not a customer, but just received your catalog for the first time and wanted to say how nice it was. It was so nice to see beautiful women wearing modern things. Tired of the other catalogs that were all geared toward "young and skinny people" when I wasn't young or skinny. I'm not sure that I'm going to be a customer as I'm at the low-end of your size range but I'm looking forward to sharing your catalog with friends and family." J.M., April 2010

"I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the Paris Dress. It fits great, having the side pockets is a nice plus, and it’s actually long enough. I hope you use this pattern style to make more dresses – I’ll buy every one you offer!" R.D., April 2010

"I really like your clothes, they are fashionable, comfortable and easy to care for. Great for work and casual wear. The operators/coustomer sevice staff on the phones are always courteous, kind and helpful . I do like your clothes and I will continue to buy from you." D.L., Pittsburgh, PA, April 2010

"I just received your catalog for the first time today and was VERY pleased to see that you use plus size models in the photos. It is so hard to envision how an outfit may look on a heavier person when viewing it on a size 8 model. I have added your website to my favorite places and plan on ordering from you soon! THANK YOU for thinking of the customer!!!" P.K., April 2010

"Just a note to let you know I appreciate the new styles that you are selling this season - love the closer fit, and am looking forward to seeing it on me. Again, I really like the new direction you are taking us!" D.W., Germantown, MD, April 2010

"I love ordering with you. You guys are so great, I hate how other companies always try to get other stuff out of me. You are always quick and efficient and to the point and always a pleasure to talk to." S.C., April 2010

"Thrilled you are having polyester and I love the Judith Tunic. MiB is doing a great job. Love the different patterns." J.R., April 2010

"Bought the Jamaica Tunic, and loved it! I found the hemline very flattering and think you should get more similar items (more asymmetrical hemlines)." K.K., April 2010

"I really like your products, nice quality, I hope to order more in the future. Thanks" April 2010

"I appreciated so much the phone call from MIB, after I posted on Facebook. I was a little worried about where my credit card info had gone, and more than a little annoyed, and they were reassuring and apologetic, and gave me a contact number that I can reach out to if all does not go well. So for those of you who have read this, be assured that they do follow up on these things. I will let you know when the order arrives, but I am fully confident that the items will be lovely. I wore a dress from MIB some years ago at my son's wedding." J.W., April 2010

"Just placed an order for a top and pants. I am excited to order much more. I wanted to pass along that I am so thrilled to have found MiB. I got the catalogue and was so grateful. It's refreshing to find a plus size company who realize that just because I'm plus size doesn't mean I don't have style. I send so many thanks and am more than willing to pay for the style and the quality." L.C., April 2010

"I absolutely love the Amelia Oversize Shirt. I have already worn it twice because of how great it fits and feels. I want to extend thanks to all of MiB." B.S., Maspeth, NY, March 2010

"Got my order. Thanks for quick service! I LOVE the tahaitian top. Fits great. Roomy in arms and sleeves, length good - very flirty, pretty. Wonderful. Make more in this style PLEASE!!!" A.A., Castro Valley, CA, March 2010

"Wanted you to know I really like the Anywhere Pants. I feel most companies think plus sized women are big everywhere including their ankles and all the pants I seem to find are "huge" around the ankle." J.B., Marshalltown, IA, March 2010

"I recently ordered a blouse that, unfortunately, was out of stock. I looked through your on-line catalog and found several alternatives but wasn't sure which to go with. I have a very difficult time finding tops with arms big enough in general but, as a harp player, I truly need freedom of movement. I called your customer service staff (though I can't remember the name of the wonderful woman I spoke with) and was extremely impressed and delighted with the help she gave me. Not only did we discuss the options and how each would work, we also discussed size to make sure I'd have the range of arm motion I'd need but also have a body that wouldn't be too large. I settled on the Tanya top (my first choice among the alternatives). I absolutely LOVE it and it does just what it needs to do -- and will look wonderful with the black Venus pants I'd also ordered. I have the arm room I need and the tie back will keep the roominess of the body in check nicely. Without her help I probably would have made the wrong decision on size. Now I'm looking forward to having something snazzy to wear at my next performance! Thanks again for the wonderful service as well as the beautiful clothes!" D.C., New Castle, NH, March 2010

"Wanted you to know that I do a lot of catalog shopping and always have gotten nice people when I call." P.D., Hampton, VA, March 2010

"Bring back the New Venus Jacket. I absolutely LOVE your Wide Leg Jeans and you should never discontinue them. Please pass my compliments on to your shipping department as last time I ordered on a Thursday afternoon and received the package that Saturday!" M.F., March 2010

"I placed an order including both the Undies and Nylon undies. I am SO excited to try the undies out. I have been searching for plus size quality undies and hope these work. Thank you in advance!" M.B., West Palm Beach, FL, March 2010

"Ordered the Carmen Oversize Shirt in Diva Blue and was so happy that we you're finally offering such a great blue color! Delighted to hear that you are extending to smaller sizes. Even though I can fit into other companies, I will continue to buy from you. No other company holds a candle to you! Your quality is great and you have a customer for life - I have been ordering for years. Recently moved to a rural town and had to begin shopping at Wal-Mart - The quality and fit of the "plus size" clothing there is nothing like yours." S.A., Ceres, CA, March 2010

"I just ordered for the first time recently and just received the items. I loved everything I got. I loved the fabric, the cut, everything about it was exactly as was stated in the description." March 2010

"I just got your catalog and was surprised and pleased by it. I am grateful you offer clothing specifically designed for the plus-sized form. A very sincere and heartfelt thank you, and I'm looking forward to receiving my order." L.P., Lubbock, TX, February 2010

"I really like that you make the effort to use cotton and natural fibers. It is extremely important to me. I love the Perfect Quilted Jacket. Couldn't have given it a better name! Very happy that you LISTEN!" A.B., February 2010

"I do not wear the sizes you offer anymore. I did not want to simply write asking to no longer receive your catalog without telling you how much I appreciate it. Your lovely models are the sizes of the clothes you offer and your clothes are stylish and have a lot of color and design. These are blessings to those of us who got the idea that dull bags to hide in are the lot in life as we deserve no more. Thank you for giving dignity to women of large sizes. As Dr. Suess might also have said, a woman is a person no matter how large." P.L., February 2010

"I just wanted to share with you what a godsend your Leggings are. During the recent repeated blizzard conditions out here in the DC area, I lost power for 60 hours. By the time my heat came back on, it was only 35F in my apartment. But throughout, my legs stayed roasty-toasty warm thanks to your wonderful leggings! Thank you for such a fantastically great product. As I go to dig out my car for the second time, I've got a pair on under my jeans, and I know I'll stay plenty warm. Again, thank you so much!!" M.J., Bethesda, MD, February 2010

"I received your catalogue for the first time, and just called to say thank you! It was so refreshing to see plus size models in the catalogue, and will certainly be ordering from you soon. I already appreciated you more than Roamans, because I can never get an idea of how the clothes will actually look." February 2010

"The clothes are so well made, and as I'd love to see a live catalogue on Youtube - if you filmed models in the clothes so we could see how they look moving, that would be wonderful! Thank you for making it possible for me to look elegant and appropriate even in the super sizes. I'm a loyal MIB fan." February 2010

"I really appreciate your prompt and courteous service. I placed an order and received it on my birthday so I can wear the items to my party. Thanks everyone!" N.M., February 2010

"I am looking forward to my order. I have received many compliments at work about things I have worn from MIB. And the guy who took my order deserves commendation for being so proactive." R.J., Stanley, ND, January 2010

"Love your clothes. I have recommended MiB to a friend who has now started wearing your clothes and they fit her great. My friend always looks beautiful." J.G., La Crescenta, CA, January 2010

"Very satisfied with the quality of the clothing, one of the best clothing catalogs ever." B.L., Walworth, NY, January 2010

"LOVE your clothes and always refer people to you. Everyone is always nice and helpful!!" K.L., Sacramento, CA, January 2010

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the customer service and MIB." January 2010

"Love your clothes and glad I found you!!!" J.K., Columbus, OH, January 2010

"I have been buying your clothes for 3 years and am so pleased with them. I hope you can offer more nightwear, including brushed cotton & flannelette." December 2009

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you offering a shipping discount to those who aren't eligible for free shipping on your current offer. As an Alaskan, I am frequently frustrated by inequitable shipping offers, so I really appreciate it when I see a fair policy. Thank you." F.A., Juneau, AK, December 2009

"I love doing business with your company. I hope if MIB doesn't stock the aloha shorts for this coming summer, that you will be able to connect me with a company that I can purchase them from." H.V., Lacey, WA, December 2009

"MIB has the best quality, primarily because you start with such good quality fabrics to begin with. I have been wearing one outfit since 1995. I no longer order from Katherines any longer as I am so happy with your products." December 2009

"Thank you for the personal response. It is just more proof that MIB is better than this incident appears. Fair resolution. I really do appreciate quality customer service and your products. I do hope you will be able to offer a similar product in the future. I will look forward to future catalogues." Miami, FL, December 2009

"I just received my order from your "warehouse" sale and I must say... WOW!! for under $250 I purchased ELEVEN tops!! What in the world are you thinking?? I don't often purchase clothing because of budget issues but I couldn't help myself with this deal. Everything is lovely. Thank you for giving me a new wardrobe I can be proud of!" J.L., December 2009

"I just had to write and let you know how impressed I am with my first order from MIB. I ordered a blouse, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and it showed up on my door Monday, just three days later. . .over a holiday weekend! I thought I'd be waiting a week or two, but now I can wear it to work tomorrow. I'm so excited. And according to the package it was sent from California and I'm in Delaware, on the other side of the country. Thanks for your great service!" A.R., Wilmington, DE, December 2009

"I LOVE YOU for the sale!! Just sad I missed the Ciaro top! I spotted it a while a ago and then it was off the site.. happy holidays!!" December 2009

"I just wanted to thank you for sending the Thanksgiving greeting. I really enjoyed seeing all of you (including the little doggies!) You always do such a great job for your customers. I am one who remembers a few years back to the little brick store in Cotati. My son and I were on vacation and I decided to look you up. Poor kid, he was about 15 at the time and bored to death. But I had a ball and bought a couple of outfits. Now-a-days my weight fluctuates depending on how closely I am following doctor's orders. I still like to shop Making It Big both on-line and through the print catalog. I am so glad to see that you have kept the high quality of you clothing while others have not. Quality never goes out of style! Thanks again for all you do." L.R., November 2009

"Fun to see who is behind the scenes! Happy thanksgiving to you, too. As I sit here, thinking about it, I have a LOT of the clothes from you...I absolutely love the batiks, the longer shirt/blouse length and the natural fabrics.....would love to see more blue green and purple, fushia/pink or green blue combinations.....but other than that (and lower prices..)....I love your clothing. Classy style and well made. Thank you!" H.B., November 2009

"I just wanted to let you know how please I am with the customer service I received yesterday! I placed an order on Friday, with overnight shipping. Unfortunately, it was sent ground instead. I noticed the error when the package didn't arrive as expected. I called MIB and not only did a LIVE PERSON answer my call on the SECOND RING (wow!) but she fixed the problem immediately and I received most of my order today. I just wanted you to know that I not only LOVE LOVE LOVE your clothes, but now I can brag about your great customer service too! Thanks!" R.D., November 2009

"Wanted to pass on how much I appreciate ordering with you. You are so much more knowledgeable and expedient than other companies and use your phone time to help the customer rather than push them to buy more. I appreciate and love ordering with your phone team." K.P., Manchester, NH, November 2009

"Thank you. Please never stop making those long tunics and blouses. We larger folks need the length. Someone stopped me and asked where I bought my top and that's why I need the catalog. The fabric is fabulous. I'm so sick of polyester and the rayon is a welcome change. I consider myself fashionable and in style and you make it easy with your fashions. I especially like the shells. I have one in every color and can change them with a different jacket or vest. Someone finally made something for the large people!!!" J.S., New Cumberland, PA, November 2009

"I just had to let you know that my gorgeous clothes from you only took four days to arrive. That is absolutely amazing!!!! Four days from the USA to Australia must be a record. Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service and as always, beautiful clothes. Thank you once again." R.D., Tasmania, Australia, November 2009

"Thanks for having real humans at the other end of your email. Many companies just have automatic responders." L.F., November 2009

"I LOVE MiB Flannels! I order them from you year after year and they last and last. I have some that are 5, 6 , 7 years old!" L.M., November 2009

"Thank you for your quality and for your plus size garments and patterns. You are the only company I've ever seen that makes jackets with arms large enough. I absolutely love you!" M.W., November 2009

"I'm a repeat customer who has been buying from you for about 10 years. Thanks so much for your collection of useful and comfortable clothes for large-sized women. I really appreciate you folks." D.M., November 2009

"You are the only company that I buy clothes from. I've been buying from you for 20 years, since the days of the little black and white catalogues. You certainly have changed, and every change is for the better. Thank You." K.J., Cameron Park, CA, November 2009

"I appreciate how hard you work and all you do for us customers." S.M., Chaplin, CT, November 2009

"EVERYTHING that I have ordered from you is great, I still have things that retain the terrific shape and color over the years. I still wear the first blouse I ever bought from you guys and it still looks as good and beautiful as when I first received it. I get so many compliments when I wear your clothes and they make me feel so confident. Everytime I call you guys fix any problem so fast. No other company goes out of their way to help the customer like you do, and I wanted to thank you for that. You have a customer for life" R.K., Chico, CA, October 2009

"I love MiB. I think you're awesome. Your quality is 1st rate and your Green Story really impressed me." Lisa, September 2009

"I have never seen Customer Service as good as yours and my experience with MiB has never had a bad or just "ok" interaction. You extend ourselves beyond any other company I have ever worked with, and for that I am very appreciative." N.A., New York, NY, August 2009

"Can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with my newest order. I left reviews for all the items. 5 stars all the way. Everything was better than expected and the greatest quality. I would have paid even twice as much for the new twill coat. The new panties are great as the quality of the cotton is greatly improved like the ones I ordered years ago. I’m also thrilled with the new Venus jackets. I just received the second one (now have navy and black!) You work very hard keeping our interest at heart and provide items that we ask for. What more could we need. Thanks so much." T.W., Rochester, NY, August 2009

"I love your clothes and have been a loyal customer for many years. I found MIB many years ago online and I've been hooked ever since. I buy 99% of my clothes from MIB. They're comfortable, I feel good in them, they fit well, fabric quality is very good and I've received many compliments over the years. What else could I want? I especially appreciate your promotions in this economic environment; it's always an incentive to place another order. I do wish you would make one size smaller....please don't make me go to Lane Bryant. ;-) I'm so grateful I found MIB! Thank you!!!" L.C., Prior Lake, MN, August 2009

"Just ordered and wanted to pass on how thrilled I am with the Sport Tops. At first I thought they were expensive but man are they worth it. I am so please I am going to order 3 more. They have great support that I can't find in other sport tops." C.F., Minneapolis, MN, August 2009

"I have been with you for ten years. I have never made an exchange. I have never received anything I didn't love. Your clothes are well made and unique. I loved the corduroy you used to carry. I also still have a tee that matches a jacket that matches pants, from the old days. Thanks for being so nice." S.D., Chicago, IL, July 2009

"I wanted to tell you that I was thrilled you are coming out with some new basics. I love the New Venus Jacket. It can be worn with anything, and worn everywhere. I appreciate that it is longer. The whole new catalog is wonderful." R.R., Minden, NV, July 2009

"I have been waiting for so long to order and now that I finally have I'm so looking forward to experiencing the quality of your clothes that is so evident. Roamans and Lane Bryant do not have your clothing nor your awareness that Plus Size Models for Plus Size Women is a more considerate approach. I very much appreciate this as part of your catalogue and think it makes you a greater contribution to the plus size world." K.F., Quinton, VA, July 2009

"I thoroughly enjoy every single item I purchase from MIB - especially the Annalisa Blouse I ordered last season. Thank you again." K.L., Minooka, IL, July, 2009

"Just placed my third order with MiB and wanted to say thank you so much for your Customer Service. Your Customer Service has made all of the difference and is a warm welcome every time I call. I look forward to making a trip up there....its already on my calendar!" L.C., Livermore, CA, July 2009

"Love love love your clothes. I can't get enough of them. 95% of my wardrobe comes from you. I think the colors are great, love the fabrics and think the clothes are just beautiful. It is a quality I can't get anywhere else." C.C., Gaithersburg, MD, July 2009

"MiB has the "BEST EVER" customer service around. I order from alot of companies and MiB BY FAR has the best." H.C., Independence, MO, July 2009

"I received my order yesterday, and I would like to let you know that I am very pleased with the quality, cut and workmanship of your clothing. My husband even commented on how well your clothes fit and how impressed he was by the quality. This was my first order from Making it Big, but it will definitely not be my last. In fact, I will be placing another order today. Again, I am so happy to have discovered Making it Big. I am a very busy professional and I do not have time to troll the malls for high quality clothes that fit. Keep offering the exceptional products and your wonderful service, and you will have a customer for life with me." R.T., Winter Haven, FL, June 2009

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my garments which arrived this morning. Everything is perfect. I am so delighted, I will shop again with you. I find it difficult to find such lovely garments in Australia. So thanks again." K.N., Melbourne, Australia, June 2009

"MIB is the platinum standard quality for product and service. MiB is the most wonderful friendly bunch of any company I deal with. I love your models, I think they are beautiful and love to have an idea of what the clothes will look like on someone big." J.S., Sun Lakes, AZ, June 2009

"I wanted to thank you for your kindness and great service! I'm in a wedding that only came up a week ago, and is happening next Friday. I ordered an outfit on Friday, found out I wouldn't probably get it in time if I left that order in, and decided to cancel it, and place another order. Needless to say, I spoke with several people in your company, and emailed, too. Each of them was very helpful, courteous and professional. I was given the feeling that they would do whatever they could to help me, and even though I was freaking out, I was able to get things taken care of with the help of these people. Thank you so very much, all of you!" P.C., Naperville, IL, June 2009

"Thank you so much for all your help. Everyone at your shop was absolutely delightful to work with and in a time when customer service is not always the priority you all provided excellent customer service. Thanks so much...I'll be back soon." L.C., Santa Rosa, CA, June 2009

"I love your clothes. I wear them to work everyday and get compliments from 'all the skinny girls'. It's usually the other way around and I'm so happy to have beautiful and in style clothes." T.S., Columbia, MD, June 2009

"I ordered 9 more of your undies today. I'm a whole new person. I'm thrilled to have found great undies that fit well. I like the full coverage. Anyone who has had trouble with undies should give these a try. I love my tye dye tee and when I wore it for the first time I got several compliments." L.L., June 2009

"It makes so much difference that I will be treated fairly and nicely every time that I call to order which is not true of everywhere I shop. I know that your clothes are expensive but I hope that some of the cost goes to pay for the people who work there. They deserve it! The quality of your product is good. It is possible to produce nice quality and have good people working there." J.S., Sun Lakes, AZ, June 2009

"Thank you! I absolutely love your clothes. I ordered from MIB for the first time this spring, although I’ve received your catalogs for some time. My usual source of 100% cotton clothing is using more and more polyester, so I’m really thankful that you have beautiful, high quality natural fiber clothing." J.P., Litchfield, MN, June 2009

"I love your pants. They last for YEARS! I've had them for 9 years and they just now look worn and need to be replaced. Wanted EVERYONE to know that I appreciate the wonderful customer service. Wanted to say thanks!!!" S.N., Euclid, OH, June 2009

"Just received my order!!! Thanks. Great fit and love them!!!" J.M., Westerville, OH, June 2009

"Wanted to compliment your Customer Service by saying I really feel as though you listen to me and to what I have to say, whether good or bad." L.W., Felton, CA, June 2009

"The reasons why I shop MIB are because of the natural fibers and common sense..... larger women have greater expectations and I love that you cater to them. There hasn't been a time that I haven't gone out and people comment on what I'm wearing. If I can't have an extreme least I have MiB!!!!!!!" T.K., Cherry Hill, NJ, June 2009

"Just wanted to say how happy I am with my purchases. I am a new cusomer and your catalog with the plus size models is absolutely the best. I have ordered from other plus size catalogs for 40 years and it is always a guess what an outfit will look like on me ...because the models are about a size 12 in their catalogs...Please continue to send me your new styles, because I am so tired of the same old, same old.....Thank you so much for the refreshed new looks." B.S., Palm Bay, FL, May 2009

"Ordered a Tropical swim top and love it so much that I ordered the Jackson Swim Top. It has taken me such along time to find the right swimsuit. I love the length of your Tropical Swim Top. I ordered one from Junonia and they just don't make their tops or shorts long enough! Keep the length. It works! I can't wait to see how the swim shorts will work out. I am already excited knowing that they will be a good length." R.C., Santa Clara, CA, May 2009

"I ordered the wool coat over the winter. I was hesitant at first because of the price but have been happy in it every time I put it on. I feel like a million bucks when I wear it. It is so well cut and you guys use such good quality material. Im so happy I bought it." K.Y., Kansas City, MO, May 2009

"Thanks so much. Love your clothes -- been recommending you to my friends." M.K., Houston, TX, May 2009

"Love your clothing. It is always comfortable and a great fit in addition to looking great. Durable too." A.S., Scobey, MS, May 2009

"Just placed my first order. The reason I was attracted to you to order was the use of your sustainable forest paper." S.R., May 2009

"I received my first order and I love everything! They fit my hips good, not too long and not too big through the shoulders. I would recommend you to anyone who has problems fitting their hips. I will be ordering from you really soon." K.B., Flemington, WV, May 2009

"I have received a call from MIB...thank you very much for calling me. You staff seem to be very careful for the customer and I appreciate that." G.A., Quebec, QC, May 2009

"Thank you for your assistance. I have been an MIB customer for a long time and sincerely appreciate your customer service." P.S., Sault Sainte Marie, MI, May 2009

"Save all of your catalogues and think that your clothes are so beautiful and let me feel feminine even as a large women. I show all my friends your catalogues and how beautiful your garments are." L.M., Brick, NJ, May 2009

"Wanted to pass on how much I love MiB fashion and taste. I think the Pipitte Dress is stunning and fancy and allows plus size women to be "in fashion" which is something I find so hard to attain. Very happy you found me!" S.P., Du Bois, PA, May 2009

"Thank you so much! I can hardly wait! I have been buying MIB clothes since 1983, and have worn each piece over and over. Even came down to the store in that little bitty town once! I hope that I have sent you many happy customers-and will continue to do so. Payday I'll be setting aside some money towards that outfit I want! Thank you again..and again!" T.W., Redding, CA, May 2009

"Just called to place my second order. So pleased with the Wide Leg Venus Pants I got!" T.F., Torrance, CA, May 2009

"Called to place an order and wanted to let you know that your service is why I will not deal with Junonia....I love MiB!" P.L., Los Angeles, CA, May 2009

"I am so pleased with your catalogue and to see that true size models are used. I really appreciate that about you." B.Z., Farrandsville, PA, May 2009

"I did a search online for Plus Size clothing. I am complimenting MiB on your clothing lines. I saw so many other "ugly" things and was shocked! I love your clothes! THANK YOU MiB!" D.S., Rio Nido, CA, April 2009

"Thanks for all your wonderful service and fantastic clothes." L.R., Idaho Falls, ID, April 2009

"WOW! What a great sale you guys. I am so thrilled. I have been wearing your clothes for over 20 years. AWESOME sale. I was so afraid you would just have an outdoor sale in Cotati that I couldn’t get to from Ohio, however, I just bought the two shirts I have been wishing for. WooHoo! Love your clothes. It’s almost all I have in my closet. Yippee, can you tell I’m happy about this? Thanks for opening your outlet store in Cotati too. I think you will get a lot more feedback from us in the store. Thanks!" E.G., Youngstown, OH, April 2009

"So thrilled to have a store again. I am a loyal, long time customer and SOOOOO happy you're here again! The last time I was in town, I pulled up to the OLD store front and was devastated when the store was no longer there." G.B., Rosemead, CA, April 2009

"I am so happily flabbergasted! You could go into the back of your closet, find a dust bunny and throw it at me and I would be flat on my butt! I am so pleased that all the t-shirts that I have seen in the latest summer catalog cover up the flabby triceps. Way to go! I am so pleased. You guys make me very darn happy!" K.H., Golden, MO, April 2009

"I love your clothes, they are well made and aren't all old lady styles. thank you, thank you, thank you!" J.S., Seven Fields, PA, April 2009

"I love your catalog! I think about how I hunted clothes to fit many years ago, and it was useless. The young women of today are so lucky to have your clothing to chose from. Thank you!" E.F., Florence, AL, April 2009

"You guys are awesome! Love to see real women in your catalogs! Nice to see women in plus size catalogs which are really plus size. You are awesome!" S.R., Pittsburg, PA, April 2009

"The customer service at MIB is excellent -- everyone I've spoken with or written to is professional, curteous, and takes care of orders asap." K.E., San Francisco, CA, April 2009

"I love your Dawna Dress! I love the feel of it and the flow of the dress. I hope you continue with styles and fabrics like this in the future." V.B., Crossville, TN, March 2009

"All I can say is thank you for always being great. I was happy to hear your store is open again. I plan to visit later on this year. I will drive at least 100 miles extra just to visit it, but with much joy to do so. You have made it so large and extra large women can dress with class and style everyday. I must say, I still have some of the very first things I ever bought from you and I enjoy them just as much as the day I got them." M.O., Escondido, CA, February 2009

"I’ve been shopping with MiB for some years now and wanted to tell you how delighted I’ve been with my purchases. Thanks so much for your care in offering clothing that’s stylish and flattering to larger ladies." F.J., Alameda, CA, February 2009

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. Every time I’ve had a question or a problem, your customer service department has been FANTASTIC in helping me solve it, in one case calling me at home to help me figure out a portion of the website that was unclear to me, and in another retroactively applying a promotional code to one of my orders when I entered it in the wrong place. I am blown away that every time I’ve written you with a question, I’ve gotten a reply that very same day. I’ve never shopped anywhere so responsive and friendly. Not only are your clothes wonderful, your staff is too! " E.C., La Grange Park, IL, February 2009

"Wow! What a wonderful and generous surprise! Thank you so very much for the lovely items you sent me, which accompanied a gift certificate purchased by my friend. All of the clothing fits beautifully! The underwear is amazing. They are the best I have had in years! You now have a new customer! I also plan to give my sister a pair because she too has sought for a good fitting style of underwear for a long time. I’m sure she will love them as well. Your note stated that hopefully the clothing would “bring a smile to me.” I have been smiling ever since I opened the boxes!" R.B-A., Wyncote, PA, February 2009

"I'm really glad to be back with MIB - I'm still wearing some of the clothes that I bought from you 10 years ago!" R.C., Boise, ID, January 2009

"Want to congratulate all of you in Customer Service. All of the girls there are so nice. I talked to Shelly and she was as nice as Cena. Cena was as nice as Aileen. Just love you all!" A.S., Dallas, TX, January 2009

"I really appreciate the multi-cultural diversity of the catalog models. It was very refreshing to see. It drew my attention to the catalog to purchase." J.T., Houston, TX January, 2009

"Great choices. User friendly site." K.B., Australia November, 2008

"You have a very nice web store and I will be doing business with you a lot." E.H., Gulfport, MS November, 2008

"Please, please, please don't ever stop making the wide leg pants you offer....they are a life saver for me....Love your stuff!!!" J.S., Ocoee, FL October, 2008

"Thanks again for your wide leg Venus pants. These are my favorite pants. They look polished, and are comfortable. Easy care. I must have a gazillion pairs in at least 3 colors and 2 sizes. Great business color. Professional! Flattering on those of us who can not wear black as easily too. Flattering too, for those of us heavy on the bottom. Navy seems to be one of the “in” colors this year too along with charcoal grey." N.A., El Granada, CA October, 2008

"I took advantage of the free shipping offer and just received my order. This was just one of many orders I have placed over the last 3 years. I LOVE the clothes and the quick service. I never feel trapped inside these clothes. I like comfortable, generous-fitting clothes that cover everything!! Thank you so much for all you do to help plus sizes. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping to take a road trip someday and visit your new showroom. It would be about a 13 hour drive from where I live in WA state, but I have a great husband who would love to share the driving with me. Thank you, Loretta,(a nutritional overachiever.)" September 2008

"Thank you for correcting my name on my order. I wanted to say a couple of things about Making It Big. I have to say it is nice to have such a variety of clothing, in such nice fabrics and styles, for a woman of my size. I have been ordering from Making It Big for probably ten years or so now. I do want to express some frustration though over the sizing of garments, and how they seem to change from year to year. I ordered a shirt that I bought in the same style and size last Fall, but now is way too large, and I (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how one views things) have not changed my shape. As well the styles are all so (too) long. A couple of years ago you used to offer a petite length, do you have plans to do this again? Thank you for giving me a place to share my comments, and for providing beautiful clothing. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Christie" September 15, 2008

"These are perfect fit and drape pants for anyone with larger thighs, calves or hips. They will not pull at the knee when you sit. They give a straight leg line, which is flattering to anyone who is bottom heavy and balances out hour glass figures too. The "straight" shape of the MIG Wide-leg is a professional look for most larger, bottom heavy figure types. Same great Venus fabric and colors. The fabric can be paired with formal or dressy tops or jackets and always looks polished. I confess I dry clean and press my work Venus, and wash my play Venus pieces. It works either way!" September 2008.

"Dear staff at MIB, I am a retired college professor of physical education and I applaud your article. We know so much more about the benefits of any exercise to all individuals and your premise is encouraging and correct. We are not so quick to judge people's health and I am certainly not the same size and shape I once was and I still enjoy walking, stretching and swimming. Thanks for encouraging all women to stay active." P.K., September 2008

"Dear MIB - I just had a hysterectomy, and when I got home from the hospital I realized I did not have the right kind of underwear to accommodate my surgical incision. I "rush" ordered some Cotton Boxer Briefs, and they are PERFECT - comfy cotton underwear, elastic at the waist, and not too tight over my stitches. Thank you for making this product - I plan to keep wearing these briefs forever!" H.V., MA, August, 2008

"Received my order today...and I'm doing the happy dance around my house! Thank you and bravo for understanding that just because I have long legs doesn't mean I want the waistband of my pants up around my armpits." August 2008

"Thank you for offering choices for those of us who lived through the '70s once and laugh at things labeled "flares" or "boot cut." August 2008

"I'm a happy camper and about to order some more stuff." J.B., Seattle, WA August, 2008

"Dear Making It Big, I recently received the Annalisa blouse from your fall catalog. It is the most beautiful blouse I have ever seen and extremely well-made. The embroidery is exquisite! I have been looking for a dressy white blouse for years. I finally found what I have been searching for! My husband commented that he believes it is the most beautiful item of clothing I have purchased in years. That's quite a compliment. I cannot wait for cooler weather so that I can wear the blouse. The blouse was on backorder and arrived even earlier than I expected. It was definitely worth the wait!" August 2008

"I am 5' 11" tall and wear a 1X in most fashions. The size E is a perfect fit. I especially appreciate the longer overall length of the blouse and the extra length in the long sleeves as I typically have a problem with both of those issues. It is appropriately oversized in all the right areas, but not so much that I look like I am six months pregnant. I will definitely be ordering from your catalog in the future. Thank you for the beautiful clothes and for such attention to detail. We all love to look pretty and feel good about what we are wearing. I know that I will receive many, many compliments. Thank you again. An extremely satisfied customer" K.L., Minooka, IL August,2008

"I just received my latest order and wanted to thank you for tailoring the clothes I picked just for me! Well, at least it seems that way. Everything I have ordered lately from MiB fits perfectly. I especially appreciate that all your tops are longer so they cover the belly area and that many of your tops have 3/4 sleeves to fit my short arms rather than long sleeves that end beyond my fingertips. Thank you for having stylish clothes for supersize women who are totally ignored by other plus size clothing retailers. I don't know what I'd do without you! You folks are a godsend!" K.G., Milwaukee, WI August, 2008

"Your catalog was just received. It's remarkable. Some of your models look like me, and it gives an impression of what your items would look like on me. Thank you at last. Lane Bryant, who was supposed to be for big women, never showed what a big woman could really look like. Your big women clothes are gorgeous. The woman modeling A on page 16 is gorgeous. The woman modeling A on page 30 is gorgeous. They all are! I cannot afford your items, but will, nevertheless, look forward to your catalogs with joy so I can see how I could look. Thank you so much." D.B., July, 2008

"I just received my first mib catalogue and I want to congratulate you on your choice of beautiful and ethnically diverse models. They are lovely. Thank you." B.M., July, 2008

"Great Selections on your website!!!" S.L., Canada July, 2008

"I've browsed lots of US sites and found fantastic clothing, but they don't ship o/seas. It's great to see that you do. Look forward to browsing in the future." G.H., Australia July, 2008

"I ordered the one button jacket that came in a black and white print and a linen jacket. These are my first purchases from MIB. WOW! The one button jacket is fabulous! Please make it in other fabrics and colors! (The linen jacket is also good.)" P.M., Los Angeles, CA July, 2008

"LOVE your clothes. When I'm rich and famous I'll buy the whole catalog." L.A., TN July, 2008

"I was just reading stories of poor customer service on MSN. It inspired me to email you--my experience with your customer service has been outstanding!...every person I spoke with at MIB was kind, helpful and sympathetic....I have been very impressed with the high standard of customer service you provided. Thank you very much." P.K., Rockford, IL June, 2008

"The purple print bathing suit I just got from you on sale looks great! I was buying it just to have anything at all, and it actually looks decent! – wow!" K.L., CA June, 2008

"The Akiko Tank Top is my favorite top to wear! Kudos to all of you! K.W., Dryden, NY June, 2008

"I absolutely LOVES your clothes!" C.D., Zion, IL June, 2008

"I just received my catalog and was very happy to see that you use plus size models. It is much easier to get an idea about what I will look like based on one of you models rather than a model that wears a size 12." K.M, Pittsfield, MA May, 2008

"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you for using models who go along with large sizes. Everyplace else I look the models are thin and I can't even imagine how the clothes would look on a large women. Thank you very much. I love to see your large-size models. I can get a better idea on what the clothes will look like. Also the clothes are better suited for large women---more modest in general." M.L., May, 2008

"Amazing....I cannot believe it shipped that fast. Very impressed." M.M., North Babylon, NY May, 2008

"I absolutely love the slinkly pants...the drape, the fabric and the color are so rich looking. Please offer more pants in this fabric. I called to get the jacket that matches. I must have this complete suit. Thanks for dressing me well all these years." C.E. Riner, VA May, 2008

"Thank You. Shipping was amazingly fast. I got these yesterday!" C.D. Clarendon Hills, IL May, 2008

"I love your clothes, as I am typing this now I am wearing one of your clothes which I bought for several years back but it is still in very good shape and fashionable!" J.D. Netherlands May, 2008

"I love your company. 95% of my clothes come from you." D.G., Lake Forest, WA May, 2008

"I received the shirt yesterday, and it is perfect! (as all of MIB clothes are)." L.T., Bakersfield, CA April, 2008

"Thank you so much for ... well, just being there and having all these great clothes! I just got the ribbed tank top I ordered a few weeks ago, and I love it so much I had to order a whole bunch of them in all the colors you have! I can't tell you how good it feels to actually FIT in the clothes :)" D.K., Edberg, Canada April, 2008

"I love your clothing line, your wonderful models gave me the courage to wear a bathing suit last year for the first time in over 20 years. I wear you blouses on a daily basis and I have never been more comfortable. My favorite now is the short sleeved oversized blouse, I have it in a dozen colors. I toss them into the washer (cold water), dryer and its ready to wear." B.C., West Berlin, NJ April, 2008

"I have only tried on one shirt and am washing them but I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the speed they arrived even through customs, and the quality of the product. Nicely packaged.I will be ordering more. Also what a time saver for people to not have to drive to a store in sometimes vain hope of finding something that fits." V.R., B.C. Canada April, 2008

"I recently bought a Cherry Blossom Top. Not only is it the most comfortable item of clothing I have, it has garnered more compliments than anything I've ever worn." P.K., Rockford, IL April, 2008

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