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Sally Smith

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Sally E. Smith is a passionate supporter and advocate for plus-size women. She has been the editor-in-chief for BBW Magazine and was the executive director of NAAFA for 11 years. She is also a long-time MIB customer and we are very excited to feature a series of her articles written from the perspective of a plus size woman. 

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Five Ways To "Give" This Holiday Season

November 12, 2010

The holiday season is almost upon us. Just as the jolly man’s sleigh is weighted down with gifts, the period between November and January has the potential to weigh us down with obligations, expectations, and guilt. While holiday stress isn’t unique to plus-size women, some of us face challenges that our thinner sisters don’t. It’s time to chase away the doldrums and embrace the spirit of the season.
Here are five strategies to get started.
  1. Give your calendar a reality check. All too often, one holiday celebration (or obligation) rolls into the next, and we barely have time to catch our breath, much less enjoy the festivities. This year, pace yourself. Determine how many events you can savor each week or month, and then be selective in your RSVPs. Focus on quality, rather than quantity.
  2. Give your wardrobe a once-over. You’re more likely to catch the holiday fever if you have the right clothes for the occasion. Set aside a couple of hours to go through your closet and ensure that your “little black dress” and festive sweater will make the grade. Fill in wardrobe gaps with gorgeous winter and holiday offerings from MiB.
  3. Give your family a break. Many of us are treated less than kindly by our families of origin, and are subjected to painful size-related comments at holiday get-togethers. If that’s the case for you, why not give your family a break this year and make alternate plans? Instead, spend time with your “family of choice” or opt for a holiday getaway. If you aren’t able to avoid a family gathering, work toward deflecting negative remarks and decompressing with friends afterwards.
  4. Give back. Many people are going without this holiday season, so there’s no better time to volunteer to support those in your community who are having a rough time. Organize a canned food drive or a clothing exchange, volunteer at a homeless shelter, or help care for displaced pets. The compassion we show will come back to us a hundredfold.
  5. Give yourself a gift. The best gift we can give ourselves – self-acceptance – doesn’t cost a dime. Appreciate your inner beauty, celebrate your curves, and live life to the fullest. Keep a journal, create a vision board, or write affirmations on sticky notes and put them in full view. Every step you take toward fulfilling your potential is a gift. Enjoy the journey!

However and wherever you give of yourself this season, make sure that your holiday activities support your mental, physical, and spiritual health. With the proper preparation and attitude, the holidays will set the stage for an abundant New Year!

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