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It won’t be long before the sweltering days of summer melt into brisk fall mornings. As a Californian, I’m anticipating cool rains that will refresh the parched land that’s been ablaze for what seems like months. In other parts of the country, leaf peepers are eagerly anticipating brilliant colors from trees that dazzle with a final burst of energy before their winter slumber.

Just as the color palette of nature takes on a deeper, richer hue with the changing seasons, so does fall fashion. That’s why, before I got my first glimpse of the MIB Fall catalog, I wanted to know the color story. Would the collection’s swatches be zesty or muted? Could any of the hues transition from late summer to early fall? How would the season’s colors translate into prints?

I can enthusiastically report that the MiB’s Fall collection incorporates the whole spectrum of fall tones, offering a wide variety of solids and an enticing selection of prints. Bark and cocoa browns evoke the coziness of being indoors on a crisp fall day, while teal blue and patina green reflect the cool serenity of the season. The purple jam exudes comfort, ginger is sure to spice up any wardrobe, and lipstick red is just the right shade to make an autumn fashion statement.

The season’s prints are just the right mix of provocative and soothing. The Print Mock Turtleneck, for example, incorporates autumnal tones in a bold, hand-painted pattern, while the Manta Tee uses greens, purples, and blues in a display of fashionable tranquility.

There are also plenty of colors that can easily transition from summer to fall. Make sure to check out the Geneva Oversize Shirt in aloe, peri, and rosette, as well as the Elsa Dress and Elsa Jacket in sea, dusty blue, and magenta. Magnificent!

Of course, MiB’s Fall Collection is more than just color – it’s style. Once again, MiB has redefined hemlines, both in terms of length and of cut. The gorgeous Wendy Tunic is plenty long, and offers a sassy V-shaped pointed hem. As its name implies, the Scarf Hem Tunic/Dress provides a dramatic, modern update to any wardrobe. And, the Jia Li Tunic features curved side hems, while the Kameko Duster falls just above the knees.

A discussion of fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning sweaters and jackets, and the MIB Collection has something for everyone. The Stella Cardigan is a two-toned eye-pleaser, and the Posh Denim Jacket features updated top stitching. The Quilted Reversible Coat and the Batik Patchwork Jacket are simply stunning. The French Terry Cardigan sports a hood and contrast stitching, while the Windbreaker is a casual must-have. There are a dozen reasons to stay toasty this fall, and all of them can be found in the pages of the MIB Fall Collection.

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