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Sally Smith

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Sally E. Smith is a passionate supporter and advocate for plus-size women. She has been the editor-in-chief for BBW Magazine and was the executive director of NAAFA for 11 years. She is also a long-time MIB customer and we are very excited to feature a series of her articles written from the perspective of a plus size woman. 

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Love Your Body, Love Your Self

October 20, 2010

As plus-size women, it can be a challenge for us to love and appreciate our bodies. After all, we’re constantly bombarded with media and advertising messages that clearly communicate that we don’t measure up to societal standards of beauty. We may be told by those who are supposed to love us unconditionally that we would be more lovable if our bodies were smaller. We are subjected to indignities small and large as we move about in the world.

These realities make it all the more important for us to embrace Love Your Body Day on October 20. For those of us who already celebrate our voluptuous curves, Love Your Body Day shines the spotlight on the necessity to spread the word. For those of us who struggle with body image, Love Your Body Day can mark a new beginning, the first step on a path that will move us toward genuine self-acceptance.

Not sure how to commemorate Love Your Body Day? Here are five ideas to ignite your imagination.
  1. Write a love letter. Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and write a love letter to your body. Express your appreciation for the ways in which your body has carried you through life, enabled you to embark on adventures, acted as the conduit through which to experience pleasure, or allowed you to nurture and nourish a child. Focus on all of the ways your body serves you, and honor its strength.

  2. Visit a salon. Treat your body to a bit of pampering. Get a facial, indulge in a massage, or try out a new hairstyle. If you don’t have a size-friendly salon on speed dial, ask plus-size friends for recommendations. If you’re on a tight budget, invite a group of friends over and have a mani-pedi party.

  3. Make a doctor’s appointment. It’s easy to procrastinate going to the doctor. After all, many doctors are biased against plus-size women, and many of us have been victimized by the medical profession. Nevertheless, loving our bodies means getting the medical care that we deserve. Ask plus-size friends for referrals, interview doctors about their attitudes, and have someone accompany you to the office visit who can be your advocate.

  4. Find a role model and be a role model. We’re each at a different point on the self-acceptance continuum, which means that we can each receive body wisdom and gift body wisdom. Find a plus-size woman whom you admire and learn more about her. Share your own body positivity via your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, or blog. Social media is powerful; use it to inspire other women to love themselves.

  5. Make a pledge to yourself. Pinpoint one minor thing you’ve been meaning to do for your body and resolve to implement it. Perhaps you want to attend a water aerobics class, not for the sake of losing weight, but because it feels good. Maybe you want to start taking a daily multivitamin or calcium supplement, or upping your intake of water. An incremental adjustment is much more sustainable than a drastic change. The key is to start small and build on your success.
Of course, there are hundreds of ways that you can commemorate Love Your Body Day. Create or participate in an activity that resonates for you, and spend the day in joyous celebration of your wondrous body!

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