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Skinny Jeans

SKU: 30154

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Our figure flattering Skinny Jeans offer contemporary style in a lightweight stretch denim.

  • Available in Black (pictured), Blue, and Indigo (pictured)!
  • Tapered silhouette
  • Hint of spandex for exceptional fit!
  • Elastic waist
  • 75% cotton / 23% polyester / 2% spandex
  • 30" inseam
  • Machine wash
  • Made in USA - Made in USA
  • Pricing:
    0X-2X - $69
    3X-7X - $79

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different materials
Mar 4, 2017  |  By Nancy Dobner
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I had tried a different jean on this site and didn't like the way they fit so I re-ordered a pair of the skinny jeans that I knew I liked. They didn't have the indigo that I had previously ordered so I went with the blue ones. What a mistake! The material was totally different. The blue pant material was very stiff and unplyable and were more difficult to get on. I really didn't like them and I am so disappointed that the material was not even close to the material of the indigo pair.
OTPS Response: Hi Nancy, Jeans do have the tendency to start off a bit stiff but after washing and wearing they do begin to soften up. If the Skinny Jeans do not work out for you, feel free to return them using our self service returns process by visiting or contacting Customer Service. Have a wonderful day!

Dec 31, 2016  |  By ND
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I like these pants. I REALLY liked the summer jeans they used to have but these are a close second to the fit I have experienced. They are quite long, I'm 5'7" and have reasonably long legs and I had an extra 2-3 inches at the bottom of the pants to begin with and now probably just 2 inches after several washes. I will say the seams pull and end up with white along the seam but I mostly wear long shirts that cover that up. I can't take a larger size as they would be too big. The site says they are made in USA and the pricing shows that. I do find MIB is pricier than other sites and I'm not sure the quality is that much better. But I do like these pants.

Worst piece of clothing I've ever purchased
Aug 23, 2016  |  By Shannon Smith
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This was my first time shopping at this site, and I can say with certainty that it will be my last. I was given a gift card by a friend who recommended the clothes here as being good quality for plus-size women. The so called "jeans" arrived today and the chemical smell was so strong I could smell it through the plastic bag they came in. I have no idea what kind of fabric they are made of, but it is certainly not any type of denim I have ever encountered. They felt like some type of fabric made of paper-totally rough, and artificial feeling. After paying $80 for a pair of jeans I expected a certain kind of quality and have never been so disappointed. I will never shop hear again, unless steps are taken to overhaul the quality of materials used.
OTPS Response: Hi Shannon! Sorry to hear the Skinny Jeans did not work out for you and that you needed to return them. The odor that you noticed is the dye that is used in the manufacturing process. We use fiber reactive dyes that are fade resistant and less toxic. Fiber reactive dyes are the best dyes to use when dyeing cotton and other cellulose fibers. They are much brighter and longer lasting than easier-to-use all-purpose dyes and although challenging to work with and more expensive, they give the finest results. The order does diminish after a few washes. The Skinny Jeans are made from a combination of cotton, polyester and spandex and as with any new pair of jeans takes a few washes to break into their best fit. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team should you require future assistance. Thank you!

Black jeans
Jun 5, 2016  |  By Laura Wills
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I'm really disappointed that my black jeans aren't black, just a really dark blue that's washing out fast.
OTPS Response: Hi Laura! Thank you for alerting us to this issue. After receiving your review and other customer comments, we QC'd the product and found that our black jeans were, in fact, a dark blue! We've changed our remaining stock to Navy and will be offering a true black skinny jean in the fall! We left you a voicemail and sent an email about this--please feel free to contact us regarding returning the items. Thanks again!

May 2, 2016  |  By Melissa Brown
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I love your clothes, but the Skinny Jeans need to come in petite sizes. I was so disappointed that they were way too large in my size and dropping down a size they would still be so long in the stride . They also did not taper in the legs like I had expected. I sure hope that you will consider petite sizes for those of us that are short. Thank you.
OTPS Response: Hi Melisa! In regards to the petite ("P") pants, we have not fully discontinued them. I do not have an exact date to offer you as it may be several months before we get more back in. We do still offer many of our pant styles with the varying inseam lengths. You may also like Relaxed Stretch Twill Pants in which petite is still available. I will forward along your suggestion for more pants produced in the petite sizes to our Merchandising Team for future product considerations. You may see us carry them again in the future, and we thank you very much for your continued interest.

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