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Our Green Story

"This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth." -- Chief Seattle

Our Green Story

Making choices that help preserve our environment has always been important to Making it Big, inc.

From the beginning of our company, 30 years ago, we have incorporated "green thinking" into everything we do.

Not only have we concentrated on using a predominance of natural fiber fabrics in most of our plus size clothing, be we have also chosen to use fiber reactive dyes that produce a minimum of harmful waste to Mother Earth and are eco-friendly to us all.

More about "Fiber reactive dyes"

Making it Big uses only fiber reactive dyes for the dyeing process of every garment dyed product in our line. Fiber reactive dyes are the best dyes to use when dyeing cotton and other cellulose fibers. They are much brighter and longer lasting than easier-to-use all-purpose dyes and although challenging to work with and more expensive, they give the finest results.

More about our fabric choices

We use 100% Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Wool, Silk, and other Natural Fiber Blends for most of our clothing styles, which not only help preserve the environment, but are also a great choice for comfort and durability.

Making it Big's Green Habits

*Even though it is more costly, we print our catalog on paper from a sustainable forest, which makes no chemical impact on the environment and has a smaller carbon footprint than even recycled paper. The paper is sourced in an enviromentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. Read more about FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) at https.//ic.fsc.org.

*We use fiber reactive dyes because they are less toxic and carcinogenic to the environment as well as providing colorfastness and fade resistance that make them an excellent choice for clothing.

*We host clothing swaps to encourage clothing recycling as well as donating any surplus fabric to local schools, and damaged or surplus products to local non-profit organizations.

*To save paper, we are more selective in our catalog mailings, sending only to our customers who still really want to receive the paper catalog.

*We are proponents of Green Business habits, encouraging our employees to "work green" by recycling, using recyclable products and reducing unnecessary waste while participating in our office recycling program.

Taking A World View

In addition to purchasing products made in the U.S.A., Making it Big inc. helps support indigenous businesses in other countries. Our beautiful products produced by Winter Sun, for example. We work closely with Red's Threads and Lyng Designs who both have their own factories in Bali employing local residents of which they consider family. We are also proud to partner with April Cornell, who are the founders of the Giving World Foundation which helps disadvantaged women and families in India.

Why Creating a Green/Sustainable Business is Important to Making it Big

"A Green Philosophy is a paramount component of our decision-making in all areas of our business; although costs are sometimes higher, we believe it is worth it and we thank our loyal customers for continuing to support us while we stay committed to environmental sustainability".

- Tracy Amiral, CEO & Owner, Making it Big, inc.

Please Join Making it Big, inc. in Preserving a Healthy Environment for the Future

Taking small "Green Steps" in the right direction on a daily basis in our personal and business lives can make a huge impact in the long run. We hope you will join us in our efforts to help preserve our precious Earth for future generations to enjoy!

-Your friends at On the Plus Side by Making it Big, inc.


About On the Plus Side Collection by Making it Big, inc.

For over 30 years, Making it Big, inc. has provided its loyal customers with a line of fashionable high quality Plus Size clothing that fits great and lasts and lasts. Displaying a unique understanding of the fashion needs of Plus and Super Plus Size women, On the Plus Side offers a wide selection of Plus Size fashion styles.

On the Plus Side covers the essentials from the much loved tried and true “On the Plus Side Basics”, rayon professional line, t-shirts to relaxed fit jeans, plus many other necessities for the Plus Size woman’s wardrobe. On the Plus Side offers sizing designed specifically for “real” Plus Size women in sizes 1X to 8X or 22W to 48W. In an industry that considers a size 10 or 12 “Plus Size” and chooses smaller models even when offering larger sizes, On the Plus Side is celebrated by Plus Size women.

On the Plus Side sees the importance for plus size women to have fun opportunities, which women of smaller size frequently have an opportunity to experience. In addition, On the Plus Side believes in the importance of helping local women during these challenging economic times. On the Plus Side hopes you too can join their efforts to help disadvantaged plus size women during future events. For further information please contact otps@ontheplusside.com.

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