Find Your Perfect Fit

Here at On The Plus Side, our main focus is your fit! As you may know we provide apparel exclusively for plus size and extended plus size women! When making our clothing we work according to specific measurements and with fit models to ensure you're getting the best fitted garment each and every time!

You may be wondering how to ensure you're getting your correct measurements, well, we're here to help you! After reading the blog, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to one of our size experts in customer service! They are happy to help you find the perfect fit in a particular garment.

Let's get started! First, you'll want to grab your measuring tape. If you do not have measuring tape, grab a string, rope, cord, etc. and a tape measurer or ruler. This is another way you can find your measurements! Once you have your measuring tools handy, stand in front of a mirror. The mirror will help you see that the tape is straight and in place around your body. Lastly, grab a pen and paper to write down your measurements.

We will start with your bust. You'll want to make sure you are wearing a comfortable, supportive bra. One that you often wear. Grab your tape and make sure you measure around the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape is straight across your back and isn't drooping or twisted. Hold the measure snugly but not too tight for an accurate measurement. Grab your number and write it down!

Next let's measure your waist. Not sure how to find your waist? Stand up straight and bend to side one side, where your body bends and creases is where your waist is! This is usually the smallest part around as well. Again, make sure you're stand tall and straight with the tape straight around not sagging or twisted. Write down this number!

Now let's measure the hips. The hips are the fullest part below the waist. Make sure you stand tall and straight. Don’t let the tape fall below your butt, but instead have it placed straight across the backside. You can ensure your tape is straight around you by checking in the mirror. Write down this number.

Lastly, you may want to measure your inseam to find the perfect fit in our pants. This measurement is easiest to find with a partner. Hold the tape at the inside of the leg from the crotch and stand straight and tall. While you hold one end of your measuring tape, have your partner pull the tape measure taught at your anklebone to find your inseam measurement. Write down this number.

Once you have your measurements written down you are ready to shop and find your perfect fit! As we mentioned earlier, when in doubt, contact our size experts who can direct you on which size will fit and flatter you best! Happy shopping!

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