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In a world where Fast Fashion rules and plus size woman are ignored, we’re here to make a change. We believe you and the world deserve better.

Fast Fashion refers to the mass production of cheaper products that often ignore environmental impact and allow substandard working conditions for their employees. At On the Plus Side, we stand for the exact opposite. We believe in Slow Fashion principles and that clothes should make you feel good on the inside and out.

Some characteristics of a Slow Fashion brand

  • Made from high quality, sustainable materials
  • Often smaller stores rather than huge chain enterprises
  • Values quality over quantity – garments that can last years or even a lifetime
  • Ethical business practices that look at the connection between things – raw materials, the environment, human labor, etc.

How we practice Slow Fashion

For over 35 years, On the Plus Side has made a commitment to producing the best plus size garments with a focus on being an ethically, environmentally and socially responsible business. Even though it can be more costly, we think it’s worth it.

Wherever possible, we use natural fabrics and fiber reactive dyes.  Fiber reactive dyes are less toxic and carcinogenic to the environment as well as providing colorfastness and fade resistance that make them an excellent choice for clothing.

We have been offering plus size clothing that centers on fit, long-lasting wearability and versatile style for many seasons, cutting down on the “fast fashion” epidemic of inexpensively made clothing that ends up in landfills causing buildup of inorganic material.

We comb our vendors to ensure that they only use fair labor standards and treat our environment with the respect it deserves.

The art of slow fashion

Winter Sun by NuevoSol, a vendor of many years, is a perfect example of a partner that works with us to bring you unique, sustainable garments.

Winter Sun creates ethical, wearable art inspired by natural elements in the Andean mountains of Ecuador. They have a factory of local artisans who are provided fair wages, excellent benefits, on-site lunches, financial assistance with transportation and encouragement to participate in offered enhanced learning opportunities.

Artisans hand-apply designs on natural fibers using a special combination of ancient and modern techniques. Garments are cut by hand, then stitched with care in small batches. Cold set, low impact dyes are used, and no harmful chemicals are allowed.

We will forever be proud to partner with this company that allows us to create environmentally conscious, one-of-a-kind clothing for the plus size woman!

Wearable art

Our Caiden Tunic, the latest piece from Winter Sun, is yet again a stunning example of their craftmanship and attention to detail. Two new designs have been stamped on robust 100% cotton knit and then fashioned into a customer favorite body style!


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All images provided by NuevoSol

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