Fabulous Fabrics

As you may already know, 90% of On the Plus Side's clothing is made with natural fibers. This ensures our clothing not only looks great and lasts year after year but will feel amazing on you as well! We use 100% cotton, linen, rayon, wool, silk, and other natural fiber blends for many of our clothing styles. This helps with breathability and all-day comfort, as well as improved environmental sustainability! While we make a point to give our customers sustainable fabrics,


Here are some fabrics you may see in our clothing:

100% Cotton products are some of our best-selling pieces. Cotton is a natural fiber that can be woven or knit. It's a very breathable and comfortable fabric that drapes the body beautifully. Cotton is long lasting to ensure your garment will last you years of quality wear. Our Cotton Applique Short Sleeve V-Neck Top is one of many of our 100% cotton pieces.


Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant and known to be the second strongest natural fiber in the world! This is a quality textile that is absorbent and dries quickly. With these properties in mind, linen is often worn in warmer months or climates. Unlike some other fabrics, it won't pill over time. And did you know—the more your linen garment is worn and washed, the softer and more luxurious it will get? Try our Linen Pull On Wide Leg Flood Pants to feel this wonderful fabric!


Rayon fiber is lightweight and flowy. While rayon is a man-made fiber, it is not considered a synthetic, because it is made from a natural product being a fiber from regenerated cellulose, most often derived from wood pulp. Rayon is also a conductor of heat, so it is also mostly worn in warmer climates or summer months, but a classic look any time of year! A beautiful rayon piece is our Sleeveless Swing Tank Top!


Polyester is a synthetic fabric with many benefits! Polyester is very durable, and the fibers are incredibly strong. These items won't tear, stretch, or pill. It's also a moisture-resistant fabric that will wick away moisture rather than soak it up. Due to its ability to resist moisture, it also helps the garment remain stain resistant. One of our favorite polyester pieces is the Short Sleeve Ruffle Blouse.


Spandex is another synthetic fiber that adds that extra stretch to our clothing that we love! Spandex is lightweight, soft, is very breathable. This fabric can be stretched over 500% without breaking. It's commonly used in leggings, our premium stretch denim, under garments, and athletic wear.



Many of our garments contain one or more of the fabrics we've mentioned above. To learn more about the fabric and care for each of our pieces be sure to scroll down and review the 'details' section. Here you will learn the fabrics used, wash instructions, and measurements. If you ever have additional questions, please contact our fashion experts in customer service. Happy shopping!


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