Effortlessly Chic (New Edyth Dresses)


Girls Night In (or Out)


As the world is starting to open up it’s hard not to think about the possibility of getting together with your girlfriends again. Whether you all go out to dinner, the movies, or just hang out at home with a bottle of wine and some appetizers, you want to look good, feel great and be party ready!

Styles As Unique As You Are

 What better way to make an impression than with a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted piece? We have dozens of hand batik items to choose from but we’re most excited this season about our longtime customer favorite – the Edyth Dress! She’s back in action with two incredibly gorgeous prints perfect for any event.

We’ve received tons of customer comments on the Edyth Dress and you’ve made it clear why this dress is so special – it drapes like a dream! The side print blocking paneling and pointed hemline made this piece and ultra-flattering and comfortable plus size fit.

Art You Can Wear

 Another great feature of the Edyth Dress is that each print is a unique and hand-painted. Made in Bali with the ancient art of batik – artisans take wax and dye to expertly hand-paint these prints, resulting in the creation of unique pieces of wearable art that can never be duplicated. You’ll definitely need more than one print. Let us show you the artistic process of creating the latest Noir Blanc print!

Step 1: Stamping the square motif

Step 2: Hand drawing the rest of the print

Step 3: Hand applying wax

Step 4:  Application of color

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