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May 24, 2016

Six Suggestions for Summer from One Fabulous Mama!

Picture One

Warm weather is upon us, friends. Time to lift our faces to the sun and let our bodies roam freely in the warmth of an (almost) summer's day. Not that I want to rush Spring, mind you. Spring brings an abundance of flowers in my yard and heralds an awakening in my soul after a winter spent in reflection. Sweetbabycheezeits, let's not rush through Spring!

I know many of y'all are still facin' some frosty temps. Down where I live in South Georgia, we're already playin' peek-a-boo with the summer's beastly hotness. Meanwhile, many of us gloriously fat folks are playin' peek-a-boo with the notion of not hiding our bodies.

Amazing body positive experts here at are gonna recommend must have clothes for summer. Other experts will offer us fabulous missives, encouragin' us to not hide, to show as much skin as we want. Fatphobia be damned! I'm grateful for the incredible women who know more about what's in style than I do and who inspire me with their firm handle on the body acceptance movement. But this little ditty I'm about to play for you is simply some suggestions from a mama who's dancin' awkwardly through menopause while holdin' a fragile and fierce love of her fat body.

1. Love yourself in your own time and in whatever way is best for you. Our journeys aren't a contest to see which one among us reaches enlightenment first. Accepting, loving your body isn't a race. Love yourself when you can, sisters. If you're wearin' a swim skirt and not a two piece this season, this doesn't mean you're ashamed of your body. If you're steppin' out of your comfort zone by wearin' shorts for the first time in a decade, this doesn't mean you have to dive right into the body positive movement, shamin' other women who aren't ready to let their thighs loose on the world. Don't feel like you're not invited to the self love party, because you aren't in a bikini. Be inspired by the women who are out here, visibly blazing trails. Just don't forget you're steady workin' on blazing your own trails as well.

2. When we're out and about this summer, we don't need confidence to wear what we want or show bare arms, dimpled thighs, and rotund bellies. Confidence isn't necessary to boldly go forth into the heat in comfort. I tell you what, it's not confidence that sends me out into the sun, rockin' my body in my unique mom style. My secret is I don't carry any shits to give in the pocket of my mid-thigh shorts and ripped up tees. Zero shits are freedom. Confidence isn't what it takes to slip on that and venture out into the world. The older I get, the more important my comfort is than what some emotionally stunted stranger with a camera phone thinks of my choices.

Think of it this way. You're at the store. Let's call it the Feel Good Emporium. No, not - I mean this metaphorical Feeling Good about Yourself store. When you get to the huge display of shits to give, the one with the buy one fear of a fatphobic culture, get one shame fest free, don't buy any of it! You seriously don't need that shit. You don't need that shit or confidence. You need a tank top or whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable at this point in your self love journey. Confidence is freakin' amazing, sisters, but it's comfort and zero shits that make for one hell of a summer.


3. Remember to have fun! Try not to get trapped inside a body you may or may not be ready to love. Remember the shit you didn't buy? Yeah, now's the time to dive into that pool, play a game of kick ball, or try yoga. See what you and your body are capable of doing. Yes, your body parts may jiggle. That's what bodies do. Don't be afraid of the jiggle. Embrace the jiggle. Try not to let another glorious summer pass you by makin' excuses to your friends and family about why you can't swim in the ocean with them, run on a beach, play tag, or go to a theme park. Have fun in your body as best you can, beccause being fat doesn't translate into complacency. Bein' fat is simply that. Fatness.

4. Okay, this tip is purely practical. I get to share this one, because I'm a mama. I may not be your mama, but listen to me anyway, loves. Take care of your body when it's so hot, all your fat rolls and body crevices are smoldering and chafing. People don't have to hide the fact they get sweaty where skin meets skin. Don't be ashamed to seek out products that will help you keep all your parts dry and fresh. You're gonna need to attend to your comfort when it's 95 thousand degrees outside. This translation of the care and keeping of you can mean rubbin' baby oil on the inside of your thighs at the beach, so your chub doesn't rub and getcha sore and cranky. I gotta tell you, a sister-friend gave me that tip one summer and it made for some happy thighs walkin' that beach. You can explore the myriad of products designed to help people of all sizes avoid boob sweat. I have no shame (i.e. zero shits to give) about my use of powder under my belly to stay comfortable. I gleefully and with much gratitude partake in touch ups throughout a long summer's day in order to maintain a level of comfort my body deserves. Listen, I'm not about sparkin' a fire on accounta friction or sittin' with my folds glued to one another with a sheen of sweat. You feel me?


5. This may come as a surprise to many of you. Maybe it was just a revelation for me. Your friends could care less if you're the biggest one in the bunch. If they do, if they're sayin' things or doin' things to point out the obvious in malicious ways… well, I hate to be the one to break it to you. Those folks aren't your friends. They're actin' like assholes and have their own body image issues. Being the bigger friend in a group of smaller women may come with a level of discomfort for you. And that's okay. You're workin' on it in your own time. You get to blaze that trail in your life. But listen here, when you're among friends, participating in the joy of summer, they're simply happy to have you with them. Don't compare your body to other bodies, baby. You know what's comin' next. Every body is a good body.

6. Look around you. Wherever you are. No matter the size of our bodies, the wind still caresses our cheeks. The sun shines down upon us. Thunder rolls. Birds freakin' fly. Popsicles melt, sendin' sticky rivers of icy syrup down the sides of our hands. Your body is still present and longing to be reunited with your mind and soul. Miracles are unfolding all around us. Summer is a time for shining, not hiding. Look around you. You are a part of this miracle too.

As the temperatures begin to soar, you can pack any of these suggestions in your beach bag or slip what you need into your pocket. Ditch what you don't. I mean, honestly, all of this applies to any time of year, but many of us feel vulnerable right about now. The incessant call for beach ready bodies has some of us scrambling for that oversized shirt to wear over our fatness. The ever present call for culturally defined perfection has some of us ready to do battle within the body positive movement. The fact is, we're fat and summer's nearly upon us. When you're ready, bask in the sunshine. We're all meant for the light.

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March 4, 2016

One Fabulous Mama!

Meet Beth Hallman, or as the internet knows her ! Beth is an internet personality, a writer, a mother, a wife, but most importantly an inspiration. She regales us with tales of being fat, fabulous, and living out-loud in South Georgia - and we love it!

Plus Size Kit Shirt
We recently started working with Beth on her (IWWIW) and couldn't be more excited. Beth is a big believer in wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. She shows her viewers that there are no limitations on style because you have a plus size body. The only requirement to looking fabulous is to love yourself and to love the clothes you're in.

Here, you can see Beth with some wardrobe inspiration in our Kit Shirt and Wide Leg Jeans. We love the way Beth took these items and gave them her own sassy flair. We can't get enough of the bow and red shoes!

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Beth is also collaborating with us on our community sister-site called !

Look for more Beth on our .

February 2, 2016

Step Into Spring!

Tell your wardrobe good things are HERE! Fresh colors, bold patterns and detailed designs. It's time to take the deep hues of your winter wardrobe out and exchange for bright, eye-popping colors and prints.

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Color, , fiber-reactive dyes that shine brighter and last longer than easier to use all-purpose alternatives. This Spring is no exception - our color pallet is a mix of rich jewel tones and airy pastels that are sure to be a must-have!

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No girl should be without that one piece that makes a fun, put-together outfit with a bit of a retro-vibe. Our Polka Dot Rayon Blouse has a professional-yet-fun polka dot print and an energetic, flowing design. Pair this beauty with our Denim Pencil Skirt and some pumps and you'll be ready for anything!

November 5, 2015

Style for Every Occasion!

Hosting, Toasting, Thanks and Giving throughout the holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, MiB will have you dressed for every occasion.

Plus Size Alia Tunic Dress


Our Alia Tunic Dress has become one of our favorite items for the winter season. Delicate crochet and beading hug the rounded neckline while the velvet trim detail give a hint of sophistication. Pair it with our essential for the picture perfect holiday outfit.

We can't go without a beautiful batik piece that is signature to every MiB collection. The one of a kind, hand-painted Behira Jacket is perfect for layering over our Short Sleeve Rayon Shell and will warm up any occasion.

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Add some glimmer to your holiday spirit with our Martina Top. The delicate embroidery is framed perfectly on the neckline and will add just the right amount of flair to your festive days and nights.

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October 19, 2015

The latest WINTER styles have arrived!

Our newest Winter collection is HERE! Cold weather is going to look beautiful on you - WE PROMISE!

Plus Size London Wool Coat


Beating the chill this Winter will be no problem with our medley of plus size outerwear. Try on the classic design and lightweight wool blend of our London Coat or add a pop of color and soft touches to your wardrobe with our favorite, red Vienna Coat. With these wool pieces the cold won't stand a chance!

If you're more concerned with getting from home to work in the coming rainfall, don't fret, we've got you covered. Our Ondine Hooded Coat and Mackenzie Quilted Coat are the perfect water-resistant options that elevate functional to fashionable. Just add a scarf and a cute umbrella and you're set!

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Meet the newest member of the MiB denim family - the BABY BOOT CUT JEANS!

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A fresh take on plaid should be on everyone's checklist this winter!

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June 22, 2015

Summer is HERE, and so are the latest styles!

From cool tees to sophisticated prints, the MiB Summer 2015 collection has been our best yet! While the season for MiB is drawing to a close, summer is still in full swing and we have several new styles ready to help you beat the heat in style. Visit us soon for a SNEAK PEEK at our new fall preview, coming in July!

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Take the comfort of your favorite MiB Short Sleeve V Neck Tee and add a splash of colorful patriotic tie dye and what do you get? The best summer top EVER! Our American Tie Dye Top is sure to be a hit at your 4th of July barbeques. Pair it off with our Skinny Jeans for a casual but put-together outfit.

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Our Kit Shirt is fun and flirty with stylish polka dots and a comfortable, easy fit. We now have this popular hit from our spring collection back in stock in Black and Chambray.

Plus Size Leilani Dress

NEW from April Cornell - The Perfect Summer Dress

April Cornell's collection is the height of feminine charm, and we're thrilled to feature two new dresses that'll swing you into summer in style. These exceptional pieces are designed exclusively for MiB - and better yet, a portion of your purchase is donated to April Cornell's Giving World Foundation - which helps to provide for the educational, shelter and nutritional needs of women in India. (For more about April Cornell, click ).

A delightful take on our popular Evie Dress, the new Leilani Dress features bright summery color and a delicate contrasting print that is casual enough for the home, and dressy enough for any party.

The Rosie Dress is an adorable and colorful floral with cool sleeveless style and figure flattering princess seams. Either one of these beautiful dresses can be topped with the Dove Duster for fabulous layering.

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Prints Charming - Your Favorite Print is Back!

Summer is made for layers. Our Dotti Kimono Jacket brings back our most popular spring print in an elegant layering piece which is perfect for the office. Dress it up or dress it down. The big hip pockets give it utility while the comfortable drape keeps your look polished.

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May 28, 2015

Ready for Summer Fun!

It has always been important to us to make and source as many products made in the USA as possible, form MiB exclusive items - to working with amazing local vendors. We have new items bursting with patriotic pride, beautiful florals and more.

Plus Size Highgate Jacket

Gala Boutique - Made in the USA

Our NEW for those summer events, or want the best of both worlds in a longer-sleeved tunic, the same great pattern is available in three unique styles. We're madly in love with this collection!

Plus Size Stars Swim Top

Make a Splash - NEW Swim Items are HERE!

Our popular Chlorobanâ„¢ swim collection has some new additions you're sure to love. The Leopard Skirted Swimsuit takes the modest coverage of our Chlorobanâ„¢ Skirted Swimsuit and adds a wild leopard print for a flirty burst of color.

For the upcoming summer holidays, we've got a pop of patriotic flair. The Stars Swim Top and Red Chlorobanâ„¢ Swim Shorts are the perfect pair for your 4th of July party or just some poolside fun.

Also new this season, our Mosaic's Swim Top will elevate your basic black with a small hint of color. Pick up a Chlorobanâ„¢ Swim Skirt or Chlorobanâ„¢ Swim Shorts to match. Mix and match to your heart's content!

Shop our collection of plus size swimwear in incredible chlorine resistant material, made in sizes 1X-7X .

Plus Size Julia Blouse

The Season's Must-Have Floral

Floral patterns are in bloom this season!

For value and comfort, we have a collection of lightweight, gauzy 100% cotton options that will breeze you through the season. Our Julia Blouse pairs beautifully with the bold color of our Poppy dyed Capri Leggings, or maybe you'd prefer to dress up your Denim Crop Pants with the Madame Blouse? Both of these tops are a fabulous value between $69 - $79!

If knits are more your thing, our NEW Poppy Tunic has what you're looking for. The subtle floral pattern adds a soft pop of color, and dresses up or down with ease.

For more fabulous florals, shop our Lookbook .

Our full collection of new summer styles can be found , and don't forget to check in for new product updates, style tips, community news and more!

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May 8, 2015

Temperatures are Rising - New Summer Styles at MiB!

Things are heating up, and it's time to stock up for your summer adventures and beyond! We're excited to offer new throw-on-and-go travel pieces, boutique essentials, summer dresses and more - all with the plus size fit your love and the quality you've come to depend on. Whatever your needs, MiB's go you covered!

Plus Size Carefree Jacket

Travel Essentials

Our lightweight, easy-to-pack jackets are the perfect cool, breathable outerwear for warmer days - at home or abroad. Our Carefree Jacket's name speaks for itself. The sheer open weave layers beautifully over any outfit, and with fabulous summery details like the wooden buttons and tassel accents, you'll look and feel great. Who could ask for more?

Plus Size Brynn Tunic

NEW from Caite!

Caite is known for their boutique quality at bargain prices. Exceptional details, like the hand embroidery on our Azura Tunic and Brynn Tunic, really set them apart from the rest. Best of all, they have custom made their garments to fit MiB's unique sizing specifications, so you know you'll get the best fit and the best quality - hands down.

Plus Size Lacie Dolman Tunic

Elegance Defined

Indulge in irresistible beauty, comfort and style. The feminine charm of our Lacie Dolman Tunic is modern and beautiful, the perfect top for any of your special summer events. The patchwork of brocade, lace and sheer panels creates a tryly unique and elegant piece. Treat yourself to something wonderful.

Plus Size Poeme Maxi Dress

Swing into Summer

Everyone needs that perfect summer dress, and we've got casual options to rave for - and the dressier options you crave.

The Poeme Maxi Dress's unique tie-dye and vibrant color will help you beat the heat in style. The soft embroidered lightweight gauze fabric breathes like a dream, and the empire waistline creates a flattering silhouette no matter your shape.

Batik options, like our Sasha Dress, paint a beautiful picture. Ideal for weddings and summer parties, it has the longer length you love in breezy rayon that'll keep you cool. Layer with our Short Saffi Duster - you'll look amazing!

Plus Size Eugena Blouse

Favorites Under $79

Looking great doesn't have to break your budget, and we've got a selection of fabulous styles all under $79! Joining this collection are our NEW Eugena Blouse and Hannah Blouse. These two are black, white and YOU all over - perfect for those board meetings or just a normal day at the office. The Hannah Blouse's textured fabric and unique tie details set it apart from the rest, and the faux-wrap style with dazzling beading of the Eugena Blouse can really make you shine. At these prices, you'll want one of each!

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