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May 24, 2016

Six Suggestions for Summer from One Fabulous Mama!

Picture One

Warm weather is upon us, friends. Time to lift our faces to the sun and let our bodies roam freely in the warmth of an (almost) summer’s day. Not that I want to rush Spring, mind you. Spring brings an abundance of flowers in my yard and heralds an awakening in my soul after a winter spent in reflection. Sweetbabycheezeits, let’s not rush through Spring!

I know many of y’all are still facin’ some frosty temps. Down where I live in South Georgia, we’re already playin’ peek-a-boo with the summer’s beastly hotness. Meanwhile, many of us gloriously fat folks are playin’ peek-a-boo with the notion of not hiding our bodies.

Amazing body positive experts here at On the Plus Side are gonna recommend must have clothes for summer. Other experts will offer us fabulous missives, encouragin’ us to not hide, to show as much skin as we want. Fatphobia be damned! I’m grateful for the incredible women who know more about what’s in style than I do and who inspire me with their firm handle on the body acceptance movement. But this little ditty I’m about to play for you is simply some suggestions from a mama who’s dancin’ awkwardly through menopause while holdin’ a fragile and fierce love of her fat body.

1. Love yourself in your own time and in whatever way is best for you. Our journeys aren’t a contest to see which one among us reaches enlightenment first. Accepting, loving your body isn’t a race. Love yourself when you can, sisters. If you’re wearin’ a swim skirt and not a two piece this season, this doesn’t mean you’re ashamed of your body. If you’re steppin’ out of your comfort zone by wearin’ shorts for the first time in a decade, this doesn’t mean you have to dive right into the body positive movement, shamin’ other women who aren’t ready to let their thighs loose on the world. Don’t feel like you’re not invited to the self love party, because you aren’t in a bikini. Be inspired by the women who are out here, visibly blazing trails. Just don’t forget you’re steady workin’ on blazing your own trails as well.

2. When we’re out and about this summer, we don’t need confidence to wear what we want or show bare arms, dimpled thighs, and rotund bellies. Confidence isn’t necessary to boldly go forth into the heat in comfort. I tell you what, it’s not confidence that sends me out into the sun, rockin’ my body in my unique mom style. My secret is I don’t carry any shits to give in the pocket of my mid-thigh shorts and ripped up tees. Zero shits are freedom. Confidence isn’t what it takes to slip on that tank and venture out into the world. The older I get, the more important my comfort is than what some emotionally stunted stranger with a camera phone thinks of my choices.

Think of it this way. You’re at the store. Let’s call it the Feel Good Emporium. No, not Torrid or Ulta- I mean this metaphorical Feeling Good about Yourself store. When you get to the huge display of shits to give, the one with the buy one fear of a fatphobic culture, get one shame fest free, don’t buy any of it! You seriously don’t need that shit. You don’t need that shit or confidence. You need a tank top or whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable at this point in your self love journey. Confidence is freakin’ amazing, sisters, but it’s comfort and zero shits that make for one hell of a summer.


3. Remember to have fun! Try not to get trapped inside a body you may or may not be ready to love. Remember the shit you didn’t buy? Yeah, now’s the time to dive into that pool, play a game of kick ball, or try yoga. See what you and your body are capable of doing. Yes, your body parts may jiggle. That’s what bodies do. Don’t be afraid of the jiggle. Embrace the jiggle. Try not to let another glorious summer pass you by makin’ excuses to your friends and family about why you can’t swim in the ocean with them, run on a beach, play tag, or go to a theme park. Have fun in your body as best you can, ‘cause being fat doesn’t translate into complacency. Bein’ fat is simply that. Fatness.


4. Okay, this tip is purely practical. I get to share this one, ‘cause I’m a mama. I may not be your mama, but listen to me anyway, loves. Take care of your body when it’s so hot, all your fat rolls and body crevices are smoldering and chafing. People don’t have to hide the fact they get sweaty where skin meets skin. Don’t be ashamed to seek out products that will help you keep all your parts dry and fresh. You’re gonna need to attend to your comfort when it’s 95 thousand degrees outside. This translation of the care and keeping of you can mean rubbin’ baby oil on the inside of your thighs at the beach, so your chub doesn’t rub and getcha sore and cranky. I gotta tell you, a sister-friend gave me that tip one summer and it made for some happy thighs walkin’ that beach. You can explore the myriad of products designed to help people of all sizes avoid boob sweat. I have no shame (i.e. zero shits to give) about my use of powder under my belly to stay comfortable. I gleefully and with much gratitude partake in touch ups throughout a long summer’s day in order to maintain a level of comfort my body deserves. Listen, I’m not about sparkin’ a fire on accounta friction or sittin’ with my folds glued to one another with a sheen of sweat. You feel me?


5. This may come as a surprise to many of you. Maybe it was just a revelation for me. Your friends could care less if you’re the biggest one in the bunch. If they do, if they’re sayin’ things or doin’ things to point out the obvious in malicious ways… well, I hate to be the one to break it to you. Those folks aren’t your friends. They’re actin’ like assholes and have their own body image issues. Being the bigger friend in a group of smaller women may come with a level of discomfort for you. And that’s okay. You’re workin’ on it in your own time. You get to blaze that trail in your life. But listen here, when you’re among friends, participating in the joy of summer, they’re simply happy to have you with them. Don’t compare your body to other bodies, baby. You know what’s comin’ next. Every body is a good body.


6. Look around you. Wherever you are. No matter the size of our bodies, the wind still caresses our cheeks. The sun shines down upon us. Thunder rolls. Birds freakin’ fly. Popsicles melt, sendin’ sticky rivers of icy syrup down the sides of our hands. Your body is still present and longing to be reunited with your mind and soul. Miracles are unfolding all around us. Summer is a time for shining, not hiding. Look around you. You are a part of this miracle too.

As the temperatures begin to soar, you can pack any of these suggestions in your beach bag or slip what you need into your pocket. Ditch what you don’t. I mean, honestly, all of this applies to any time of year, but many of us feel vulnerable right about now. The incessant call for “beach ready bodies” has some of us scrambling for that oversized shirt to wear over our fatness. The ever present call for culturally defined perfection has some of us ready to do battle within the body positive movement. The fact is, we’re fat and summer’s nearly upon us. When you’re ready, bask in the sunshine. We’re all meant for the light.


By Writer: Beth Hallman for our sister-site and community On the Plus Side.


March 4, 2016

One Fabulous Mama!

Meet Beth Hallman, or as the internet knows her One Fabulous Mama! Beth is an internet personality, a writer, a mother, a wife, but most importantly an inspiration. She regales us with tales of being fat, fabulous, and living out-loud in South Georgia - and we love it!

Plus Size Kit Shirt

We recently started working with Beth on her I Wear What I Want Series (IWWIW) and couldn't be more excited. Beth is a big believer in wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. She shows her viewers that there are no limitations on style because you have a plus size body. The only requirement to looking fabulous is to love yourself and to love the clothes you're in.

Here, you can see Beth with some wardrobe inspiration in our Kit Shirt and Wide Leg Jeans. We love the way Beth took these items and gave them her own sassy flair. We can't get enough of the bow and red shoes!

Plus Size Fenway Cardigan

Beth is also collaborating with us on our community sister-site called On the Plus Side. Her writing is an honest, thought-provoking take on plus size lifestyle and we feel honored to be involved with her on this new venture. Check out her articles here!

Look for more Beth on our facebook feed or visit her at onefabulousmama.com.


February 2, 2016

Step Into Spring!

Tell your wardrobe good things are HERE! Fresh colors, bold patterns and detailed designs. It’s time to take the deep hues of your winter wardrobe out and exchange for bright, eye-popping colors and prints.


Plus Size Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt

Color, cotton and comfort are 3 staples to the MiB wardrobe. We fill each season with festive, natural, fiber-reactive dyes that shine brighter and last longer than easier to use all-purpose alternatives. This Spring is no exception - our color pallet is a mix of rich jewel tones and airy pastels that are sure to be a must-have!

You know it, you LOVE it! Our iconic big shirt, the Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt is back in action with our lightweight crinkle cotton, perfect for warmer days, and looks stunning in all of our Spring hues. Also, don’t miss our latest addition, the Print Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt. It has the same, favorite plus size silhouette with vibrant prints that give that needed touch of spring!

Speaking of comfort – you’ll need to make room in your closet for our cotton, overdyed best-sellers! Built to flatter your curves, these styles are tried and true favorites. Lightweight, flowing designs in an unforgettable print. Perfect for your fun in the sun, check out the Lainey Side Panel Tunic, Lainey Seam Detail Tunic and Lainey Swing Tee – trust us, you’ll want all three!


Plus Size Polka Dot Rayon Blouse

Sometimes fashion needs to make a bold statment. If you're in the fun and flirty mood and want to stand out in the crowd your outfit needs to scream - WOW! Prints and patterns can take your wardrobe to that next level and let out your inner fashionista!

No girl should be without that one piece that makes a fun, put-together outfit with a bit of a retro-vibe. Our Polka Dot Rayon Blouse has a professional-yet-fun polka dot print and an energetic, flowing design. Pair this beauty with our Denim Pencil Skirt and some pumps and you'll be ready for anything!

Plus Size Print Palazzo Pants

If you've got the top half covered but want something that pops on the bottom, then you'll love our Print Palazzo Pants! The ultra-comfortable wide leg silhouette mixed with the black and white geometric pattern will add flair to any outfit. A great piece to shake up your office routine!

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November 5, 2015

Style for Every Occasion!

Hosting, Toasting, Thanks and Giving throughout the holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, MiB will have you dressed for every occasion.

Plus Size Alia Tunic Dress


Our Alia Tunic Dress has become one of our favorite items for the winter season. Delicate crochet and beading hug the rounded neckline while the velvet trim detail give a hint of sophistication. Pair it with our essential MiB Leggings for the picture perfect holiday outfit.

We can't go without a beautiful batik piece that is signature to every MiB collection. The one of a kind, hand-painted Behira Jacket is perfect for layering over our Short Sleeve Rayon Shell and will warm up any occasion.

Plus Size Martina Top


Add some glimmer to your holiday spirit with our Martina Top. The delicate embroidery is framed perfectly on the neckline and will add just the right amount of flair to your festive days and nights.

Plus Size Short Saffi Duster

Easy, stylish garments are so important around this busy time of year. Our Embellished Rayon Shell has the comfort and plus size fit you know and love, while adding sparkle and shine to any outfit. Pair with our Short Saffi Duster for added coverage and stand-out style!

Wine Bag with Wood Tag


Joy is in the giving and we can't wait for you to see what we picked out for you!

Choose a FREE Flour Sack Towel Set in Pumpkin, Animal Print Pashmina Scarf, Wine Bag with Wood Tag, or Pashmina Scarf with any $100+ purchase! Pick a gift for yourself or re-gift to someone else.

Use promo code: GIFTING at checkout. Good through November 20, 2015.

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October 19, 2015

The latest WINTER styles have arrived!

Our newest Winter collection is HERE! Cold weather is going to look beautiful on you - WE PROMISE!

Plus Size London Wool Coat


Beating the chill this Winter will be no problem with our medley of plus size outerwear. Try on the classic design and lightweight wool blend of our London Coat or add a pop of color and soft touches to your wardrobe with our favorite, red Vienna Coat. With these wool pieces the cold won't stand a chance!

If you're more concerned with getting from home to work in the coming rainfall, don't fret, we've got you covered. Our Ondine Hooded Coat and Mackenzie Quilted Coat are the perfect water-resistant options that elevate functional to fashionable. Just add a scarf and a cute umbrella and you're set!

Plus Size Baby Boot Cut Jeans


Meet the newest member of the MiB denim family - the BABY BOOT CUT JEANS!

Cut with the same great plus size jean fit you know and love, with a slightly flared ankle for a modern feel. Available in Black and Blue Denim, you'll love our new "Baby"!

Shown with our festive Azalea Top!

Plus Size Plaid Kendall Shirt


A fresh take on plaid should be on everyone's checklist this winter!

Your favorite flannels, the plush MiB Flannel Blouse and the traditional cut Flannel Shirt, are back in action with striking new colors. But wait, what's even better? The new addition to the cotton flannel collection, our oversize Flannel Kendall Shirt!

One of our most exciting pieces for the season is our Winnie Reversible Duster. Offering the same romantic design of our best-selling Dove Duster with a reversible, on trend plaid print. The soft, stylish cotton will dress up any casual look or top off a dressy style with confidence.

Plus Size Believe Tee


Join MiB in the fight against breast cancer - while looking fabulous!

Buy any of our 5 tops - the Embellished Believe Tee or the Embellished Awareness Tee or the Greta Sweater Top*, the Short Sleeve V Neck Tee*, or the Short Sleeve U Neck Tee* (*Faded Rose is the only color eligible for donation) and we'll donate 10% of the purchase price to the American Cancer Society for the whole month of October!

Shop all of our eligible donation tees here!

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June 22, 2015

Summer is HERE, and so are the latest styles!

From cool tees to sophisticated prints, the MiB Summer 2015 collection has been our best yet! While the season for MiB is drawing to a close, summer is still in full swing and we have several new styles ready to help you beat the heat in style. Visit us soon for a SNEAK PEEK at our new fall preview, coming in July!

Plus Size American Tie Dye Tee

The All-American Top for the All-American Girl

Take the comfort of your favorite MiB Short Sleeve V Neck Tee and add a splash of colorful patriotic tie dye and what do you get? The best summer top EVER! Our American Tie Dye Top is sure to be a hit at your 4th of July barbeques. Pair it off with our Skinny Jeans for a casual but put-together outfit.

Plus Size Virginia Oversize Shirt

Back By Popular Demand

You loved them before, now you can get them again! Our Virginia Oversize Shirt elevates your favorite basic cotton oversize shirt with contrasting dots and stripes. Available in our seasonal colors, Ice Blue, Lilac, Peony and Poppy. Grab one of each!

Our Kit Shirt is fun and flirty with stylish polka dots and a comfortable, easy fit. We now have this popular hit from our spring collection back in stock in Black and Chambray.

Plus Size Leilani Dress

NEW from April Cornell - The Perfect Summer Dress

April Cornell’s collection is the height of feminine charm, and we’re thrilled to feature two new dresses that’ll swing you into summer in style. These exceptional pieces are designed exclusively for MiB - and better yet, a portion of your purchase is donated to April Cornell’s Giving World Foundation - which helps to provide for the educational, shelter and nutritional needs of women in India. (For more about April Cornell, click here).

A delightful take on our popular Evie Dress, the new Leilani Dress features bright summery color and a delicate contrasting print that is casual enough for the home, and dressy enough for any party.

The Rosie Dress is an adorable and colorful floral with cool sleeveless style and figure flattering princess seams. Either one of these beautiful dresses can be topped with the Dove Duster for fabulous layering.

Plus Size Dotti Kimono Jacket

Prints Charming - Your Favorite Print is Back!

Summer is made for layers. Our Dotti Kimono Jacket brings back our most popular spring print in an elegant layering piece which is perfect for the office. Dress it up or dress it down. The big hip pockets give it utility while the comfortable drape keeps your look polished.

Shop our entire collection of new summer styles now, and check back with us soon for our BRAND NEW Fall Preview!

To shop our summer lookbooks click here.


May 28, 2015

Ready for Summer Fun!

It has always been important to us to make and source as many products made in the USA as possible, form MiB exclusive items - to working with amazing local vendors. We have new items bursting with patriotic pride, beautiful florals and more.

Plus Size Highgate Jacket

Gala Boutique - Made in the USA

Our NEW Highgate collection is made exclusively for MiB to our unique plus size fit. It is fun, flirty and incredibly stylish. This collection is made right here in the USA on the central coast of California, and their signature raw edges and fabulous fabrics are only found in the highest boutiques. The polka dot pattern meshes well with summer's ever-popular navy and blue. Whether you just need a jacket for layering, are looking for a sleeveless tunic for those summer events, or want the best of both worlds in a longer-sleeved tunic, the same great pattern is available in three unique styles. We're madly in love with this collection!

Plus Size Stars Swim Top

Make a Splash - NEW Swim Items are HERE!

Our popular Chloroban™ swim collection has some new additions you're sure to love. The Leopard Skirted Swimsuit takes the modest coverage of our Chloroban™ Skirted Swimsuit and adds a wild leopard print for a flirty burst of color.

For the upcoming summer holidays, we've got a pop of patriotic flair. The Stars Swim Top and Red Chloroban™ Swim Shorts are the perfect pair for your 4th of July party or just some poolside fun.

Also new this season, our Mosaic's Swim Top will elevate your basic black with a small hint of color. Pick up a Chloroban™ Swim Skirt or Chloroban™ Swim Shorts to match. Mix and match to your heart's content!

Shop our collection of plus size swimwear in incredible chlorine resistant material, made in sizes 1X-7X here.

Plus Size Julia Blouse

The Season's Must-Have Floral

Floral patterns are in bloom this season!

For value and comfort, we have a collection of lightweight, gauzy 100% cotton options that will breeze you through the season. Our Julia Blouse pairs beautifully with the bold color of our Poppy dyed Capri Leggings, or maybe you'd prefer to dress up your Denim Crop Pants with the Madame Blouse? Both of these tops are a fabulous value between $69 - $79!

If knits are more your thing, our NEW Poppy Tunic has what you're looking for. The subtle floral pattern adds a soft pop of color, and dresses up or down with ease.

For more fabulous florals, shop our Lookbook here.

Our full collection of new summer styles can be found here, and don't forget to check in for new product updates, style tips, community news and more!

To shop our summer lookbooks click here.


May 8, 2015

Temperatures are Rising - New Summer Styles at MiB!

Things are heating up, and it's time to stock up for your summer adventures and beyond! We're excited to offer new throw-on-and-go travel pieces, boutique essentials, summer dresses and more - all with the plus size fit your love and the quality you've come to depend on. Whatever your needs, MiB's go you covered!

Plus Size Carefree Jacket

Travel Essentials

Our lightweight, easy-to-pack jackets are the perfect cool, breathable outerwear for warmer days - at home or abroad. Our Carefree Jacket's name speaks for itself. The sheer open weave layers beautifully over any outfit, and with fabulous summery details like the wooden buttons and tassel accents, you'll look and feel great. Who could ask for more?

Plus Size Brynn Tunic

NEW from Caite!

Caite is known for their boutique quality at bargain prices. Exceptional details, like the hand embroidery on our Azura Tunic and Brynn Tunic, really set them apart from the rest. Best of all, they have custom made their garments to fit MiB's unique sizing specifications, so you know you'll get the best fit and the best quality - hands down.

Plus Size Lacie Dolman Tunic

Elegance Defined

Indulge in irresistible beauty, comfort and style. The feminine charm of our Lacie Dolman Tunic is modern and beautiful, the perfect top for any of your special summer events. The patchwork of brocade, lace and sheer panels creates a tryly unique and elegant piece. Treat yourself to something wonderful.

Plus Size Poeme Maxi Dress

Swing into Summer

Everyone needs that perfect summer dress, and we've got casual options to rave for - and the dressier options you crave.

The Poeme Maxi Dress's unique tie-dye and vibrant color will help you beat the heat in style. The soft embroidered lightweight gauze fabric breathes like a dream, and the empire waistline creates a flattering silhouette no matter your shape.

Batik options, like our Sasha Dress, paint a beautiful picture. Ideal for weddings and summer parties, it has the longer length you love in breezy rayon that'll keep you cool. Layer with our Short Saffi Duster - you'll look amazing!

Plus Size Eugena Blouse

Favorites Under $79

Looking great doesn't have to break your budget, and we've got a selection of fabulous styles all under $79! Joining this collection are our NEW Eugena Blouse and Hannah Blouse. These two are black, white and YOU all over - perfect for those board meetings or just a normal day at the office. The Hannah Blouse's textured fabric and unique tie details set it apart from the rest, and the faux-wrap style with dazzling beading of the Eugena Blouse can really make you shine. At these prices, you'll want one of each!

Stop back in soon for more plus size summer fashions, style tips and more. We'll look forward to seeing you!

Shop new items from our summer collection here.


April 10, 2015

The MiB Summer Collection is Here!

It's time to say "hello" to Summer with new plus size fashions available now at MiB! Strike it out from 9 to 5 or on your favorite summer excursions. We have new swimwear, vibrant seasonal colors, perfect summer dresses, fabulous layers and more. Wherever this summer takes you, let us help you get there in style.

Plus Size Linen Tunic

Cool Linen

Linen is a summer staple. We have several new options available in a variety of seasonal colors, featuring our unique, wrinkle resistant linen-rayon blend. For the first time ever, we're excited to feature linen in our popular Relaxed Fit Pants style. The perfect match to any outfit with the ease and fit that you love.

To see all our linen choices visit our Linen Lookbook!
Plus Size Watercolor Roses Top

Winter Sun - Quality with a Conscience

For years MiB has worked with Winter Sun, a socially responsible company based out of Otavalo, Ecuador. Winter Sun's artisans hand paint, hand dye and batik their quality fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.

We have three new pieces, each made from a different fabric and crafted in a distinctive style to fit your personal tastes. The Avalon Blouse's breezy cotton features a beautiful brushstroke print and unique wrap style. For those that prefer knits, the Watercolor Roses Top is a gorgeous option. And for something with a little bit of an edge, the patchwork and exposed details of the Dominique Top stand out with bold color and bolder style.

For more information on Winter Sun click here!

Plus Size Lotti Blouse

Made in the USA - New Just For You!

MiB manufactures over half of our own clothing right here in the USA, sourcing only the highest quality fabrics and featuring flattering styles with the perfect fit for the plus size woman. From our collection of basic knits, to unique styles like our Lotti Blouse in breezy crinkle rayon, to our collection of high quality, well-fitting pants in a variety of fabrics, lengths and styles, we have a little something for everyone.

Our new summer line, like the Chambray Dot Top and Linen Print Camp Shirt, is bursting with the most refreshing shades of the summer. Don't forget to stock up on your favorite MiB basics in beautiful new seasonal shades. Look for our new Aqua, Ice Blue, Jade, Lilac, Peony, Poppy, Rapture Rose, Riviera and Violet!

Plus Size Print Crop Pants

Crops for all Occasions

Short on length and long on style, crops are a girl's best friend for warmer weather. We're excited to welcome the Print Crop Pants, available in two fabulous prints! If you prefer a knit pant, our Jersey Flood Pants will be your perfect match! And don't forget about the cool comfort of our Linen Flood Pants.

Plus Size Lorelei Tunic

In The Groove - New Tie-Dye

Show off your playful side with tie-dye. Our new Lorelei Tunic combines longer length, subtle tie-dye and intricate beading details for a stunning effect. If you're looking for something a bit more traditional, our Alice Tie Dye Tee is just right. And don't forget about our Tie Dye Undies!

This is just a small peek of our new summer collection. Indulge in dozens of new summer styles by visiting us here, and be sure to stop in again soon for new product features, style tips, plus size community news and more.


March 16, 2015

Warmer Days Ahead - The Latest in Plus Size Spring Fashion is Here!

Get ready for the warmer weather with easy, breezy beautiful fashions. New from our MiB Spring 2015 Collection, you are sure to enjoy the hand-batik works of art and bold mod pieces. We have the looks for all those special spring days and more!

Plus Size Newport Jacket

Sunday Brunch - Dressy Styles for your Special Sunday Celebrations

Easter and Mother's Day are just around the corner, and we have several new dressy choices to take you to those special Sunday Celebrations in comofort and style.

The delicate floral pattern and seasonal pastels shine on the Newport Jacket's semi-sheer, shimmereing fabric. It pairs beautifully with the new Melon MiB Stretch Tank Top and cool, crisp rayon of our popular Venus Pants. Tie off the look with the cotton cord and fresh water pearls of our Cluster Pearl Necklace.

If dresses are more your style, the multi-tiered Constance Dress is a perfect fit. The hand-painted batik on smooth rayon is like a beautiful water-color painting. The double layered hemline's purl edge stitched details and zig-zag cut make this garment truly unique. The sheer delight of the gauzy Constance Duster adds the perfect finishing touch.

Plus Size Playa Tunic

Express Yourself - Artistic Flair

Don't be afraid to play with color. Batik offers a unique splash of style and artistry, as no two are ever the same. The gossamer soft chiffon of our new Playa Tunic shines in the warmer seasons. Wear over our perfect MiB Leggings or your favorite pair of pants.

Plus Size Piper Shirt

Contemporary Classics

Make the ordinary extraordinary! Our new Piper Shirt takes on a classic style and updates it with unique detailing. The button down front and shirt collar will make this a new office staple, and the addition of a front pleat offers a figure flattering fit. Enjoy with a pair of MiB Relaxed Fit Jeans or Stretch Twill Trousers. This shirt goes from dressy to casual with ease!

Coming Soon - Summer Styles!

Shop other new items from our Spring Collection here, and visit us again soon for our SUMMER PREVIEW!

Unfold your road map to style by browsing our MiB Lookbooks! We've made it simple to find the styles you're looking for.


February 23, 2015

New Styles to Carry You Through Spring!

Spring is on its way! Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite basics in fabulous new spring colors, or maybe collect those must-have statement pieces for the warmer season ahead. Here are just some of our new favorites from our plus size spring collection. Take a look!

Plus Size Covent Garden Tunic

Step Into Spring

The soft knit and colorful floral print of our new Covent Garden Tunic will take your breath away. It features wonderful, intricate details like its sheer ruffled tulip hemline and feminine princess seams, making it the perfect springtime piece. Pair it off with our Pocket Skinny Jeans for a gorgeous, casual look.

Plus Size Jermyn Jacket

Statement Jackets Are In!

Say it with layers. Changing temperatures demand the right jacket, and we're excited to feature several new layering options that will pull any outfit together.

A timeless favorite - the delightful texture of our Wave Jacket in now avaiable in a new, bright Chili color! Or maybe something subtle is more your style? We have Black available as well. Just right for the 9 to 5.

The sheer, feminine appeal of the Jermyn Jacket dresses beautifully. Lightweight and elegant, the sea foam greens of this hand-painted batik are reminiscent of a watercolor painting. Wear with our smooth rayon Venus Pants in Khaki and our MiB Shell. It's a simple, put together look without any fuss.

Plus Size Olivia Tunic

Unique Style

Some pieces just hold their own. The Oliva Tunic is a sheer masterpiece with figure flattering hip panels that will kiss your curves. The comfort of our MiB Leggings make this outfit a match made in heaven.

Plus Size Ambrosia Swim Top

Make a Splash

It's never too early to stock up on swimwear, and we have the best quality and fit for plus seperates, hands down. Our new Ambrosia Swim Top has all of the comfort and support of our Chloroban™ Swim Top in a vibrant paisley pattern. New this season, the matching Pink Chloroban™ Swim Shorts are sure to be a hit poolside.

April Cornell Oven Mitt

Our Gift to You!

Receive a FREE April Cornell Pot Holder Set, Oven Mitt, or Tea Towel with our $100+ order. They are the perfect gifts to give and receive this spring, and are yours just for doing your shopping at MiB!

Use promo code: SPRINGGIFT15. Good through March 8, 2015.

*While supplies last. One gift per order, one per customer. Offer cannot be combined with previous purchases or with any other offer or discount. No cash value.

Unfold your road map to style by browsing our MiB Lookbooks! We've made it simple to find the styles you're looking for.


February 6, 2014

Fall in Love - Spring Styles Available Now at MiB!

February is "Love Your Body" Month, and MiB has just what you need to embrace your curves with confidence. Treat yourself to something you love - you deserve it!

Plus Size Duxbury Blouse


The Duxbury Blouse and Verano Blouse are a sheer delight, layered over a matching tank for modesty. Their unique layered hemlines and delicate patterns will shine in any professional setting, or make the perfect match for those special evenings.

Bathed in beautiful spring-time hues, the Scottsdale Tunic and Vest Set dresses itself. The sheer gray vest if fully removable, and matches the zig-zag hemline of the soft knit tunic perfectly. Whether you want to go it alone, or wear them together, you'll have a put-together look that is too comfortable to believe.

Plus Size Amour Tunic


Love is in the air! The daring heart pattern and solid black color blocks of the NEW Amour Tunic are flattering and feminine. Pair with your favorite MiB Leggings for a gorgeous date-night (or anytime!) look.

Plus Size Maya Katerina Faux Wrap Dress


Go from day to night with ease! Whether you're hitting the 9-to-5 or going out after a long day at the office, these new fashions will take you there in style.

Our popular Katerina Faux Wrap Dress is now available in a daring new black-and-white brushstroke print that you're sure to love. Flirty length, curve enhancing faux-wrap and flattering knit make this the perfect dress for the office and beyond. Or, if the print is not your style, this dress is available in a solid black that is to die for.

The Uptown Jacket will become a favorite for your professional wardrobe. It's sleek knit drapes beautifully, and the unique monochromatic pattern will add polish to any look.


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January 30th, 2015

A Visit From Kim Brittingham!

We were absolutely thrilled to have Author, Blogger and Body Image Advocate Kim Brittingham to visit earlier this month to take part in our Summer 2015 Photo Shoot!

Kim Brittingham

Kim is wearing one of our Summer 2015 products that will be coming soon!

Photo Shoots are always a whirlwind of activity here at MiB, but Kim's visit made this shoot particularly special. From merchandising to manufacturing, to our operations and administration, she was able to see just what we do - and how much we love to do it! Our passion for providing fabulously fitting, fashionable plus size clothing shows in everything that we do, but it is a rare treat to be able to share this from the inside. Thank you so much Kim! It was truly an amazing day, and we can't wait to see you again.

MiB Models

Kim is having fun on set with another one of our fabulous models, Taylor!

You can read about Kim's visit on her Blog Read My Hips:

A Visit to Plus Size Clothing Company Making It Big

Copyright 2015 / Kim Brittingham getting her make-up done for catalog shoot at Making It Big / Kim Brittingham

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December 23, 2014

New Styles to Ring in the New Year!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, we at MiB would like to wish you all of the warmth, love and happiness of the season, and send our best wishes for the new year ahead.

Just in time for 2015, we have fabulous new plus size styles that you're sure to love. Warm up the winter with brilliant new batiks, bold patterns and more!

Plus Size Bordeaux Reversible Jacket

A Great Impression with Twice the Style

What can be better than the perfect statement jacket? How about one that's fully reversible! The Bordeaux Reversible Jacket's beautiful wine-colored hues will take your look to a whole new level, inside and out.

Plus Size Lesley Shirt

Brighter Days Ahead

Color your world with beautiful new batiks and exceptionally soft tie dyes. Our Lesley Shirt stands out in both work and play with classic styling and unique details.

MiB is known for our selection of breathtaking artisanal masterpieces. Whether you're sporting the gorgeously long Vermillion Tunic or the dramatic dragonfly print of the Beaumont Tunic, you can be confident that your top is uniquely you.

Plus Size Maya Oversize Shirt

Go For Bold

Geometric prints are all the rage! You can spice up your office look with eye-catching and flattering tops, worn with a solid bottom. The Maya Oversize Shirt features your favorite Oversize cut in a bold, graphically modern print. Wear closed, or layer with a solid top. Make it yours!

Plus Size Corduroy Trousers


As a special thank you to you - our fabulous customers, we're excited to bring back the Pants-a-Palooza! With this offer, you can buy any 1 pant, and receive the 2nd at 50% off! This is the perfect chance to stock up on your favorite crops, jeans and pants!

Just mention or enter the promotion code: PANTS2015 when purchasing two pairs of pants and we'll take 50% off the lowest-priced pair. Good through January 6, 2015.

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We also have dozens of new markdowns in our Clearance Section! The same fabulous MiB fashions you love, now for less! Shop fast, these styles won't last long!


December 12, 2014

Making Seasons Brighter - Six Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues!

The holidays are filled with love, family and laughter - but can be very stressful for some. Whether you're tackling your holiday shopping, baking, or jetting off to visit family and friends, you'll want to make time to care of yourself as well.

At MiB, we consider you - our fabulous customer - to be a part of our family, and want to help you to make the most of your Holiday season. That's why we've compiled a list of 6 steps to help you make the season brighter!

Plus Size Aspen Faux Fur Vest

  • #1 Do Less, Enjoy More - The spirit of giving is a wonderful thing, but we sometimes allow ourselves to do too much. Take care of yourself by saying "no" to a few of the extra obligations to others. You'll find you have more time to enjoy yourself, and will be happier for it.
  • #2 Stick With Your Routine - Don't try to fit in more holiday than you can handle! Keep a checklist of your regular routine so that you can stay focused and organized. Once those are done, you'll be able to schedule in your holiday plans accordingly.
  • #3 Laugh - Laughter reduces stress, it's medically proven! While it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of holiday shopping, parties and more, taking the time to tickle your funny bone will improve your immune health and make you happier overall! Watch a funny movie or your favorite show. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Whatever it takes!
  • Change your Frame of Mind - Many of us have shoehorned a mental image of the "Ideal" or "Perfect" hoiday season into our minds, often from those cherished childhood memories. Every year will be different than the last, for better or for worse. It is best to focus on "the now" by setting realistic expectations of what your holiday can be, and make the most of it!
  • #5 Spend Time With Friends & Family - It isn't all about the gifts! Your time and company are all that is required. The holidays are the perfect time to nurture your relationships with the special people in your life. This is especially important if you are missing a loved one who is no longer with you. Go out together with your friends and family and do holiday activities that you all enjoy. Whether you enjoy taking a drive to look at the Christmas lights or snuggling in with your favorite holiday movie, it's always better with someone you love.
  • #6 Commit Random Acts of Kindness - Giving back is good for the heart and the soul. Get swept up by the spirit of giving this season by volunteering at your local shelter, or making donations of small gifts to children in need. We especially love this Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar at Noomi.com, with simple things that you can do each day this month make the season a little brighter. Even the smallest act of kindness can brighten someone's day.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but each step will help to spread a little bit of holiday cheer. Please let us know your own ideas by sharing on Facebook or Twitter. We'd love to hear from you!


November 25, 2014

Party Ready - Fresh looks for the holidays available now!

We all know how hard it is to find that special something to wear for those holiday get-togethers, but not to worry! We've got new plus size fashions that will take you there in both style and comfort!

Plus Size Crystal Spruce Embellished Top


The right accent jacket can pull together any look. The dynamic texture and soft sparkle of our Dynasty Jacket dresses beautifully.

Or for something a little more casual, let's take a look at an all-time MiB favorite - our 3/4 Sleeve U Neck Tee, and add a little bit of glitter! Our Aurora Embellished Top and Crystal Spruce Embellished Top are sure to become your new seasonal favorites!

Plus Size Katerina Faux Wrap Dress


The Katerina Faux Wrap Dress is both fashion forward and party-ready! Faux wrap is a great way to create a waistline and accent your feminine curves. The flowing knit and lace overlay will give you a glamorous look without any fuss.

Plus Size Encore Beaded Sweater


Whether you're looking for the right layering piece or a cozy sweater to cuddle in - we've got new options you're sure to love!

The Fenway Cardigan's luscious wool blend is lightweight enough to wear anywhere, but warm enough to keep out the chill. Make it casual or dress it up.

The Encore Beaded Sweater features a floral metallic screen print and exceptionally soft knit. The perfect winter sweater, hands down.

Plus Size Dynasty Jacket


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This is just a preview of all of our new winter styles. Be sure to shop our full winter collection for more fabulous options!


October 27, 2014

Celebrate in Style: MiB Holiday 2014 Preview - Available Now!

The holiday season is upon us, and at MiB we're excited to present you with over 100 new styles made just for you - the fashionable plus size woman! Whether you're looking for something to wear to your holiday party or just kicking around at home, we've got what you need!

Plus Size Cottswald Blouse

April Cornell - Fashion with a Conscience!

MiB is lucky to work with a variety of wonderful and socially responsible vendors, and April Cornell is no exception! With fabulous pieces like the Chelsea Tuinc and the Cottswald Blouse, every stitch tells a story. These incredible pieces are designed exclusively for MiB, so you'll be able to enjoy the same fabulous fit and quality that you know and love.

What's more, is a portion of every purchase of either the Cottswald Blouse or the Chelsea Tunic is donated to April Cornell's "The Giving World" foundation, which helps to provide for the educational, shelter and nutritional needs of women in India.

For more information on April Cornell and "The Giving World Foundation" visit our April Cornell story page here.

Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Stripe U Neck Tee

Get the Look - Looking Fabulous Made Easy!

New this season at MiB, look for our "GET THE LOOK!" tag throughout the pages of your newest catalog and on our website! We'll show you just where to get each one of the items our lovely models are wearing so you can get that same put-together look without any of the fuss. Its fashion made easy!

To see all of our "GET THE LOOK!" selections click here!

Plus Size Hatari Zig Zag Tunic

Batik Boutique

These beautiful hand-painted designs are signature MiB faire. No two are alike, and each one is absolutely stunning! This season we have several new batiks in a variety of colors and styles - one to fit every taste. Maybe you'll fall for the warm chestnut hues and the button down style of the Brynlee Button Down Tunic? Or maybe you'll opt for a touch of class and the edgy zig zag hemline of the Hatari Zig Zag Tunic?

Plus Size Aspen Faux Fur Vest

Hot Winter Trend - Faux Fur!

Faux-Fur is all the rage, and our Aspen Faux Fur Vest is no exception! Featured in three stunning colors, it makes the layer for your favorite turtleneck or tee. Warm but lightweight with funcional hip pockets and a lot of style. You'll want one in every color!

Plus Size Black Bow Bag

Accessorize Your Life!

MiB now has more accessories than ever before! From our Vegan Ostrich Tote and Black Bow Bag - to our Circles Necklace and Coin and Tassel Necklace - we've got several new selections to help you add that perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe this season!

Celebrate winter in style! Shop plus size winter fashions now!


October 3, 2014

Sweater Season Has Arrived! New Fall Fashions Available Now at MiB!

Your Fall forecast is looking fabulous! For many of us the chill of the season is finally settling in, and we've got new, cozy styles available just in time to keep you warm. New sweaters, fabulous tunics and breathtaking batiks - we've got what you need and more!

Plus Size Boston Cardigan

Comfy Cozy - Sweaters and Pullovers for the Season

Comprised of a patchwork of soft fall color and cozy knit, the Boston Cardigan will be your perfect go-to sweater this Fall. Wear over jeans and your favorite tee, or dress it up with dark navy or brown pants for a classic office accessory. However you wear it, you won't go wrong.

The Rose Brocade Tunic and Alberta Cowl Pullover come in the same great fabric and two beautiful colors to fit your taste. You'll fall in love with the super-soft rayon knit blend and feminine swing style, flattering for pear-shaped figures. Warmth and style, artfully combined. The perfect fabric to welcome winter.

Plus Size Haight Batik Tunic

Own Your Style

MiB Fashion Tip! Bring out your style by calling forward your favorite mix of patterns and solids. When you consider dressing for your shape, the right combinations can draw attention to your best assets while drawing the eye away from any you may be less comfortable with.

Our Haight Batik Tunic and Lexi Tunic are bold statement pieces with rich color and unique batiked patterns. The Lexi implements the flattering color blocking style with a contemporary batik on the curved hem and pocket detail. The Haight Batik Tunic's colors are right on trend, which polish off well for a refined look.

Plus Size Hudson Zip Front Jacket

Compare and Contrast

Contrasting colors and details are stylish and unique. We all know that black can be quite flattering, but when paired with the right pop of color it can be absolutely stunning.

The Hudson Zip Front Jacket is light enough to wear anywhere, but warm enough to combat the chill. Its contemporary patchwork pattern makes it fashionable, and the hip pocket and front zipper make it functional. You simply cannot ask for a better fall jacket.

The Mika Tunic's knit drapes beautifully, and the bold red deconstructed appliqué details make a statement all their own. The pattern's Eastern influence transcends both sides, almost like a yin and yang from back to front. A perfect piece for modern tastes.

Free Shipping!

Any $100+ order ships for free for a limited time only*!

To take advantage of this offer, please use promotional code F14SHIP when ordering online or mention this code when ordering by telephone. It's that easy!

*Offer good through October 20, 2014. Valid for standard domestic shipping to domestic address. International customers receive a $10 shipping credit. Offers may not be combined with any other offer or previous order. Some restrictions apply.

Our Fall Season is drawing to a close here at MiB, but don't forget to check in with us later in the month for our Winter Preview, style tips for your body shape and more! Shop plus size fall fashions now!


September 29, 2014

Dress Your Shape - Rectangle!

The latest trends are meaningless if they do not flatter your body type. Dressing your shape well will build confidence, and help you in making selections for fashions that will not only look great, but that you'll feel great wearing.

Unsure of your body type? Not to worry! Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find out more information, and see a list of items from our NEW Fall collection, recommended just for you!

Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve V Neck Tee

Rectangle Body Shape - Style Tips

As a rectangle shaped woman, you have about the same width at the fullest part of your bust and the fullest part of your hips, but there is little waist definition. In a rectangle body shape, legs and arms are typically slender, and the bust may be small to medium in size. Rectangles often look shorter and wider than they really are which is why wearing clothes that fit is so important. Take out any extra bulk!

Plus Size Updated Boyfriend Shirt


  • Oversized styles, like our Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt or our Updated Boyfriend Shirt, are very flattering.
  • Flowing tops or swing tops are also an excellent fit as they will flow gently away from the body.
  • High-low hemlines also look wonderful.
  • Your bust size and the length of your neck will have a lot to do with what necklines work best. For example, if you have a short neck or a larger bust, opt for a lower neckline - such as v-necks, sweetheart or scoop necklines. If you have a longer neck or shorter bust, higher necklines will work best for you.
  • More masculine styles may work very well for you, such as button-down shirts and masculine jackets. Wear over a shell or tee and leave open to accentuate yoru straight waist.
  • To give the illusion of shape, wear patterns on top with solids on bottom, or the other way around.
Plus Size Skinny Jeans


  • You can wear crops or flood pants very well, especially if you are tall.
  • A-line skirts are very flattering.
  • Wear wide leg or relaxed fit pants.
  • As above, to give the illusion of shape you can opt to wear a patterned bottom with a solid top. This will break up the lines in your body.
  • Skinny jeans and tappered will accent your thinner legs.
Plus Size Little Black Dress


  • Wrap dresses will not do your figure justice, unless you have a larger bust.
  • Straight dresses are an excellent option, with or without a belt.
  • Avoid dresses which have added bulk in the midsection.
  • Wearing a dress with detail or volume in the hips can offer extra shape.

Plus Size Beaded Belt


  • Wear a belt wrapped around you waist. This gives you the illusion fo a waistline which might not otherwise be present.
  • Wear brightly colored scarves or statement jewelry as an accent.
  • Opt for shorter length in the straps of your bags, as waist length bags can draw attention to your straight frame.

For more Rectangle Shape style tips, visit Pinterest! You can also share your favorite MiB outfit ideas and more, as well as keep up with the latest trends in plus size fashion if you follow MiB on Pinterest!

Shop your shape here >

Have other tips you'd like to recommend? Send us an e-mail at mib@makingitbig.com. We'd love to hear from you!


September 12, 2014

Fresh Fall Fashions - Available Now!

Just in time for the change in season, MiB has new styles available in your favorite plus size fit. We've got top fashion trends for the avant garde, cozy basics in brilliant fall color and outerwear essentials you won't want to live without!

Unsure of your body type? Not to worry! Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find out more information, and see a list of items from our NEW Fall collection, recommended just for you!

Plus Size Cimarron Tunic

Soak Up the Color of the Season

Our Cimarron Tunic is reminiscent of gorgeous fall foliage in a soft, brush-stroke print. Delicate embellishments of the rounded neckline dresses itself, and the shark-bite hemline is both flattering and modern. A perfect wear-to-work piece in a flowing rayon-spandex blend.

Plus Size Cressida Tunic

Work the Side Panel

Solid color blocks add flattering definition to your curves, and can create a slimming look. MiB offers several options with this attractive feature, such as the new Cressida Tunic and Gathered Pocket Tunic in soft rayon jersey knit, or the Highland Zipper Sweater - available in two colors!

Plus Size Lafayette Tunic

The Art of Lace

Feminine style in vintage fabric, lace detailing is all the rage this season. From the youthful Lace Cold Shoulder Tunic to the more classic look of the Vortex Top and matching Vortex Lace Jacket, there is a little something for every taste.

The scalloped Battenburg lace curved hemline and bell sleeve hems of the Lafayette Tunic accent the soft solid black rayon which will flatter your every curve. These delicate but trendy fashions are guaranteed to turn heads!
Plus Size Ruffled Wool Jacket

Wrap Up in Style

You won't want to miss out on our Ruffled Wool Jacket or Eris Wool Coat this season! Both garments are exclusive to MiB and offer high-quality exquisite wool that is unbelievably soft to the touch. Wrap yourself in wonderful!

Shop these and other new items from out Fall collection here. Check in later this season for style tips, product features and more!


August 28, 2014

Dress Your Shape - Apple!

The latest trends are meaningless if they do not flatter your body type. Dressing your shape well will build confidence, and help you in making selections for fashions that will not only look great, but that you'll feel great wearing.

Unsure of you body type? Not to worry! Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find out more information, and see a list of items from our NEW Fall collection, recommended just for you!

Plus Size Corona Tunic

Apple Body Shape - Style Tips

As an apple shaped woman, most of your weight accumulates above your hips, which are narrow, and you do not have a defined waistline. Your back, ribs and shoulders may feel wider than other body types. Your best assets are your legs - so don't be afraid to show them off! Elongate your torso and use fashion to create the illusion of a waistline.

Plus Size Brockton Tunic


  • Avoid clinging fabrics, especially those that gather around your waistline. Textured, woven fabrics are best.
  • Emphasize your bust. Draw the eye upward by wearing v-necklines, scoop necks or other plunging necklines.
  • While you want to draw attention to your bust line, you do not want to go overboard. Avoid extra embellishments at the neckline or tops whose necklines are too high. This includes halter necklines and boat necks.
  • Empire waistlines are incredibly flattering as they offer the illusion of a waistline and give you extra shape. A-line and swing silhouettes are also beautiful options.
  • Wear longer tops, like tunics - something that falls past your hip bones.
  • Create balance with the right outerwear. Cardigans and blazers with minimal details can help to enchance your chest and create a curve in your waistline that might not otherwise be there.
Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans


  • Show off those beautiful legs! Fitted skirts like our Concourse Skirt or the Twill Pencil Skirt, paired with high heels, will lengthen your body and draw focus to your best assests.
  • Wearing leggings and skinny jeans can actually minimize the appearance of your legs and draw more attention to your waist, making it appear larger.
  • Straight or wide leg pants can be very flattering as they fall from the waist and elongate your body.
  • Steer clear of front embellishments like flashy zippers or pockets, while emphasizing your flatter rear with back pockets.
Plus Size Pixie Dress


  • Built in waist-lines are a no-no, because they only draw the attention towards your middle.
  • A-line dresses are incredibly flattering, as are dresses with empire waistlines.
  • Solid or continuous patterns are best. Try to avoid anything with embellishments around the waist.
  • Layer with a jacket or cardigan to create volume around your shoulders and hips.

Plus Size Multi Strand Stretch Bracelet


  • You should avoid wearing thick belts, as they draw attention to your midsection.
  • Although you want to draw attention to your bust line, large statement necklaces and scarves can make you appear top heavy. Subtle is best.
  • Wear shoes that elongate your body and show off your legs, such as wedges, strappy sandals, heels and calf-length boots. If you prefer flats, ballet flats are nice as well.

For more Apple Shape style tips, visit Natasha Waith's Pinterest! You can also share your favorite MiB outfit ideas and more, as well as keep up with the latest trends in plus size fashion if you follow MiB on Pinterest!

Shop your shape here >

Have other tips you'd like to recommend? Send us an e-mail at mib@makingitbig.com. We'd love to hear from you!


August 21, 2014

Dress Your Shape - Pear!

The latest trends are meaningless if they do not flatter your body type. Dressing your shape well will build confidence, and help you in making selections for fashions that will not only look great, but that you'll feel great wearing.

Unsure of you body type? Not to worry! Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find out more information, and see a list of items from our NEW Fall collection, recommended just for you!

Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Polo Top

Pear Body Shape - Style Tips

As a pear shaped woman, the fullest part of your bust is proportionally narrower than the fullest part of your hips, and you have a well-defined waist. Many pears have narrow shoulders and full thighs. These quick style tips will help you to dress your shape beautifully, adding emphasis to your best features while helping to deemphasize those that already speak for themselves.

Plus Size Petra Tunic


  • Wear tops in bright color and prints, or with embellishment at the neckline. This helps to pull the eye upward. Check out our Petra Tunic or Vida Top!
  • Sweetheart necklines will draw attention to your bust, making it appear fuller.
  • Strapless tops will also give a widening appearance to your upper body. Or, if you prefer sleeves, opt for layers to add a little extra to your top half so it will balance the bottom.
  • Wearing tops that are narrower in the waist will flatter your smaller waistline. Empire waistlines or swing styles may work quite well.
  • For length, do not go too short, or too long. The right length should rest just below your hipbones, which will give you a slimming effect at your hips.
Plus Size MiB Pocket Jeans


  • Avoid bottoms which add extra embellishment to your hip and rear. Examples are brightly patterned skirts, or jeans with pocket details.
  • Wear ankle or knee length skirts, as shorter skirts will emphasize your hips. Skirts should rest just above your hips and near your waistline. Tight-fitting skirts should be avoided, and details at the bottom of the skirt are flattering as they draw attention to your curvy bottom half without adding extra bulk near the hips.
  • Wear straight leg or slightly flared pants. Skinny pants and leggings will just emphasize your hips and backside.
Plus Size Ebony Batik Maxi Dress


  • A-line dresses tend to be the most flattering for the pear shape, as they flare out from the hips and have a defined waistline.
  • Avoid tight-fitting dresses. This will only attract the eye to your hips and thighs.

Plus Size Zig Zag Scarf


  • Wear a scarf or statement necklace. This adds extra attention to your smaller top half and also adds a fun accent to your outfit. See our new Fall accessories here!

For more Pear Shape style tips, visit Linda Hannisdal's Pinterest! You can also share your favorite MiB outfit ideas and more, as well as keep up with the latest trends in plus size fashion if you follow MiB on Pinterest!

Shop your shape here >

Have other tips you'd like to recommend? Send us an e-mail at mib@makingitbig.com. We'd love to hear from you!


August 15, 2014

Fabulous New Fall Styles - Available Now!

When it comes to fashion forward trends and amazing fit for the plus size woman, MiB has the best selection, hands down. We want you to feel fabulous in whatever you wear, whether you're cuddling in at home on a rainy night - or putting on the ritz for that perfect night out. Our selection of new Fall Styles are sure to impress, whatever your needs. Shop new styles from our Fall Collection now!

Dressing for your shape can be the key to unlocking your confidence. Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find the perfect fit for your body type, and shop new styles that will flatter your figure!

Plus Size Manhattan Cowl Tunic


Indulge yourself with the sophisticated style of our new Manhattan Cowl Tunic and Piazza Tunic. Imported from Portugal - these tunics are adorned with a modern patchwork of contemporary designs and solid color blocks. You'll fall in love with the edgy details and different textures. They're the perfect piece you didn't know that you were missing!

Plus Size Quebec One Button Jacket


The Quebec One Button Jacket provides both polish and warmth. It's dimensional ponté inserts and luxurious ponté knit create a flattering silhouette, and the single button closure features your narrowest point. Available in two colors to fit your taste; this fabulous jacket is elegance and function, all in one.

Plus Size Harvest Blouse


Batik, an ancient method of applying color and design to fabric, creates pieces of wearable art. Each piece offered by MiB is unique - any variations in color and pattern are simply a part of the process, and are the celebrated features of such artisanal masterpieces.

We're thrilled to offer several new batiks this Fall season. The Harvest Blouse's warm fall hues and sharkbite hemline are flattering and feminine. For a different look, the mandarin collar on the classically styled Orlando Blouse adds a contemporary accent to the myriad of color.

The eyecatching blues of the Milos Hooded Tunic are sure to brighten up the season. Made from soft, flat rayon and featuring an adorable hood and rollable button tab sleeves - the style of the garment is as unique as its pattern. An absolute must-have this Fall.

Plus Size Laurel Burch Scarf


Receive a FREE Zig Zag Scarf, Laurel Burch Scarf or Laurel Burch Umbrella with your $100+ order! YOUR CHOICE! They are the perfect accessories for Fall, and are yours just for doing your seasonal shopping with MiB. Mention or enter promo code: MYGIFT14 when you order between now and September 8th, 2014.

*While supplies last. One gift per order, one per customer. Gift with purchase offer expires on September 8th, 2014. Offer cannot be combined with previous purchases or with other offer discount. No cash value

Shop these and other new items from our Fall collection here. Check in later this season for style tips, product features and more!


July 28, 2014

Fall Flair - the MiB Fall 2014 season is live!

Our Summer season is drawing to a close here at MiB. While the warmer weather holds on for a while longer yet, we're excited to share our new plus size fashions for Fall.

When you're focused on fashion, it's all about the fit. At MiB we've been perfecting our fit for the plus size woman for over 30 years, and this season is no exception. Take our MiB Shapes Quiz to find the perfect fit for your body type, and shop new styles that will flatter your figure!

Plus Size Perfect Denim Jacket


Every woman needs a Perfect Denim Jacket. This classic style has contemporary contrast stitching, roll-up sleeves and roomy pockets. Made from soft black cotton denim with a hint of stretch, it's the perfect layering piece for cooler nights. Best of all, it's made right here in the USA by MiB, so you know that it is made to last.

Plus Size Greenwich Tunic


From our collection of 100% Cotton, Made in the USA, Jersey Knit Basics, to the contemporary flair of tunics such as our Greenwich Tunic, new Fall colors are sure to WOW! You'll see many new items in the Pantone Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid!

Plus Size Flyaway Embroidered Jacket


Caite is well known and much loved for their exceptional quality and contemporary embroidery. MiB is delighted to offer two of Caite's exquisite pieces, the Cordelia Embroidered Top and the Flyaway Embroidered Jacket, designed exclusively to MiB's unique plus sizing system.

Plus Size Allez Tunic


Black and white can give you a classic and polished look - perfect for the office or a night on the town. MiB has several new plus size tunics that offer all of the balance that black and white have to offer. Afraid of the horizontal stripes of the Allez Tunic? Don't be! If done right, horizontal stripes can be flattering on any plus size figure!

Plus Size Cascade Adjustable Necklace


The right accessoreies can help draw attention to the parts of the body that you want to flaunt. Don't be afraid to show off your curves! Hourglass figures will benefit from accessories such as our Beaded Belt, which draw attention to your smaller waistline. Need to draw the eye upward? Shop for necklaces like our surprisingly lightweight Cascade Adjustable Necklace!

Shop these and other new items from our Fall collection here. Check in later this season for style tips, product features and more!


June 23, 2014

Welcome to Summer - New MiB summer styles available now!

With the longest day of the year upon us, and more warm weather ahead, MiB is excited to announce the newest additions to our fabulous collection of plus size items for summer!

Plus Size Georgia Oversize Shirt

Red, White & You!

Celebrate this Fourth of July in style with colors of Americana - made right here in the USA! These 100% cotton favorites come in vibrant colors perfect for the season.

Our Georgia Oversize Shirt is a textured take on our classic Oversize Shirt style, and the Freedom Tie Dye Tee takes your favorite plus size V-neck tee to the next level. Swirls of red, white and blue cover the soft cotton knit. Pair either with our Denim Crop Pants or Stretch Twill Crop Pants for something fun and festive for the holiday!

Plus Size Aleta Yoga Pants

Work Up A Sweat - In Style!

MiB now offers new plus size performance wear in a fabulous moisture-wicking technical fabric. Easy to care for and easy to wear - perfect for practicing your yoga, going for a jog or just relaxing around the house.

The Aleta Racer Sport Tank features a built in shelf bra for support, and comes in three soft heathered colors. The stretch and comfort of the Aleta Yoga Pants will make them an instant favorite. The Moisture Management technology of the technical material absorbs and evaporates sweat, drawing moisture away from the skin to keep you comfortable whatever activity you have in store.

Plus Size Odyssey Shirred Dress

Bold Statements in Black and White

One stunning pattern, two different looks! Black and white pair well, and with the right accessories you can create an easy, polished look that is perfect for all of your casual affairs or the most spectacular summer soiree.

Our Reeve Tunic can be paired with black or white leggings for a breezy summer outfit. Or, if you'd prefer, opt for the longer sleeves and flirty, feminine style of our Odyssey Shirred Dress.

Plus Size Ritz Sheer Tunic

Stunning in Chevron

Whether you're looking for something casual, or for something with that right amount of flair - bold chevron prints are the way to go! Our Ritz Sheer Tunic is perfectly paired with our MiB Shell or MiB Stretch Tank Top. Wear over Venus Pants for the perfect career outfit. Or, for a more relaxed look, wear our Carlton Shirt over the MiB Pocket Jeans or our Relaxed Fit Jeans.

Shop these and other new items from our Summer collection here. Visit us again in the following weeks for more travel and style tips, and don't forget to take our Summer Styles Quiz to find our your MiB Summer Style!


June 16, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

Plus Size Solstice Top

The Great Outdoors

This week we offer tips for how to enjoy your world. Summer activities like camping or hiking can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the great outdoors can be very unforgiving. These tips are meant to help address the unique challenges for the plus size woman, as well as offer general advice for making the most of your outdoor experience.

General Tips

Before embarking on even the briefest outdoor adventure, you'll want to make sure that you are adequately prepared.

Your weather forecast will dictate most of your trip, so be sure to plan accordingly to the weather at your destination. Whether you're camping or hiking, be sure to stock up on sunscreen, insect repellent, fresh water, and a mix of protein and carbohydrate rich foods (such as trail mix, or peanut butter sandwiches) to keep you energized.

For setting up your campsite, you can find collapsible captain's chairs designed for plus size individuals. They are wider for comfort, and can be made to hold weight up to 500 or even 1000 pounds. There are cots - perfect for keeping you from having to sleep on rocky or uneven ground, made for plus size persons as well. Check these out on Living XL (which, while being a men's clothing outlet has some great outdoor options for everyone!)

You may wish to opt for a larger tent for more room. Outdoor stores have plenty of great options available, as well as amenities for making your tent more comfortable. Be sure your campsite is clear of debris, and out of the range of dead trees or dangerous loose tree limbs. Also be mindful of poisonous plants and dangerous animals and insects.

For some fun tips to make everyday items go the extra mile on your camping trip, check out this amazing list of Camping Hacks on Buzzfeed!

If you are a hiking aficionado, you already know the drill. But for those of you who are new to this hobby, it can be physically and emotionally rewarding! Here is a list of summer hiking essentials pulled form the United States National Parks Service:

10 Summer Hiking Essentials

  • WATER - plain and some with electrolyte replacement.
  • FOOD - especially salty foods. Eat twice as much as normal.
  • FIRST AID KIT - bandaids, ace wrap, antiseptic, moleskin, etc.
  • MAP - while many trails are well-marked, maps are helpful tools.
  • PACK - to carry the essentials
  • FLASHLIGHT/SPARE BATTERIES - allows you to hike out during the cool of the evening.
  • SPRAY BOTTLE - fill with water for your own personal air conditioning system.
  • HAT/SUNSCREEN - to keep the sun off you and protect your skin.
  • WATERPROOF CLOTHING - poncho or jacket; especially useful during monsoon season (mid-July to early September).

Avoid hiking during peak hours for the heat (10am-4pm), and make certain that you are eating and drinking often. Absolutely do not wait to drink until you are thirsty. Failing to keep hydrated can have disastrous effect.

Visit Summer Hiking - Hike Smart from the National Park Service for more details for how to safely enjoy your hiking adventure.

Plus Size Stretch Twill Cargo Crop Pants

What to Wear

Lightweight, comfortable and breathable clothes will be your best option. Our Stretch Twill Cargo Crop Pants and any of our comfortable knit basics will make excellent options to keep you cool and casual while camping, and combine function as well as fashion.

Don't forget to keep yourself dry. Our Hooded Windbreaker is perfect to keep you out of the rain. Your shoes are probably the most important thing that you can consider. For hiking, regular sneakers just won't do. You will want waterproof shoes designed specifically for hiking and the outdoors. These are also made in wide widths for those that need them.

Plus Size Hooded Windbreaker

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy The Great Outdoors, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


June 3, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

Summer is prime time for local events, like county fairs, farmers markets, cutltural festivals and more. Whether you're taking the family, going on a date, or setting up shop as a vendor - these gatherings are both exciting and fun! This week we've put together a few tips for safely enjoying these wonderful events! Check back next week for more.

Plus Size Betty Jacket

Fairs and Festivals

Shorts, sundresses, tops and jackets in fun colors to take you through the day at your favorite summer fairs and festivals.

General Tips

Keep an eye on your weather forecast, and plan accordingly. Even on an overcast day, you'll want to apply sunscreen and bring a hat or scarf and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the UV rays. Most festivals take place in an open air setting, so you'll be exposed to the elements all day long. Store a small, tote sized umbrella in case of rain.

It never hurts to scope out your venue ahead of time. Fairground and festival locations often have their own parking, but it is not always free. It does not hurt to know your alternatives in case you either choose or need to park further away.

Keep important items, like your tickets, pocket book and other essentials, in a tote or cross body strap bag so that you do not lose track of them. Try to keep what you carry to a minimum - you may accumulate more throughout the day and the added weight can tire you more easily. It is also wise to carry cash for spending money, and have it broken into smaller bills. Credit cards are not always an option, and vendors may not always have change.

Carry a water bottle, and refill it throughout the day. If you plan to stay for a while, you can become easily dehydrated and will need to replenish as the day goes on. Don't forget to take some time out of the sun, and try to either visit earlier or later in the day when the temperatrues are cooler.

Plus Size Sanibel Tie Dye Dress

What to Wear

Fairs and festivals tend to be a casual affair, so you'll want to be comfortable and dress for the weather. MiB has a wide selection of shorts in varying lengths, from cotton jersey to denim, that will pair with whatever top you choose. Wear lightweight fabrics, knit tops or tees and short sleeves - but keep something like our Betty Jacket close by for layering if the temperature changes. Or, if you'd rather wear a dress - we have some playful and vibrant options like our sheer Sanibel Tie Dye Dress that will brighten up your day and keep you cool.

Keep in mind that you will likely be on your feet and on the move throughout the day, so choose your shoes accordingly. Flats, sandals and sneakers are all good selections, depending on what you like best.

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy Fairs & Festivals, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


May 23, 2014

Happy Memorial Day weekend from MiB! - New Styles Available Now!

With the whirlwind of summer just around the corner, MiB has new plus size fashions to take you anywhere - whether you're hitting the pool or having a barbeque right in your own backyard. Don't forget to take our Summer Styles Quiz to find our your MiB Summer Style and shop items from our summer collection selected just for you!

Plus Size Pixie Dress

Sun Dressed

Longer length in breezy style - the Ebony Batik Maxi Dress is a hand-painted masterpiece. The smooth woven rayon will keep you cool and the longer length will take you from day into night flawlessly. Or, if you would prefer something a little shorter, the Pixie Dress features a vivid print on a backdrop of navy. The empire waistline flatters plus size figures!

Plus Size Serena Jacket

Whisper Soft

The soft chiffon of the Serena Jacket is a lightweight layering piece, perfect for the office or for a wedding. Wear with our MiB Shell or MiB Stretch Tank Top, and you'll have a polished, professional look with ease.

Plus Size Coventry Shirt Jacket

Art You Can Wear!

New for Winter Sun, the Coventry Shirt Jacket is beautiful art that you can wear. Made exclusively for MiB, it can be worn on its own or as a layer. Made out of 100% cotton, this garmetn is lightweight and superbly crafted. The soft hues and floral print make it a perfect addition to your wardrobe, regardless of season.

Shop these and more from our fabulous plus size summer collection here, and be sure to visit us again for more style and travel tips throughout the summer!


May 19, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

This week we've got tips for summers at the office. Check in next week for more!

Plus Size Lara Top

Striking Success

Professional business wear that can help you beat the heat while still looking great!

Sadly, vacations are only a portion of your summer. you may even find yourself working straight through. This does not mean that you cannot make the most of your summer while working your 9 to 5. Try some of these tips to make your summer at the office as enjoyable as possible!

General Tips

Even though you may be stuck at the office, remember to take the time for yourself. If you have a desk job, get up and move around for about 5 minutes every hour or so. This can help refresh your mind, and give you the little pick-me-up you need without having to go for a cup of coffee.

If possible, take breaks by enjoying a walk outdoors. Just a 10 minute walk is known to improve mood, and can help you tackle the rest of your day. The added bonus is the ever-important Vitamin D we receive from sunlight, which all of us need to maintain good health.

Rather than partaking in the office potluck or ordering out, try to bring a bag lunch. With your lunch and snacks easy at hand, you'll be able to keep your energy going throughout the day. Easy and healthy snacks like apples and fresh fruit are more nutritious options than most vending machine snacks, and they give you the energy you need to focus on important tasks.

Take time to nurture office relationships. Warmer weather, even in an air-conditioned environment, can occasionally make us feel restless and agitated. Maintaining a positive attitude and offering simple gestures, like greetings, can help diffuse some of the irritation.

Plus Size Linen Jacket

What to Wear

Many workplaces require business casual, or even something a little more formal. Wear breathable fabrics, like our linen line or lightweight cotton or rayon to give you the polish that you need, without the extra bulk of heavyweight fabric.

Modest skirts, like our Twill Pencil Skirt, can help keep you both cool and professional. Paired with our Twill Blazer and layered with a tank top or shell, and you've got a smart outfit without any fuss.

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy Striking Success, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


May 9, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

This week we've got tips for making the most of those summer soirees, or just spending the summer relaxing at home. Visit us next week for more style and travel tips - we'll be touching on each of our Summer Styles throughout the season!

Plus Size Sparkle Blue Dragonfly Dress

Summer Soirees

Summer is filled with celebration! Here's what you need to wear to your next summer party!

The warmth of summer is the perfect time for those special days. Whether you're attending a wedding, a baby shower or a birthday party, you'll want to look your best. But don't ever sacrifice comfort for style - you can still look great while beating the heat!

General Tips

Many of those special summer parties happen outdoors to take advantage of the warmer weather. You should always be mindful of the weather forecast, especially in the most hot and humid locations.

If you will be outdoors for an extended amount of time, wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn (there are foundations and lotions which have some SPF in them also). You can wear a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun out of your face and eyes, or sunglasses if you feel them appropriate for the event you are attending. If it looks like rain, there are also portable umbrellas that can easily fit into your purse or handbag. It never hurts to be prepared.

Keeping hydrated is extremely important. Drink water whenever possible, especially if you are planning on drinking alcohol. The summer heat may cause you to sweat, thereby causing you to become dehydrated more easily.

Plus Size Beaded Jacket

What to Wear

Wear lightweight, loose and breathable clothing. MiB offers many gorgeous plus size dresses, perfect for those summer parties. For day-into-night parties, also consider a light jacket for layering. MiB has an amazing Beaded Jacket that dresses up well with our Little Black Dress - perfect for the mother-of-the-bride or for any special evening. Our Lace Jacket is also a fabulous option.

Don't forget to accessorize - that perfect necklace, watch, bracelet or pair of earrings can really pull an outfit together.

If you plan to do a lot of dancing, flat or low heeled shoes can be your best friend. Remember, you want to be comfortable - and most importantly, have fun!

Plus Size Solstice Top

Relaxing at Home

Soak up all the love and life that's right in your own backyard. Our relaxed styles are a great excuse to invite your best friends and kick back in pure comfort.

Summer fun is often just around the corner! Whether you're working in the garden or planning a barbeque, these tips will help you be comfortable and casual, all while still looking fabulous!

Plus Size Garden Dress

General Tips

The hottest times of day are between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., so if you plan to do any outdoor activity at home, try to schedule them before or after these times. It is very important to wear sunscreen, even if it is overcast. Also wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your eyes.

Most importantly, don't forget to stay hydrated. Drink water before going outside, and keep a water bottle handy while you remain outdoors. you would be surprised at how easy it is to forget.

When gardening, don't forget to follow safe lifting practices to avoid back injury. (You can find more information on those at www.mayoclinic.org.) Keep your tools in good repair, and wear gloves and protective glasses. Store your tools in a safe location so that you and others do not hurt themselves.

Plus Size Shyla Embroidered Tunic

What to Wear

Because you're relaxing at home, your clothing is completely up to you. When outside in the heat, wear shorts and short sleeve shirts or dresses. MiB is really excited about our collection of plus size shorts (like our Denim Shorts!) in varying lengths, so we have something for everyone.

Stock up on your cotton knit basics, like our Waverly Top - or the adorable Carnival Henley Tee and Celebrity Tunic. Or if you're more of the dress type, you'll love the soft rayon of our Garden Dress!

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy Summer Soirees or Relaxing at Home, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


May 6, 2014

Summer Chic - New Styles Available Now!

Things are just starting to heat up here at MiB, and we've got new plus size fashions for whatever your summer has in store.

Don't forget to take our MiB Summer Styles Quiz to see a handpicked collection of our summer favorites, tailored to your needs!

New Tunics!

Plus Size Paige Cold Shoulder Tunic

The new Paige Cold Shoulder Tunic makes a bold statement in breezy open-shoulder style with adjustable sleeves. Paired with our soft plus size Leggings, you'll have a gorgeous, put-together look without any fuss.

Tropical hues and botanical motifs are a must this summer. Our Reef Tunic is the perfect summer style, with its bold coral reef pattern available in two colors.

Wide Leg Comfort

Wide Leg Pants can be a plus sized woman's best friend, giving you a straight line from the hip and flattering your shape. Our popular Favorite Knit Pants now come in flowing wide leg comfort. Made from the same soft cotton jersey knit of the original, they're sure to be a new favorite in your wardrobe for any season. Check out our new Wide Leg Favorite Knit Pants here!

Beautiful Batiks

Plus Size Meridian Pleat Blouse

This season we have several new bright and beautiful batiks - from our Meridian Pleat Blouse, to our Tamsin Oversize Shirt and the Abilene Batik Oversize Shirt. Each garment is a one-of-a-kind work of art, and is sure to wow!


Plus Size Starfish Pin

Add a touch of sparkle to your summer wardrobe with our new collection of accessories. The hand-crafted Starfish Pin and Tassle Tie Necklace are as versatile as they are beautiful. Our Bamboo Trim Hat is the perfect pack-and-wear item - and we also have adorable totes and handbags, perfect for the beach or the boardwalk.

Our Gift to You!

Plus Size Adjustable Strap Bag From now through May 20th if you spend $100 or more at MiB, you can receive one of these adorable Adjustable Strap Bags with your purchase for free!

Just use the promotion MYGIFT14 when ordering. One gift per order, while supplies last. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. One gift per customer. Not valid with previous purchases. No cash value.

Shop these and other new plus size items from our Summer collection now!

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


April 25, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

This week we'll focus on poolside glamour, and for those quick getaways. Visit us next week for more style and travel tips - we'll be touching on each of our Summer Styles throughout the season!

Plus Size Halter Tankini Top

Poolside Glamour

Confidence is key when wearing our variety of glamourous swimwear. Pair it with the right cover up and hit the beach in style. Mix, match, & wow!

Whether you're lounging by the pool or swimming laps, we've got the swimwear that you need!

Our styles are varied - from the cute Halter Tankini Top and Chloroban™ Swim Skirt, to the tried and true chlorine resistant Chloroban™ Skirted Swimsuit. With so many options available, it'll be easy to make it yours - and look fantastic no matter what you choose!

Here are a few tips to make your sun and sea experience a splash!

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics are a great, low impact way to get exercise and can be a lot of fun! Select from our many Chloroban™ swimwear styles to get the most bang for your buck for regular use in a chlorinated pool.

It can be easy to forget that even though you're surrounded by water, you're still working up a sweat during your workout! Keep a water bottle handy to replenish yourself, and sunblock if you're working out in an outdoor pool. Swim caps can be a useful accessory to protect your hair from the harsh pool chemicals, and goggles for your eyes. Even if you keep your head mostly above water, the splash can cause irritation.

A Day at the Beach

You don't want to forget the essentials when taking a trip to the beach. On a family vacation, pack a set of matching towels so that your spot will be distinctive from others. Make sure you are adequately protected with sunblock, have a pair of sunglasses, and wide brimmed hat to protect your from the sun - or best of all, a large umbrella serves the function of all of these combined.

And did you know that you can clean out an old sun block container for a safe place for your phone, money and keys? Even when bringing your beach bag with you (check out our MiB beach Clutch Bag) this can help keep those items safe when you're out enjoying the water. There are also any number of items to protect your valuables - from E-readers to cell phones, making them water and salt proof.

And do not forget the drinking water! Just like with swimming in the pool, your body is soaking up sun and losing water at the same time. Large bottles are best, and refill them as often as needed. The longer you're out, the more you'll need.

What to Wear

Plus Size Cape Cod Cover Up Your bathing suit is completely up to you. It's all about confidence! Know that no matter what you pick, no matter what you wear - you're about to hit the pool or the beach as a confident, beautiful women.

We have cute cover-ups to accessorize (like the Cape Cod, take a look!) as well as hats and handbags! Otherwise, your next best accessory in your smile!

Plus Size Rowen Tunic

Great Escapes

Quick-pack, wrinkle resistant and fun outfits. Get more versatility out of less -- you'll want to pack light for those last minute getaways.

General Tips

For that weekend getaway, always keep in mind where you're going and where you want to be. Last miute destination travel can be expensive and lodging may be difficult to find. Shopping on third party websites for hotels does not guarantee you the amenities you (or even the location) that you need. It is always best to inquire directly with the hotel for their best rates and to find out what their amenities and availability are. Look for something close enough to the action where you won't have to go far to find it, but be cost conscious and find something maybe a little off of the the beaten path.

Last minute travel essentials, like toiletries, may be easily forgotten for that last minute trip. Hotels often have these sundries available for free at their front desk or in their housekeeping departments, or on sale (albeit for a bit of a higher price) at their gift shop whenever one is on site.

What to Wear

Plus Size Voyage Reversible Jacket MiB has many cute, easily packable - shake 'em and wear 'em options that will work no matter what activity you have in mind for that weekend getaway! Take a look at these sweet and sassy Rowen and Oxford Tunics. Throw on a pair of leggings to match, and you're set for a quick trip and a new destination!

Something versatile, like our Voyage Reversible line, will give you several options with fewer things to pack. Take a pair of jeans, a cute skirt (Concourse Skirt, anyone?) and a few of these reversible items (don't forget a jacket!) and you're set for anything you might come across.

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy Poolside Glamour or Great Escapes, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


April 18, 2014

Travel and Style Tips for Your Summer Style!

Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and view items for our new summer collection handpicked just for you!

This week we've brought together some travel and style tips to help you make the most of your summer, whether you're hitting the big city or taking that all-inclusive getaway. Visit us next week for more - we'll be touching on each of our Summer Styles throughout the season!

Plus Size Trinity Cape Sleeve Top

#1 - Urban Adventures

High comfort while still keeping with high style. Sophistication never means sacrificing comfort!

You know you've dreamed of it: visiting New York City, gazing up at the high-rises, the life of the city bubbling around you. A musical tonight. A fancy restaurant afterward. Glamorous boutiques, ripe for the picking tomorrow. If this sounds like your idea of fun, you are our Urban Adventurer and these tips are for you!

General Tips

Be prepared for a lot of walking! While many larger cities have public transportation, like taxi cabs, busses and subway rail systems, the real ambiance of enjoying your day in the city is simply strolling around, looking for the best boutiques and restaurants!

It never hurts to prepare yourself ahead of time so that you don't burn out on day 1 of your trip. A few weeks before you head out to your destination, start taking casual walks around your neighborhood (if you are not doing so already). A quick turn around the block, every day or two, will get you used to taking strides at some distance. Add a couple of minutes each day to work up stamina.

Always be mindful of the temperature and the weather forecast. Even when surrounded by those high-rise buildings, sweltering temperatures can sneak up on you quickly. Keep a bottle of water on hand, and don't neglect the sunblock. If needed, step inside a store to browse and take advantage of their air conditioning before continuing along. A purse sized umbrella makes a great quick-tote accessory, in case of those out-of-nowhere rainstorms, or a cute windbreaker could also do the trick. (We happen to have such a thing, our Hooded Windbreaker!)

Try to avoid hauling around large purses whenever possible, a small clutch or purse with your essentials should get you far, and keep it close to your person. You'll already likely have your hands full with some of your great finds, so don't carry more than you have to.

Public Transit

If you're not used to travelling in large cities, understanding the train and bus routes and schedules is going to be instrumental to your success. They usually have printed schedules, as well as posted schedules available. When in doubt, you can always ask your driver or a ticketing agent for further assistance and directions. They may know the best routes to take, even if you think you've figured out one for yourself!

What to Wear

Plus Size Print Linen Blouse Comfy and Chic is where you'll want to be. In warmer climes you'll want to wear breathable fabrics (linen is a great option, like our versatile plus size Linen Collection). Flat shoes are recommended for the amount of walking you'll do, unless your trek out will be mostly by public transit (dinner and the theater, anyone?) then you can wear whatever is comfortable.

A cute skirt will help you beat the heat while still looking fabulous. The Concourse Skirt can be dressed up or down, and breathes like a dream. Check out all our new skirts here.

Plus Size Beaded Jacket For that night at the theater, think something like our Venus Pants or a pair of Leggings and a sassy tunic or blouse, like the Pyce Tunic. Or if you prefer skirts and dresses, the gorgeous Beaded Jacket with our Little Black Dress pair beautifully for something simple with that perfect touch of glam.

Plus Size MiB Board Shorts

#2 - Adventures at Sea

Day-to-Night wear, swim wear, and semi-formal wear for those elegant dinners and evenings. All the pieces you need for everything a cruise has to offer.

Summertime is the perfect time to take that special cruise or visit that all-inclusive resort. With poolside activities, elegant dinners, sunbathing, shore excursions and more - there's a little something for everyone! If this sounds like your ideal vacay, then you fit into our Adventures at Sea Summer Style, and these tips are for you!

General Tips

The best part about your cruise or resort experience is that so many of your needs are already taken care of (hence, "all-inclusive")! Try not to forget your essentials though; sunblock, toiletries, etc. While they may have a variety of these things available for sale on the ship or at your resort, they are typically far more expensive than if you brought your own from home. But just in case something slips through the cracks, there are often sundries available for purchase - or even for free!

Don't forget the sunglasses and the wide-brimmed hat! You'll be catching a lot of sun, and these accessories will make your trip much more enjoyable, and are perfect for strolling the deck or on your shore excursions.

Emergency Preparedness

While your cruise line does their very best prevent any potential emergencies, such as power outages and engine failure, you may want to be prepared in the event that something like this may occur. Here is a list of 8 Items to Pack in Your Cruise Ship Emergency Kit from www.travelinsurancereview.net.

Some of these may be helpful in a resort situation as well. Do keep in mind that the staff at your resort or on your cruise ship is professionally trained to handle emergencies as they occur. In the event of an emergency, allow them to help you whenever possible, and do your best to stay calm.

What to Wear

Plus Size Lace Jacket Whether you're boarding a cruise or visiting a resort, you'll want a variety of outfits that go from day-to-night, casual-to-formal, seamlessly!

A variety of light, easy to pack garments are going to be your best friend - and don't forget to accessorize! These will help you turn a simple day outfit into a gorgeous night outfit for that Captain's Dinner! Our plus size Little Black Dress and the Lace Jacket are the perfect pair for such an event. Either can be dressed up or down flawlessly.

Plus Size Sanibel Tie Dye Dress For those warm days at poolside or strolling the shore, throw on our fabulous MiB monogrammed Board Shorts, or the feisty Sanibel Tie Dye Dress as a cover up. Top if off with our Bamboo Hat and you're good to go!

We hope you've enjoyed our style and travel tips! We understand that these are not all inclusive, and welcome any tips you'd like to add! Feel free to e-mail us with more at mib@makingitbig.com.

If you enjoy Urban Adventures or Adventures at Sea, we've handpicked some of our new Summer line just for you! Shop these styles now!> Summer Styles

Don't yet know your MiB Summer Style? Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find out!


April 7, 2014

Welcome to Summer!

We're very excited for the beginning of our new season, and can't wait to show you what's in store!

Plus Size Garden DressSummer is all about those special events, relaxing at home family vacations, gardening, cruises and more! We've discovered twelve distinct summer styles to fit your needs. Take our Summer Styles Quiz to find your MiB Summer Style, and shop styles handpicked just for you!
Plus Size 

Linen ShellNew for summer, meet MiB's updated plus size linen-rayon line. Breathable, comfortable separates in a variety of colors: mix and match to look your best! Perfect for the office or for casual wear, this line can help you beat the heat while still looking great.
Plus Size 

Concourse SkirtMiB is also thrilled to present our first skirt collection! The fabulous versatility of our Concourse Skirt is sure to make it an instant favorite. Look for variety of skirts in varying lengths, including the Visa Tiered Skirt, MiB's Denim Skirt and the Remeleen Skirt.
Plus Size 

MiB Board ShortsAnd let's talk about shorts! From our Board Shorts, perfect for poolside fun, to our longer length Walking Shorts for strolling through the city, we've got just what you need. Dare to bare your legs-these shorts are available just in time for the hot weather ahead!
Plus Size 

Halter Bikini Swim TopNew this summer, meet our glamourous swimwear line! Check out the fun and flirty Halter Bikini Swim Top and the Hi Rise Swim Bottoms. Or maybe you're more of a tankini sort of gal? Our Halter Tankini Top and Chloroban™ Swim Shorts might be just what you're looking for! MiB has full suits and separates, whatever you need to feel confident and beautiful at poolside. All of our Swimwear is now manufactured from the fantastic chlorine resistant Chloroban™ material and is made right here in the USA, so you know that they're made to last. Quality materials, fabulous fit and gorgeous styles. Who could ask for more?

And this is all just the beginning. Shop our new styles here for more, and don't forget to take our quiz to find our your MiB Summer Style. We'll also be updating you all summer with travel and style tips to fit your needs, so stay tuned!


March 10, 2014

Spring Style Starts Here!

Just in time to kick off the last of Winter's chill-MiB has new items in our Spring Collection that you're sure to love!
Plus Size Andie Open Sleeve BlousePerfect for St. Patrick's Day, the soft crinkle rayon Andie Open Sleeve Blouse has a bold contemporary pattern and flirty open sleeves that'll make you the life of the party. Pair it with crops or a pair of our popular plus size leggings to complete this carefree and casual look.
Plus Size 

Kalliope TunicThe Kalliope Tunic will be a striking addition to your Spring wardrobe. This 100% rayon, hand-batik piece of art features feminine flutter sleeves and a rounded neckline. It's the perfect tunic for those special spring events.
Plus Size 

Daryl Swim Top As we ramp up for Summer, MiB also introduces new items to our plus size fashion swimwear collection. Make a splash with the soft confetti print of our Daryl Swim Top. Don't forget to pair with our must-have Chloroban Swim Shorts!
And who doesn't love tie dye? Whether you're looking for something soft and feminine, or for something bold-MiB has got you covered. The Joplin Tie Dye Tee and the Kerouac Tie Dye Tee join our collection of soft 100% cotton, made in USA favorites. They even look amazing with our tie dye Black Rock Leggings
Plus Size 

Joplin Tie Dye Tee Plus Size 

Kerouac Tie Dye Tee

Shop these and other fabulous Spring styles NOW!


February 17, 2014

New Styles for Spring, Available Now!

Spring has arrived at MiB, and we have some fresh new styles you won't want to miss out on! With a selection of bright patterns, sassy tunics, flirty dresses and more--there's a little something for everyone that'll get you ready for the warmer weather ahead!
Plus Size Calypso TunicThe Calypso Tunic gives you just the right hint of color. The gorgeous embroidered details, sequins with just a hint of sparkle, and coordinating fabric colored buttons make this a unique and beautiful layering piece. Pair it with our Leggings or the Stretch Twill Trousers for a clean, put-together look.
Plus Size 

Splash Swim DressOur new Splash Swim Dress is sure to make waves, whether you're headed out on a cruise, or taking a dip in the pool. This cute one-piece suit is perfect for everyday use, as it is made out of the resilient Chloroban™ material. Offered in Black and Purple!
Plus Size 

Hooded Windbreaker Rain or shine, MiB's got you covered! Take a look at our Hooded Windbreaker, which exercises style as well as function. You'll love the snap front pockets and zip-in hood! A perfect companion for those rainy Spring days. Offered in three colors. Take a look at this and other great plus size outerwear here!
Plus Size 

Blanche Dress We know that you love the beauty and unique qualities of our batik "art to wear" pieces! The hand-batik halter Blanche Dress is sure to make a statement! Perfect for the warmer weather, layer it with the Betty Jacket to make your outfit a day-to-night sensation! We have several new plus size dresses available for you to choose from this season. Take a look!
Plus Size 

Betty Jacket
Don't forget to stock up on your MiB Basics, now offered in several new colors for Spring!

Stop by our new plus size items for more fun Spring styles!


January 31, 2014

Your New Favorite Jeans!

Jeans are a year-round favorite, and this Spring season we've got something fresh in store for you. The New MiB Pocket Jeans are comfortable stretch denim with a classic pocket style! Featuring both front and back pockets, contrast stitching and an extra wide, non-gathered waistband-these are sure to be your new favorite jeans!
size MiB Pocket Jeans
Pair them up with the right top for a stunning, put-together look. Just look at how fabulous they look when paired with the Mykonos Blouse!
size Mykonos Blouse

Click here to shop Denim!


January 29, 2014

What is 'Plus Size'?

MiB has worked exclusively with plus size models for the fit and photography of our garments for over 30 years. This is extremely important to us, because not only does it allow us to provide you with the best fitting clothing for the plus size woman-but it shows you just how our clothes will look on you, not on a size 10 or 12.
Recently PLUS Model Magazine posted the results of a survey conducted by their readers, asking them what they thought about Plus Size models and plus size in the modeling industry. The general perception of this hot topic just might surprise you! Take a look!
And don't forget to visit us and "Like" our Facebook Page for more hot topics, product highlights and more!

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December 13, 2013

How to Properly Measure Your Body With Reah Norman!

MiB is excited to re-introduce you to Reah Norman!

If you haven't already heard of her, Reah is a highly sought-after fashion & product stylist, plus fashion expert, and the Executive Fashion Director for PLUS Model Magazine. If those things weren't enough, she also takes time out of her busy schedule to model for us at MiB!
As you know, here at MiB our focus has always been on providing the best fit for the plus and super plus size woman. We make it a priority to be directly involved with the design and fit of each of our products. We have our own unique sizing system and sizing chart that corresponds with YOUR body measurements. Which is why we are excited to see that Reah is just as focused on fit for the plus size woman as we are!

Below is a video from Reah's, youtube channel that details how to properly measure your body. Our favorite tip? How to find your natural waist!

Copyright 2013 / Reah's Quick Tip: How to Properly Measure Your Body / Reah Norman

Visit Reah at her website, www.reahnorman.com for more fashion tips and see how she's living outside the fashion box!

Click here to shop NEW items at MiB!


November 5, 2013

Must-haves For Your 2013 Winter Wardrobe!


size Chenille HenleyWinter is here at MiB and you won't want to miss out on over 50 new upper plus size styles! This season's collection is filled with beautifully detailed tunics, cozy and comfortable sweaters and fabulous flannels. Whether you need an outfit for a holiday party or a rainy afternoon we have a style just for you.
Plus Size Stardust JacketThe Stardust Jacket is your chance to shine! Available in Brown or Mauve, this plus size jacket has it all with a subtle shimmer and a unique textured pattern. Combine with our new MiB Shell and any of our pants to create an enchanting ensemble. It conveys style and grace and is sure to brighten any chilly winters night!
Plus Size 

Tahara Tunic The Tahara Tunic is a classic MiB silhouette and a must-have! Winter wouldn't be complete without the soft rayon and botanical red print of this plus size tunic. It has a flattering eliptical hem that is perfect for any upper plus size figure. Pair this tunic with our Favorite Knit Pants or our MiB Leggings to make a complete outfit!
Plus Size 

Cheque Oversize Shirt The Cheque Oversize Shirt is a new twist on your favorite MiB Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt! As always, a perfect plus size fit with its pleated front and back yokes and shirttail hem. This oversize silhouette stands out with a subtle jacquard check pattern that is available in all our latest seasonal colors! It's also a perfect layering piece that can be paired with our popular Ella V Neck Tee or our Simple Tee.

Click here to shop Winter items!


October 2, 2013

Stylish Plus Size Jackets and Sweaters for Fall!


size Vienna JacketFall is finally here! It's time to get ready for the cooler weather and shorter days with some stylish plus size jackets and sweaters. Here are a few Fall plus size fashion pieces you're sure to love!
Plus Size Beatrice Jacket The Beatrice Jacket is designed with the upper plus size woman in mind! It is decorated with multicolored felted yarn which creates a luxuriously textured and inspired garment. Its beautiful blend of colors screams Fall and is a perfect jacket for the office, chilly evening, or weekend getaway!
Plus Size 

Bronwyn Pullover The Bronwyn Pullover is a must have for the stylish plus size woman this Fall! Its plush, garment-dyed chenille will keep you comfy and warm without losing any style! The diagonal hemline and slanted three button placket makes for an original and creative addition to your wardrobe. This plus size sweater is sure to help you welcome the season!

Click here to shop ALL Outerwear!


May 5, 2013

Art You Can Wear


size Rochana TunicAdd depth to your wardrobe with new Winter Sun pieces and other gorgeous new Summer styles! These styles truly are works of art that you can wear. Intensely original, hand-painted and hand-batiked garments allow you to create your own individual look; knowing that what you wear is absolutely one of a kind while helping make the world a better place.
Plus Size Ryder TunicThe Ryder Tunic is made up of cool woven cotton and a mix of brightly colored patches of beautiful fabric. The eye-catching print and unique asymmetrical hemline intensifies the striking effect. This tunic looks great when paired with Capri Leggings. This is a great everyday plus size tunic to wear while running errands or to a weekend barbeque with friends and family.
Plus Size 

Cala Kurta TunicThe Cala Kurta Tunic is the perfect dressy top for Summer and would look fantastic when worn with our plus size Venus Pants to a wedding or for a busy day at the office. The popular kurta tunic style and gorgeous colors that are available make this batiked style one of a kind and the perfect piece for you to wear this season.

Click here to shop Art You Can Wear!


April 5, 2013

Summer has arrived at MiB!

Plus Size Merletto BlouseThis Summer, we have a great selection of new brightly colored tops, tunics, dresses and swimwear. New tops, new dresses and new colors so stock up on your favorite basics in gorgeous Summer colors before they sell out!

Size Pleat Front Denim DressThe Pleat Front Denim Dress is the perfect casual Summer dress for a comfy and trendy look that can be dressed up with bright accessories and a fun pair of shoes! This dress is great because you can pair denim with anything!

Size Hadley TeeBe sure to stock up on your favorite MiB basics in all of the beautiful Summer colors we have to offer. Whether you are a fan of our popular Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt or you prefer a more contemporary style such as our plus size Hadley Tee, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for in a color that suits you.

Click here to shop MiB's new plus size Summer Collection!


March 22, 2013, 2013

Model Search Winner!

MiB Model SearchWe are so happy to announce the winner of our 2013 plus size Model Search...Congratulations to Judy from Florissant, MO! This was such a tough decision as we had so many gorgeous women enter our Model Search. Be sure to check back to see Judy modeling in one of our upcoming seasons!

Click here to shop MiB's newest plus size styles.


March 1, 2013, 2013

MiB Best-seller!

plus size UndiesYour favorite! A color a day for work and play! Our plus size 100% cotton Undies are a customer favorite and have received high ratings.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. These are the best panties I have found. The fit is terrific and they are so very comfortable." - Angela

These plus size Undies are made of an ultra-soft cotton jersey that will keep you comfortable all day long. Sewn to last, these cotton Undies have covered elastic at the waist and legs and come in basic black and white as well as other fun colors like blue, pink and green.

These easy-care machine washable plus size Undies are made in the USA and will last wear after wear.

Special offer for a limited time only - Buy 5 white or 5 colored Undies and save $10! Buy 5 pairs of white Undies and pay $17/each, buy 5 pairs of colored Undies and pay $19/each. Use code: UNDIES before this offer ends on April 1, 2013.

Click here to shop MiB's best-selling plus size Undies.


February 18, 2013

MiB Model Search!

2013 Model SearchWe are looking for YOU, a beautiful plus size woman to model some of the gorgeous styles we have in our upcoming Fall 2013 catalog.

The winner of our 2013 plus size model search will receive a 4 day / 3 night trip to charming California Wine Country, including:
  • Round trip airfare between San Francisco and the major airport nearest your home
  • A $500 allowance for transportation and food
  • A professional hair and makeup consultation
  • The opportunity to model our exciting new Fall fashions for the catalog and web

The deadline to submit your entry for the model search is March 1, 2013.

Click here to enter MiB's 2013 plus size Model Search.


January 18, 2013

New Spring styles now available at MiB!!

Plus Size Ziva JacketThe upcoming Spring season, brings new styles to MiB! New tunics, new dresses and new colors in your favorite, ever-popular basics!

Plus Size Kadee DressThe Kadee Dress is the perfect flowy Spring dress for a comfy and trendy look for going out with friends or attending a wedding! This sleeveless dress is perfect to wear on a warmer day or can be dressed up with more coverage when you pair it with the Kadee Jacket.

Plus Size Tie Dye Swim TopBe sure to stock up on everything from swimwear to dresses and tunics and our popular plus size crop pants new plus size styles so you can stylish and comfortable all season long.

Click here to shop MiB's new Spring Collection!


October 31, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Winter is here at MiB!

Plus Size MiB Wool CoatChanging seasons, changing styles! This winter brings new colors in our ever-popular basics as well as a whole line of new plus size winter styles.

Plus Size Maci TunicThe Maci Tunic pairs perfectly with leggings for a comfy look for going out with friends or a holiday family gathering.

Be sure to stock up on all these new plus size styles so you can stay cozy and stylish all season long.

Click here to shop MiB's new Winter Collection!


July 27, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Welcome to MiB's Perfect Fit Fall Collection!

Plus Size Caiden TunicChanging seasons bring changing styles. We are proud to release our newest fall plus size fashions for 2012. This season we have an array of upper plus size long tunics and cozy sweaters and cardigans in gorgeous jewel tones.

Plus Size Versa SweaterThe Versa Sweater is one of our new cozy plus size sweaters that pairs perfectly with jeans or leggings for a comfy weekend outfit.

Also new for this fall season: the plus size Cuff Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt, the 100% cotton shirt that is styled after our plus size Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt. Thanks to your feedback and desire for new style options, we designed this shirt with button cuffs and no pockets. It's a smart clean look that will carry you through the season.

Click here to shop MiB's new Fall Collection!


June 26, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Introducing Your New Favorites

Plus Size Dani TopBack by popular demand, these 6 new for summer styles are some of our most popular styles. One of the new plus size styles that is back in stock is the Dani Top. With its classic polo shirt styling, this upper plus size top is a comfy favorite available in six colors. The plus size Dani Top looks perfect when paired with your favorite MiB plus size jeans for a casual and comfortable look.

Plus Size Dragonfly TunicThe Dragonfly Tunic is also back as a summer favorite. Available in blue or purple, this plus size tunic looks great with Leggings or Venus Pants for a dressier look.

Also new for this summer season: the plus size hand-batiked Molly Blouse, the perfectly priced, 100% cotton Hanna Blouse, the lightweight, embroidered Kaylin Blouse and the hand-batiked, floral print Amy Tunic.

Click here to shop the rest of these popular Summer Favorites.


June 15, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Plus Size Jeans and T-Shirts: Stay Cool in Summer Weight Denim

Plus Size Jeans and T-Shirts: Stay Cool in Summer Weight Denim
Four pieces from MiB are featured on Kim Brittingham's blog.

"Jeans and a t-shirt. It’s the classic uniform for relaxation. But many of us put aside our favorite denim when summer heat sets in. Seems a shame that the season of relaxation should be inconsistent with comfy blue jeans. Thanks to great styles of summer weight denim, you can continue playing in jeans, right through the most sweltering months. I’ve hunted down four perfect picks for summertime jeans in plus sizes, and paired them with fun t-shirt options in sizes to 7X — along with jazzy sandals available in wide widths, for cherubically chubby feet!"

Click here to read the rest of the blog post!


June 11, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Summer Shorts & Crops!

Plus Size Arista Crop PantsWith summer fast approaching, MiB offers all the styles you’ll need for every occasion. We offer plus size crop pants in crinkle cotton to keep you cool. The Arista Crop Pants are offered in basic black and white and also fun summer colors like green, lilac and marine blue.

Plus Size Stretch Twill Shorts Looking for the perfect shorts for when the sun really shines? MiB’s Stretch Twill Shorts are made from a soft cotton twill with a hint of spandex. These plus size shorts pair perfectly with a basic tee or one of our new summer print tees. The stretch in the shorts will make them the ideal choice for a summer barbeque in the heat or a stroll through the park on a relaxing weekend.

Plus Size Venus Crop PantsThe plus size Venus Crop Pants are a winning choice for a dressier occasion in the warmer weather. These crop pants are perfect to wear to the office with a buttoned up blouse or to a summer celebration with a gorgeous flowing top. These 100% rayon pants also feature an elastic waist for comfort and pockets for convenience and are available in extended plus sizes.

Be sure to stock up now on these summer basics and give us a call M-F, 8-5 PST at 877-644-1995 if you need assistance in putting together the perfect Summer outfit.


April 4, 2012

What's New at MiB!

Stock up and save!

It’s time to build your plus size wardrobe! MiB Plus Size is having a Stock-Up Sale! Buy any 1 of the selected favorite styles and get a 2nd at 50% off. Over 20 styles to choose from!

Plus Size Ella V-Neck TeeThis season is in full bloom and it’s the perfect time to grab great deals on classic plus size and super plus size basic tees and pants. We have a variety of plus size tees available from short sleeve to long sleeve turtlenecks. Have you been searching for the perfect plus size crops to wear this season? We have plus size and super plus size crops, pants and jeans to choose from, all with the comfortable, flattering fit you depend on in size 0X to 8X from MiB.

This great offer from MiB plus sizes is only available until 4/13/12 so shop now and stock up on these upper plus size basics.


December 20, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Holiday Favorites at Great Prices!

Add a little sparkle and shine to your holiday ensemble! These plus size picks are perfect for a company holiday party or a gathering with family and friends.

Plus Size Satin Trim BlouseWith delicate embroidery throughout the whole blouse, the plus size Satin Trim Blouse is the perfect choice this holiday season. Dress this blouse up with our popular Wide Leg Venus Pants, cute flats and a fun necklace to wear to a holiday party or dinner with family. This blouse is trimmed in gorgeous coordinating satin which adds a feminine touch. Available in Beet, Black or Navy, this long sleeve blouse won’t be too heavy to wear all day long. Available for $69, this plus size style is lightweight and made of 100% cotton.

Plus Size Royale Henley Tee Keeping it casual but craving something eye-catching? The new plus size Royale Henley Tee is available in three fabulous winter colors (Charcoal, Heather and Plum). This new tee will be your go-to favorite with its subtle stripes that add visual interest. Long sleeves and classic Henley styling make this top perfect for pairing with MiB’s Relaxed Fit Jeans and kicking back comfortably this holiday. This comfy plus size shirt is available in three colors for $59.

Plus Size Crinkle Swing Jacket Looking for the perfect addition to your already marvelous plus size holiday outfit? Wear the new Crinkle Swing Jacket in Burgundy, Navy or Silver over your favorite basic tee to dress up your look. You can easily go from day to evening in this jacket by adding accessories for a night out or a fancy holiday get together. This fun fashion jacket can be yours in any of the three gorgeous colors for only $69!

All these styles are available for $69 and under! Shop now to get these great styles before the Holiday season sneaks up on you!


November 16, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Winter Shimmer

Searching for the perfect top to wear this holiday season? MiB has over 20 new tops for the cold weather season. Whether your holiday tradition is dressy or casual, we have the perfect top for you. Plus Size Shimmer Blouse Plus Size Symphony CowlSearching for the perfect top to wear this holiday season? MiB has over 20 new tops for the cold weather season. Whether your holiday tradition is dressy or casual, we have the perfect top for you.

Going somewhere that requires a bit of glitz and glamour? MiB’s Shimmer Blouse comes in four different colors (Antique Jade, Beet, Peacock and Wineberry). This gorgeous plus size blouse is made from a shimmery rayon fabric refecting yuor inner radiance. The Shimmer Blouse looks great when you pair it with our Wide Leg Venus Pants that are cut full through the leg for non-clinging comfort.

Our new Symphony Cowl will be a great choice for those who want to look a little dressier and prefer matte over shine. Available in four fabulous colors (Black, Rust, Teal and Violet), the neckline of this top nicely frames any necklace you choose to wear. We suggest pairing this top with the Silver Cinque Necklace. For ultimate comfort and style this holiday, pair the Symphony Cowl with the new Symphony Pants.

Plus Size MiB Flannel Blouse

If you are looking to keep it casual this holiday season, be sure to pick up the MiB Flannel Blouse in either Red or Green. Pair this plus size flannel with Relaxed Fit Jeans and a cozy pair of boots. This fabulously soft and cozy 100% cotton flannel will transition nicely from dinnertime to curling up fireside.


October 27, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Wonderful Weekend Wear

Long week? Time to wind down with the great styles from MiB that are perfect for a weekend full of relaxation and recharging.

Plus Size Bindi TunicPlus Size Jasper Vest First up is the Bindi Tunic. Made of a luxuriously soft rayon jersey, this plus size style goes well with our equally comfy Anywhere Pants or a pair of MiB Leggings. This tunic also features bright tie-dye along the asymmetrical hemline that will be sure to brighten up your day.

Another fall favorite that is perfect for kicking back and keeping cozy is the Jasper Vest. This lightweight style is perfect for layering over a basic tee or the popular Mock Turtleneck. With a hint of stretch, the plus size Jasper Vest looks great in Black, Heather or Wine and flatters every shape.

Plus Size Quilted Swing CoatSpending the weekend relaxing outdoors? Look no further than the plus size Quilted Swing Coat. This cozy, quilt-like coat is perfect for crisp morning walks or chilly nights spent by the fire. Featuring a pleat below the back yoke, this jacket is cut full near the hemline and perfect for fuller hips. Choose either Black, Astronaut Blue or Dragonfly Green and keep warm this weekend.


October 18, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Swing Style: The Fit that Flatters

Plus Size Erika Swing TunicAre you looking for a cling-free fit that won’t pull or feel tight when you sit down? MiB has a variety of swing styles that are perfect for pear shapes. Whether you prefer tees, tunics or jackets, MiB has a swing style to suit your curves.

Swing style tops and jackets are great for full hips and tummies because they angle out at the hips, floating over your curves. MiB is featuring three different tops that all have one thing in common…the flattering and comfortable swing silhouette. The plus size Erika Swing Tunic is a Fall favorite. Along with the softly flared silhouette, the Erika Swing Tunic catches your eye in four fabulous colors. The cotton/linen blend tunic has two front pockets and looks great when worn with leggings, cute boots and a scarf.

Plus Size Stripe Swing Top Looking for something shorter than a tunic? You’ll love MiB’s Stripe Swing Top. Offered in five colors, the plus size Striped Swing Top is 100% cotton and a perfect match for your favorite MiB Jeans. This flattering plus size top also features long sleeves and a purl stitched hem.

Plus Size Harlow Swing Jacket Looking for something to layer against the chill in the air? You’ll be sure to feel cozy and chic in the Harper Swing Jacket. This versatile and vivaciously colored jacket features the popular swing silhouette and other gorgeous details. Hand-batiking, a notched collar and ¾ sleeves are all details that will make you love this jacket even more. While swing styles are ideal for fuller hips and tummies, this style can be worn by anyone who loves style and a flattering fit.


September 27, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Fall into Fall!

New for fall at MiB are some of the coziest plus size sweaters ever in rich, gorgeous colors!
Whether you like an open cardigan to pair with a basic tee, or a flowy pullover to cover your middle, MiB offers an array of comfy, flattering plus size styles. You're sure to find a design that works for you all season long.

Plus Size Ashland Cardigan Plus Size Stripe Tee Available in three fab fall colors, the trendy Ashland Cardigan features a shawl collar and an open front, perfect for showcasing our coordinating Stripe Tee This ultra-soft ribbed sweater has long sleeves for cooler days but also looks great when pushed up to the elbow when you’re feeling warm.
Plus Size Sierra Sweater Another timeless look is a V-neck sweater. The V-neckline is universally flattering and looks even better when paired with a fun scarf, like our Winter Sun Scarf. Our Sierra Sweater is available in gorgeous jewel tones and has short sleeves for more arm movement while still keeping you warm. This style would look great with any of the MiB vests, as well.
Any solid color sweater can be dressed up with a fun necklace or scarf, bringing the focus to your face and decolletage. Try pairing a basic black sweater with a bold, bright colored necklace!

Sweaters provide nearly infinite pairing combinations. All MiB plus size sweaters coordinate beautifully with your favorite pair of jeans for a comfy, fashionable look. Layer sweaters with a longer top and leggings for relaxing on the weekends while cozying up with a good book or your favorite show. Add a belt to accentuate your curves and head out to take on the world!


September 2, 2011

What's New at MiB!

A Perfect Fit - All Year Long!

Autumn's arrival brings new MiB styles for your perfect-fit plus size wardrobe: Clothes that complement your curves without skimping on fashion.
Our Fall collection offers a wealth of seasonal choices plus the classic quality favorites you expect from MiB. We're committed to bringing you perfectly sized, perfectly lovely clothing you can feel good about wearing - all season long.
Plus Size Luxor Crinkle TunicPlus Size Nina Dress
Inspire Romance. Elegant lines, captivating curves, beautiful you. Our plus size Luxor Crinkle Tunic (right) combines vibrant color and irresistible texture to convey elegance and versatility.

Love your curves in the plus size Nina Dress (left). A hint of spandex delivers the perfect fit while the ruffles at hem add the style you crave.
The Nina Dress was featured at Five Favorite Things this week. Thanks, Moe!


July 15, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Summer Styles!

The plus size marketplace is crowded, but not all plus size clothing collections are created equal. We're proud that MiB stands out from the rest and attribute our success to one thing: community.

When it comes down to it, MiB is about people. People dedicated to developing patterns that achieve the perfect fit for plus size women. People finding artisans across the globe who create exquisite fabrics for our collections. People focused on sourcing fiber-reactive dyes, finding paper from sustainable forests and implementing green business practices.

And that's just the beginning. Our community includes our models - whose curves provide the proportions for exceptional fit. It includes our team of style specialists who act as your personal shoppers. It includes those who package and ship your order with care and diligence.

All of our teams are part of a broader community - the plus size community. A community that includes our customers, our coworkers, our families, and our friends. That's why creating beautiful clothing isn't simply a business. It's our passion and our life's work. That's what sets MiB apart.

Delicate bodice pintucks and soft crinkle cotton make the plus size St. Croix Blouse a must-have. Styled to flatter apple-shaped figures, this easy-care classic is perfect for summer.

Shop now for the gorgeous plus size Kaylin Blouse. Embroidery brings this blouse to life, adding stylish details to a classic cut. Made with the legendary MiB fit, you are assured of a flattering top you'll wear again and again.

MiB's attention to detail makes all their plus size clothes exceptional.


May 26, 2011

What's New at MiB!

MiB Model Making Dreams Come True

Longtime MiB model, Tesia Johnson, dreams of educational opportunities and success for economically disadvantaged children. Her vision led to her involvement in the "I Have a Dream" Foundation, a non-profit foundation that supports children from elementary school through high-school graduation in order to prepare them for college acceptance.
"I Have a Dream" makes a long-term commitment to these kids, providing them with mentoring, tutoring, academic advising, social and cultural enrichment activities and parent workshops.

MiB shares that commitment, which is why we will donate $10 from each sale of our NEW Carri Tunic to the "I Have a Dream" Foundation. MiB will also match your direct donations to this foundation.

Tesia has worked on three IHAD projects in the past six years and says, "We KNOW and have proven over and over that when you set high expectations for children and give them the proper support to reach those expectations they WILL succeed."

MiB believes in Tesia and the IHAD Foundation. We hope you will too.

MiB will donate $10 from each sale of the Carri Tunic and will match individual donations up to a combined total of $1,000.00 for 2011. You can make a direct donation to IHAD at www.ihad-eastoakland.org. Use the "Network For Good" button and enter MiB MATCH in the box labeled, "Designation".


May 21, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Into the Swim of Things!

The Halter SwimsuitFinding a figure-flattering swimsuit can be a challenge. Our hope is that when you wear an MiB swimsuit, designed for your plus size curves, you will feel confident and stylish.

Here are a few of the newest additions to the MiB Swimwear Collection that we are excited to spotlight.

One of the latest trendy swimsuit style by MiB is the Halter Swimsuit featuring retro pin-up style and a classic navy and white polka dot pattern.

The fun details of the Halter Swimsuit make it perfect for a sunny day at the beach or reading a page-turning book by the pool. The Halter Swimsuit has ruching across the stomach for a flattering waistline while the flirty skirt provides you with maximum coverage and style.

The Leah SwimsuitThe Leah Swimsuit is cleverly designed to mimic a two-piece suit with the comfort of a one-piece suit. Loose fitting around the mid-section, the Leah Swimsuit perfect for fuller hips. The flowing attached skirt makes the Leah Swimsuit the perfect suit for plus size women with fuller thighs.

MiB Swim Top For those who prefer a more "mix-and-match" approach, the classic Swim Top from MiB is a perfect choice. It comes in five different colors, (red, black, blue, purple and turquoise) and they all coordinate perfectly with MiB Swim Shorts. This is a great basic swimsuit to have in many colors as the great fit and classic design will never go out of style. Add a floppy hat and chic sunglasses for casual chic.


March 12, 2011

What's New at MiB!

New Spring Styles from MiB!

Ready to say "Good-bye" to winter? MiB can help with some gorgeous new styles for spring.
Breezy, stylish plus size and super plus size designs have arrived at MiB and we can't wait to share them with you!
The New Lisha Blouse (left) brings sheer bliss and a touch of embroidery to your spring wardrobe.

The New St. Tropez Top (right) is a sophisticated top featuring a modern graphic print with contemporary styling details. Certain to become a go-to favorite, this top is easily paired with denim or dressier pants.


February 11, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Feel the Love from MiB!

Plus Size Women's Clothing

Plus Size Women's Clothing

Treat yourself to something sweet this Valentine's Day!

Choose your offer from MiB!
For a limited time only, MiB is letting you choose your offer! So what'll it be? Free Shipping? 20% OFF your entire order? Or 40% OFF just one item?
Offer good through February 14, 2011 so shop now.

We are thrilled to bring you the latest plus size styles with the legendary MiB plus size fit you've come to expect.
Our Rose Tee has a trendy screen-print with a splash of bling. The scoop neck and light texture are on-point fashion-wise and the 100% Cotton fabric fits like a dream.

Looking for something to dress up or down? The Tango Tunic can't be missed.

Plus Size Women's Clothing Stylish and contemporary, the Tango Tunic offers a stunning graphic rose print. The contrast trim adorning the open Y-placket, side vents and sleeve opening make this a truly special top. You can wear it now layered over long-sleeve tees and wear it alone and breezy all through the warmth of spring and summer.


January 14, 2011

What's New at MiB!

New Year, New Look, New You!

Plus Size Women's Clothing Plus Size Women's Clothing MiB is proud to introduce our newest, best fitting plus size clothes for spring!

The flattering Sammi Top is a modest yet flirty fashion statement with contemporary appeal. A-line style provides ample room for hips and is especially suited for pear-shapes.

The Simplicity Collection is designed with for the professional plus size woman on the go. Created from easy care fabrics with gorgeous drape, the Simplicity Collection offers a flattering fit that's wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Treat yourself to comfort.


January 6, 2011

What's New at MiB!

Out with the Old and In with the NEW!

Plus Size Women's ClothingPlus Size Women's Clothing
This weekend only, MiB is offering an additional 20% OFF all Clearance items! Use Promo Code: 2011MIB in your cart and save today!

Now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself completely or simply add some more style to your plus size wardrobe! Recent markdowns include the Joni Beaded Blouse, (left) a stylish classic you can wear again and again.
The Hanna Blouse (right) is a best-seller from last summer when you first fell in love with the waist-flattering pin-tucks and sweet details of this 100% cotton blouse.


December 2, 2010

What's New at MiB!

All-Out Fall-Out Clearance Extravaganza PLUS Free Shipping!

Plus-Size Sale & Free Shipping It's here! MiB's HUGE All-Out Fall-Out Clearance Extravaganza! For a limited time, add a clearance item to your order of $150+ and the shipping is on us!
Use Promo Code: CLRFS at checkout and get free standard domestic shipping before midnight, December 24, 2010.

Looking for the perfect gift for your plus-size friend? Grab an MiB Gift Certificate! Always the perfect fit!

We at MiB have been working hard on improving our web site lately. New additions include the ability to sort by ratings and price as well as size. We've also added Live Chat so you can ask our Customer Service Team members any question you might have about plus size fashion, fit or style.

Did you know that at the beginning of every season, we hold a fashion show with all the new products? Our Design and Merchandising teams show off the results of their hard work and our Customer Service Team members as well as the Web Team examine the clothing in detail. We touch the fabric, examine the seams and details, admire the designs and prepare to answer your questions. MiB customers have discriminating taste and expect the best plus size fashion has to offer! And we expect nothing less of ourselves.


October 26, 2010

What's New at MiB!

In celebration of Plus Size Achievement!

MiB is excited to introduce you to Kara Richardson Whitely, the self-proclaimed, Fat Woman On the Mountain.

If you haven't already heard of her, Kara is a dynamic example of an active plus size woman. Her book, Fat Woman on the Mountain, was published in September and she's heading back up Kilamanjaro in February 2011!

In her own words...

Fat was swallowing my dreams. It served as a cocoon of sorts while I, like many obese people, lived a life of contradiction. I longed to climb the highest mountains in the world but the only thing that went up was my weight.

Copyright 2009 / Fat Woman on the Mountain / Kara Richardson Whitely

MiB is thrilled to support Kara on her journey. She looks great in MiB's Laynie Top. Be sure to get your plus size organic cotton Mandala Tee from MiB today. Both shirts were just marked down so move fast!


October 20, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Love Your Body - Today and Everyday!

Sally E. Smith is a passionate supporter and advocate for plus-size women. She has been the editor-in-chief for BBW Magazine and was the executive director of NAAFA for 11 years. She is also a long-time MIB customer and we are very excited to feature a series of her articles written from the perspective of a plus size woman.

"As plus-size women, it can be a challenge for us to love and appreciate our bodies. After all, we’re constantly bombarded with media and advertising messages that clearly communicate that we don’t measure up to societal standards of beauty. We may be told by those who are supposed to love us unconditionally that we would be more lovable if our bodies were smaller. We are subjected to indignities small and large as we move about in the world."

Click here to


October 11, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Winter Styles are HERE at MiB!

gorgeous plus size jacketFall in love with our new Desiree Jacket. Gorgeous blue print with solid trim reverses to solid jacket with printed trim. Cleverly attached decorative buttons and light quilting make this a plus size wardrobe staple.

Pair it with our stylish super plus size Wide Leg Venus Pants for a professional or dressy look and then with our Relaxed Fit Jeans on the weekend.


September 28, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Black and White add style to your plus size or super plus size wardrobe!

Punch up your wardrobe with new markdowns on MiB's Fresh and Fabulous Black and White Fashion!

Whether you need a new shirt for the office like our gorgeous Whitney Cotton Shirt or a new casual shirt like our Tivoli Tee (a 4+ star customer favorite, btw!), you'll add energy to your wardrobe with MiB's Black and White Plus Size Style!


September 10, 2010

What's New at MiB!

FREE Cozy Scarf with Coat purchase PLUS $10 OFF your next order!

A Special Gift for YOU! Buy any one of the selected MiB Coats and receive a FREE Cozy Scarf PLUS $10 OFF your next purchase from MiB!
Simply choose any one of the gorgeous plus size coats listed below and receive our beautiful Cozy Scarf absolutely FREE! Not only that, we'll also send you a code to receive $10 OFF your next purchase of $75+!
To take advantage of this terrific offer, choose from the plus size coats and jackets listed below. Use Promo Code: FGIF10 at check-out to receive your free gifts.
Selected Coats:


August 24, 2010

What's New at MiB!

End of Summer Sale!

Time to save big on your favorite plus size summer styles!
Shop today and take 15% OFF your favorite MiB Cropped Pants and Selected Summer Tops!

Use Promo code:15SMR at checkout and save on MiB's Super Size Summer Styles. Hurry though, quantities are limited and the promotion ends Midnight, Aug 31, 2010! Shop Now!


August 20, 2010

What's New at MiB!


Let's talk about skirts. I've talked to some of you who were looking for skirts and now I want to hear from the rest of you: What style of skirt works for your curves? I love skirts that I can wear over tights or leggings in the winter or with sandals and bare legs in the summer. I like all different lengths but most of my favorites are knee-length, A-line skirts.

Let us know what style of skirt works for you! We're always updating our plus size designs and put many of our customer suggestions into production.


August 19, 2010

What's New at MiB!

New Markdowns!

That's right, MiB is making room and clearing space! Now's your chance to SAVE on Summer favorites!

No matter what season you're shopping for, you know you can count on MiB's commitment to Quality, Fit, Service. We don't want to sell a single garment that we can't stand behind and we strive to provide the best-fitting plus size clothes around.

Shop our SALE today and buy MiB's legendary quality clothing at discounted prices!


August 18, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Fit Model Search!

That's right, ladies. You heard it here first. MiB Collection is looking for Fit models. You know we can't design our stunning plus size clothes without beautiful plus size women to fit them on! MiB is committed to the best fit a plus size garment can have and so we need plus size fit models.

If you are in the Northern California Bay Area, are taller than 5'6" with a well-proportioned physique, we'd like to hear from you! You must be able to provide your own transportation to the MiB Collection office in Cotati, California and payment is in merchandise credit.

If you're interested, please send your measurements, including height, to Veronica@makingitbig.com.


August 17, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Tuesday, (barely! but still) Tuesday!

Whew, today flew by! I could swear it was just 10 minutes ago that I poured my coffee and greeted the day! I have to admit though, I love this time of year, no matter how rushed. I may have spent too many years in school but to me, Fall means new notebooks, a fresh supply of pens and back-to-school shopping. It may be hot outside but I'm thinking of sweaters and boots and light layers against the evening chill.

MiB Collection has some gorgeous plus size clothes to carry you from the heat of summer to the fall. Today's favorite? The Tunic Dress. The picture doesn't do this sweet plus size dress justice! Gorgeous cowl neckline, long sleeves and above-the-knee length make this a plus size wardrobe staple. Flattering, comfortable and easy to dress up or down. What's not to love?


August 16, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Monday, Monday!

Summer has flown by here at MiB. Some of us are deep into our New Fall Catalog, (request yours here now!) and some of us are prepping the Winter book and still others are designing plus size clothes for next Spring! We're all looking forward to meeting our Design Contest Winner next month!

Have you seen our newest sweaters? Introducing the NEW Rylee Cowl Sweater!
The Rylee Cowl Sweater is a new style, perfect for Fall. It has a traditional cowl-neckline, 3/4 sleeves and side slits making the Rylee a perfect choice for your plus size wardrobe. Available in Black, Infinity and Russet, this is one 100% cotton sweater you won't want to miss.

Check back tomorrow for the next featured product from MiB Collection!


August 13, 2010

What's New at MiB!

It's Pants-a-Palooza Time!!!

Plus Size Jeans
It's that time again! Time to save BIG on your Favorite Plus Size Pants from MiB Collection! Buy any 3 pair and take 50% off your lowest price pair! That's right, choose any 3 of our gorgeous Plus Size Pants and take 50% OFF the lowest price pair. Or buy 6 and take 50% off the 2 lowest priced pairs! Hurry though, the sale ends September 8, 2010! Stock up and save today!

The pants from MiB Collection have long been our best-sellers. We have the World's Best Fitting Pants! When it comes to pants, we have styles to fit every plus size shape. With fabrics ranging from comfy cotton jersey to casual twill with a touch of spandex added for stretch, you'll quickly discover the plus size pants you've been searching for. Most of our pants feature side-seam pockets, elastic waistbands and are made in the USA!

From casual and active to career and dressy, we have the pants you need every day.


August 9, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Announcing the winner of the Dream Big Design Contest!!

Congratulations to Ava-lyn L! Her gorgeous design was chosen by the MiB Team as the Winner of our Dream Big Design Contest!!
And it wasn't easy. So many of you sent in wonderful designs for plus size clothing - it was a hard choice to make. Ava's design will be put into production and available to you in our Summer 2011 catalog! Stay tuned for more details....

You submitted designs for outfits of all styles and colors. We pored over them and considered how each designer thought about the plus size body and shared their vision of what plus size clothing should look like. We considered aesthetics, practicality, and ingenuity and in the end, Ava's design was our first choice.

We can't wait to bring Ava's design to production and we're all looking forward to meeting her when she enjoys her free trip to California!


July 16, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Take a Sneak Peek at Fall 2010!

Are you ready to add some beautiful new Fall Styles to your 2010 wardrobe? In soft and cozy fabrics in rich Fall hues, that will help you welcome the season of Changing Leaves with open arms? Then you're in luck!

Yesterday we added just a few of our new Fall 2010 MiB Styles so that you can take a sneak peek at what lies ahead for Fall.

Our NEW Fall Styles will go LIVE tomorrow, Saturday, July 17, 2010! So be sure to shop today and tomorrow and get your size and favorite colors before they disappear!

Two NEW Fall Styles

Cozy & Comfortable "Leaf Swing Back Tee" - NEW FOR FALL 2010!

Leaf Swing Back Tee The Leaf Swing Back Tee is fun, funky and fabulous and perfect for pear-shapes.

Available in Mint, Venus and Yukon (pictured) Overdyed abstract leaf print. Back gusset detail adds fullness to the hip.

Extra inch in length down the back. Purl stitch edge hem. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Center back 34" long and center front 33" long in size H.

Perfect for Fall - "Shirred Front Reversible Jacket" - NEW FOR FALL 2010!

Leaf Swing Back Tee Available in a Brown/Green combo, a Fuchsia/Black combo (pictured) and a Purple/Gray combo. One side features a neutral shade, while the other bursts with color.

Medium weight. Princess seam shirring from shoulder to hemline adds figure-flattering lines. Rollable sleeves. Collar.

Machine wash. 34" long in size H. Imported. Web Exclusive - $49 Rose Swimdress

Fantastic Price for this new Web ONLY Rose Swimdress" in 3 color choices!

Leaf Swing Back Tee We are thrilled to offer our plus size Rose Swimdress. Offered in Women's Sizes 26W - 36W. Offered in Blue, Green and Orange.

Full skirt with attached matching brief. Slightly padded soft bra cups. Supportive mesh lining from bra to brief. Front and back princess seams give a flattering and slimming silhouette.

Moderate scoop back provides extra bust support. 1" wide shoulder straps. 80% Nylon/20% Lycra. Hand wash/Dry flat.

Designed with a focus on style and fit, MIB fashion swimwear is not intended for daily use in a chlorinated environment. We highly recommend immediate rinsing after use in a chlorinated water to ensure longer wear of the garment.

Click HERE To See What's NEW for FALL 2010!


July 6, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Time to SAVE BIG!

Save $20 OFF any order $100+!

Shop between now and July 14, 2010 and take $20 OFF your order of $100 or more. Use Promo code: SMSV20 at checkout and save today!
Time to stock up on Summer Styles and help us get ready for Fall!

June 18, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Time to DREAM BIG!

MiB's Dream Big Design Contest

Design the Next Best-Selling style for MiB and win a trip for two to California Wine Country plus $500 CASH!

Announcing MiB's Dream Big Design Contest! Ready to put your creativity and fashion sensibility to the test? Does your imagination take flight when contemplating the perfect style for the plus-size woman? Then you should enter MiB's Dream Big Design Contest!.

If your design is the winner, MiB will fly you and a friend to the Beautiful Northern California Wine Country for a 4 day, 3 night trip (airfare and hotel included). You will also win $500 CASH!

Whether you've always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer or simply have one sensational idea, we want to hear from you!
It's easy to enter! Send us a sketch, record a video or take a photo of your Dream Design in a way that expresses your vision with as much detail as possible.

Click here for your Entry Form. For complete rules, click HERE. Any questions? Let us know at mibdesign@makingitbig.com

*Entry deadline is July 30, 2010 and the winner will be announced August 9, 2010!!


May 28, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Time to Save with 2 NEW SALES!

Memorial Day Sale - 20% Additional OFF ALL Sale Items!

Just in time for Summer Fun...MiB is having their Memorial Day Sale. You'll get an additional 20% OFF already marked-down items in our SALE category. Everything from MiB blouses, pants, dresses, jackets and more! This limited time sale ends at midnight on Monday, May 31, 2010. Use Promo Code MCL10 during check-out. HURRY...don't miss out on these fabulous prices on your favorite MiB Styles!

Weekly Feature - Buy 2 Easy Pants Get 1 FREE!

Stock up on one of our customer's favorite pant styles...our Easy Pants. If you purchase 2 Easy Pants, you'll get 1 additional Easy Pants for FREE. Easy Pants come in a wide variety of colors which will work beautifully with your new summer blouses and tees. Use Promo Code B2G1E during check-out. This offer ends at midnight on June 2, 2010.


May 7, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Blog Contest Winner Announced!

It's Official...Annie Driscoll is our Blog Contest Winner!

When we launched our new MiB Community Blog, we decided to offer anyone who signed up to become a "Follower" of our Blog a chance to win either a FREE MiB Dress or FREE MiB Blouse.

Annie has picked a long-time "customer favorite", our MiB Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt as her FREE Prize.

Both our Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt and our Short Sleeve Oversize Shirt have maintained their Best-Seller status over the years for several reasons:

* They come in a rainbow of garment-dyed colors to match your every mood

* The Long Sleeve Oversize Shirt has elastic cuffs for comfort and ease of movement

* Button front

* Shirttail hem

* Breast pockets

* Pleated front & back yoke

* Machine washable

* 34" long in size H

Get Ready for Summer Fun!

Just added...more NEW Swimwear and Coverup Styles!

Are YOU ready for Summer? We've just launched our expanded line of colorful, sized to fit, Summer '10 Swimwear Collection! Be sure to get your size before it disappears as our Swimwear goes fast as soon as the sun begins to shine.

PLUS from now until 11:59pm PST, on Friday, May 14, 2010 get $5.00 OFF MiB Swim Shorts! Use Promo Code: 5OFF during check-out. Click HERE for offer details.

Speaking of Summer Comfort...We've Added More Sandals!

For our Summer 2010 Collection we've also expanded our Shoe Collection to include more Plus Size Summer Sandals!

You'll find our new Summer Sandals comfortable, cool and sized just right.

Choose from a variety of Sandal Styles and Colors that will add the finishing touch to your new Summer Look.

Some or our new Summer Shoe Styles include: Melody Sandals, Cross Sandals, Geneva Sandals (pictured at left), Cafe Sandals, Motion Sandals, Flex Mules, Stretch Sandals, Ibiza Sandals, Blossom Sandals, Amalfi Sandals and Becka Sandals.


April 29, 2010

What's New at MiB!

New Expanded Sizing for the Best Fit!

What does that mean to you?

Our commitment to delivering perfect fit and sensational style to women of all plus sizes remains unwavering. We are proud to present the culmination of two years' work in redesigning and refining our smaller sizes for a better fit. We took sizes E and F and split them into four sizes to offer you the best fit possible.

We created a new smaller size C and a new size D from our former size E. Plus, we transformed our size F into a new size E and an improved size F.

As always, we're here to answer any and all questions regarding your fit. Simply call our Customer Service Team Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 PST at (877) 644-1995

In addition to our new sizes, we have added MiB Contemporary!
We listened to your requests for closer, body-conscious styles that celebrate your sexy curves!

From our Roberta Tee to our Deco Cap Sleeve Dress we have the fashion-forward styles to let your inner radiance and outer beauty shine.

March 19, 2010

What's New at MiB!

It's A "Spring Fling Surprise"!

What IS A "Spring Fling Surprise"?

It's a fun special offer we post randomly on our site and change daily during a "Fling"!

We'll be posting surprise "Spring Fling" special offers at different times throughout Spring, so be sure to check our website every day to see if we've created a new daily "Spring Fling Surprise" offer.

You never know when the next Spring Fling Surprise will start...that's why it's a "surprise"!

This Spring Fling will have a new special offer daily, beginning on Friday, March 19, 2010, and then new daily offers on Saturday, March 20, 2010 and Sunday, March 21, 2010 and the last daily offer will end at midnight on Sunday, March 21, 2010.

Each day during a Fling, the special offer for that day will expire at midnight and a new one day offer will begin right after midnight on the following day until that particular "Spring Fling" expires.

Be sure to click on the top right Spring Fling Surprise image whenever it appears (at random), to see what the daily surprise is.

Have a fun Spring Fling Surprise shopping spree!


March 16, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Green Sale - $20 OFF on Select GREEN MiB Styles!

We've decided to help you avoid getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day!
Pick any one of the styles (with green accents) displayed on our special Green Sale category and get $20 OFF that select style from now until Midnight, March 17, 2010. To get your $20 OFF use Promo Code: 20GREEN during checkout. Offer expires at Midnight on March 17, 2010. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers.

We Need Your Help!

Soon, MiB will be rolling out a new, additional line of clothing featuring sizes beginning at 1X which offer a more form-fitting silhouette for our MiB customers who have requested a slightly smaller fit. What we need is advice from our MiB Community on which names they think would work for this new line of MiB Styles. So far we been throwing these names back and forth: vibe, verve, glamorous, fashionista, but we would LOVE to hear from YOU, our loyal MiB Community on names that resonate with your own fashion sense. You can email them to mib@makingitbig.com. We'd love to hear your name ideas!


March 12, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Spring Deals - New Special Value Styles Just Added!

Our NEW Shirt Tank Combo comes with a Shirt and coordinating Tank. Wear them together or separately. They'll become Spring & Summer favorites for only $69! Making a decision is a snap when you can get TWO tops for the price of one with our plus size Shirt And Tank Combo. The sleeveless white knit tank features shirring at neckline on tank top, wide straps for ultimate coverage and close cut at the bust and armholes to minimize gapping. The 3/4 sleeve Black and White woven shirt features shirred front yoke, narrow banded button cuffs, collar and button front. Made of 100% Cotton. Machine wash.
Shirt: 34" long in size H & Tank: 33" long in size H. Imported.

Looking for a warm-weather alternative? Our new value-priced Dani Top is a combination of the crisp styling of a polo with the lush plus size softness of cotton jersey. Offered in Black, Diva Blue, Fire, Purple (pictured) and White. Pairs perfectly with your favorite jeans and crop pants. Features a short front placket with snap closures and a seam down center back. Made of 100% Cotton jersey. Machine wash. 33" long in size H.

Refer A Friend to our Showroom & Get $20 OFF
Your Next Showroom Order!

Refer a friend (must be new customer) or family Member and get $20 OFF Your Next Showroom Order, AND Your Referred Family or Friend will get $20 OFF Their first MiB Outlet Showroom purchase. Offer not valid for Online and Phone Orders. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. Mention this offer when checking-out at the Cotati Outlet Showroom. Offer expires at closing on March 31, 2010.


March 9, 2010

What's New at MiB!

EXTENDED OFFER - FREE MiB Signature Market Bag with $150+

Our new Market Bag, a $19 value, is the perfect size for your groceries, picnic supplies and beach gear. To get your FREE Market Bag, spend $150 or more and use Promo Code GRNSP10 during check-out. One Market Bag per customer. Offer EXTENDED until March 15, 2010!

FREE Standard Shipping - for MiB Twitter Followers' First Order!

*Become a Follower of MiB on Twitter and get FREE Standard Shipping on first order! Offer expires at 11:59 pm PST on March 31, 2010. Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases. $10 Shipping Credit for International Orders.

Enter to WIN a FREE MiB Blouse or MiB Dress!

*WIN a FREE Blouse or Dress of YOUR Choice! Sign-up to become a "Follower" of our new MiB Community Blog and you will automatically be entered to Win either a FREE MiB Blouse or MiB Dress of YOUR Choice. If you sign-up as a Follower of our Blog, from now until March 31, 2010 you will be entered to Win. Look for the brightly colored "Follow" Button on the top right side above the images of our Blog Followers, to become a registered "Follower". If you do not already use "Google Friend Connect" you may be asked to register for that free service first, prior to signing up to follow our MiB Blog.


March 5, 2010

What's New at MiB!

$5 Standard Shipping for Orders of $25+ - Limited Time Offer!

Shop from now until 11:59 pm PST, Sunday, March 7, 2010, spend $25 or more and get Domestic Standard Shipping for only $5!

International orders will get a $10 shipping credit towards the cost of shipping.

Use Promo Code: 5SHIP during check-out.

Cannot be combined with other offers. Not valid on previous purchases.
$5 Standard Shipping on $25+ Offer expires at 11:59 pm PST, Sunday, March 7, 2010.

Click HERE to begin shopping!


February 25, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Spring Savings Bonanza!

Is it "Spring Fever" or just our innate company culture? Whatever the reason, we're feeling especially generous right now and we've just launched some great ways for you to save!


Now is the perfect time to shop! We just launched a "Take An Additional 25% OFF MiB Sale Styles" 3-Day Sale, that ends at 11:59 pm PST, on Saturday, February 27, 2010, that will help you add some smashing new MiB Styles to your wardrobe at significant savings. Always a "Good Thing"!

We've just added even more new mark-downed styles to our Sale Section, so that you'll have over 100 styles to choose from! Everything from stylish Plus Size Shoes, Shorts, Pants, Dresses, Tunics, Blouses, Shirts, Jackets, Coats & much more!

The popular Zig Zag Hem Tunic, at left, is just one of the styles on sale right now, that qualify for the additional 25% OFF.

To get your additional 25% discount on your Sale Styles purchase, be sure to use our Promo Code SALE25 during check-out, or if shopping by phone, mention this Promo Code to the MiB Associate assisting you.


Follow MiB on Twitter and get FREE Standard Domestic Shipping on your first order. Use Promo Code FSTW during check-out. Offer valid for MiB Twitter Followers ONLY. Not valid on previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer ends on March 31, 2010. Click HERE to Follow us on Twitter!


Sign-up to become a Follower of our MiB Community Blog between now and March 31, 2010 and you'll automatically be entered in our Drawing for a FREE MiB Blouse or MiB Dress. One lucky "Blog Follower" will become the Winner and be able to pick out their favorite MiB Blouse OR MiB Dress for FREE! Click HERE to sign-up today.

FREE MiB Signature Canvas Market Bag

Our new Market Bag, a $19 value, is the perfect size for your groceries, picnic supplies and beach gear. To get your FREE Market Bag, spend $150 or more and use Promo Code GRNSP10 during check-out. One Market Bag per customer.


Watch the MakingitBig.com site daily to make sure you don't miss out on any of our up-coming surprise, "Today's Special" One-Day Sales. We will be randomly picking items to put on sale for one day only and do this on different, randomly picked days of the week as well.

So far we've featured special one-day discounts on some of our most popular new Spring 2010 Collection Styles as well as offering special discounts on shipping and more for just one day. When we do launch a new surprise "One Day Special" you will find it displayed on the top right section of our home page. Don't miss out...visit MakingitBig.com daily!


January 20, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Hilarious NEW "Kim Weighs In" Video - "Have a Bawl"

Well, she's done it again! One of our most talented & loyal MiB customers, Kim Brittingham, just launched her latest video, "Have a Bawl", on YouTube, once again wearing some of our MiB Styles.

This latest "Kim Weighs In" Video, called "Have a Bawl", is an hilarious take on the importance of crying. Kim is both humous and convincing as she outlines and demonstrates why crying is so important for both our physical and mental health.

Kim's new video certainly won't make you cry...except for laughing yourself to tears, but her message is a good one and we agree.

Check out how fab Kim looks in our Embroidered Tunic and Milano Tunic!

Click HERE to view Kim's latest Video on YouTube.

Please excuse us...we have to go and have a "good cry"!


January 15, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Oprah Fan...Wearing our Dahlia Blouse!

One of our best customers, Sharon M. from Sebastopol, California, came by our Cotati Showroom recently to purchase a special blouse to wear as an audience member on the Oprah Show taping on January 29th.

The blouse Sharon K. chose is a customer favorite, the Dahlia Blouse. Sharon's brother got the tickets for her and her sister since Sharon shares the same birthday as Oprah (what a nice brother!).

Happy Birthday Sharon and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your "Oprah Experience"!

We'd also like to say "thank you" for honoring us by choosing to wear one of our MiB blouses during your special day!


January 11, 2010

What's New at MiB!

Believe it or not...Spring is here at MiB!

We just launched our new Spring 2010 Collection online this past weekend. We're very excited about this year's Spring Collection and we think you will be too! Our customers tell us what they want...and we listen. So get ready for some pleasant surprises for Spring 2010.

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Our Winter 2009 Collection is Selling Out Fast!

Be sure to check on your favorite Winter 2009 styles to see if your size is still available. We have had such a phenomenal response to our Winter Collection this year, that some styles are down to only a few sizes... so hurry to be sure you don't miss out on your favorite styles while they last.

One of our popular, go-anywhere Winter Styles is our new Carli Blouse at right. Perfect for a Saturday shopping expedition paired with our super comfy and stylish Relaxed Fit Jeans.

Here's what one of our customers had to say about her new Carli Blouse:

"Beautiful blouse! Nice sparkle with the sequins and beads but not overdone! Darker than the pic online with a hint of deep maroon undertone which I love. Best of all I ordered it in my correct size J ( because the length was running long ) and it's long enough and fits me right everywhere else! What a pleasure and relief not to have to order a size K for length and have to take it in everywhere else." --Charlotte E.

About MiB Collection by Making it Big, inc.

For over 25 years, Making it Big, inc. has provided its loyal customers with a line of fashionable high quality Plus Size clothing that fits great and lasts and lasts. Displaying a unique understanding of the fashion needs of Plus and Super Plus Size women, MiB offers a wide selection of Plus Size fashion styles. MiB covers the essentials from the much loved tried and true “MiB Basics”, Venus professional line, t-shirts to relaxed fit jeans, plus many other necessities for the Plus Size woman’s wardrobe. MiB offers sizing designed specifically for “real” Plus Size women equivalent to traditional sizes 2X to 8X or 22W to 48W. In an industry that considers a size 10 or 12 “Plus Size” and chooses smaller models even when offering larger sizes, MiB is celebrated by Plus Size women.

MiB sees the importance for Plus Size women to have fun opportunities, which women of smaller size frequently have an opportunity to experience. In addition, MiB believes in the importance of helping local women during these challenging economic times. MiB hopes you too can join their efforts to help disadvantaged Plus Size women during future events. For further information please contact mib@makingitbig.com.

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