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About You

Many companies give you a section called “About Us”, but at On the Plus Side we think its all About You, the fashionable plus size woman who cares about quality clothing and wants to look and feel great in whatever you wear.

YOU WANT A PERFECT FIT: Unlike almost every other plus size company out there, we make only plus size quality clothing. We specifically design all of our clothing for women size 22 + to allow us to focus on what will look good on you instead of ramping up a size 6 and hoping it will work. We have our own consistent sizing system so you don’t have to guess at what is a 3X, or an XXL, etc? With On the Plus Side standardized sizing, you can feel secure choosing your size, every time.

YOU WANT QUALITY: We only offer quality clothing made of the finest fabric and construction which are designed to last for a very long time.

YOU WANT FASHION: We are focused on finding the latest fashions and offering new items in our catalog. We offer over 300 new products a year just for you.

YOU WANT TO SEE HOW IT WILL LOOK ON YOU: We use only true plus size models. We know how important it is for you to see how a beautiful garment will look, not on a size 10 or a size 12, but on you.

YOU WANT THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: We have the best customer service team hands down. In a time when many companies outsource even their customer service call centers, ours is in-house, with direct access to our entire product line. Our customer service fashion experts are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about our product line and are happy to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Our entire company team shares one location which allows us to respond to your concerns, suggestions and feedback almost immediately.

YOU WANT A TRUSTED COMPANY: We have been around for over 25 years, have over 30,000 customers worldwide, and we stand behind the quality of our products 100%.

YOU WANT SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES: We only work with the very best companies, most of which are in the United States. When we import we work only companies that treat their employees well - this may cost more but it is important to all of us.

YOU WANT ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE COMPANIES: We are environmentally conscious in every aspect of our business. We print all of our catalogs on recycled paper, over 90% of our clothes are made from natural fibers, and we use fiber reactive dye on our garment dyed items because it is better for the environment. This all means you can buy from us knowing that you are supporting a company that supports and cares about our shared environment.

There is no other company in the world that offers what we do, and quite simply, we believe you deserve the best.

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